Do i need a patent or copywright for my comic book idea?

I have recently created a comic book and i need in formation on protecting it. Do i need a patent or copywright. Also how do i pitch my idea.
Asked Jan 11, 2010
It's copyright. Think of it like human rights. You're denying other humans the right to copy your idea.
Well you must be of legal age (18 or older) and you go to a patent office, and explain to them that you have a name, and characters that you wish to register in your name. Something that you should do before you do ANYTHING else though, is to gather some evidence that it's yours (make a copy of the comic book, take a picture of yourself holding it, and write down [in pen on paper] how you came up with the idea and that it's yours. Put all this in a sealed envelope and mail it to yourself. It will go to the post office, they will stamp it, and it will come back to you. Don't open the envelope and store it somewhere safe. If anyone tries to steal your idea, you would take that envelope to court with you, and open it there for the judge and jury to see. You now have physical evidence of the earliest date of this comic book's creation, and that it is indeed you who created it.
Answered Jan 11, 2010

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