Choosing a course for University?

I am obsessed with Astronomy, particularly cosmology. However I am not sure if jobs are available. I am not so concerned with how much i earn but I mean in the end one has to make a living. Thats why I was thinking of doing Aeronautical Engineering. I do not love this field but I know its a job that I would not hate either and plus there are many jobs available in this field. But I still want to do Astronomy somehow maybe as a hobby. I need advice on this part. I know you need to do Physics as undergraduate degree first as both there fields are taken as Graduate degrees
Asked Jan 11, 2010
Best thing to do and I can assure you it will move you along is;

1) Call a local Univ./ and tell them you are interested in talking to someone about planning a career. It will be the best appointment that you could make. Schools always have offices that are there just to help potential students with questions like these. Everyone has been in that spot. They will also explain how TAP,PELL, and standard grants can help pay for it.

2) Just start taking a couple classes. You will have to have some general classes for any degree anyways. The best thing to do is start walking it out, instead of thinking about it.Summer classes are available but I would say keep it light,maybe even one. They can be condensed and accelerated in the summer classes which are harder.

3) I am sure they would be more than happy to talk to someone with such an interest.

Just do it! (lol)

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Answered Sep 19, 2019
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Answered Aug 10, 2022
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