Does the shape of an icecube affect how quickly it melts.

does the shape of an icecube affect how quickly it melts
Asked Jan 10, 2010
Yes. The rate at which ice melts is directly proportional to its surface area. Now here's where that gets a little complicated... With a smaller surface area, the ice will melt faster, although if it is connected, it will by definition have a smaller surface area, however the individual parts will all melt at the same rate, therefore you treat each part as a separate entity.

Furthermore, the melting rate is also directly proportional to the smallest radius. If you have ice that's in a big ball, and you have ice in a stick that's as long as the diameter of the ball, but is only half as thick, the stick will melt twice as fast, because the smallest radius will be half that of the ice ball.

The fastest melting shape of ice would be one shaped like a koosh ball ( Note how it's comprised of lots of little thin sticks. Each of those would melt fast because of the small radius. The slowest shape would be a ball because of the even radius, so with a ball it depends solely on the size of it.

Any questions?
Answered Jan 10, 2010
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yes, I would think so, if you have a round ball, that seems like it would take the longest to me, if you have the same amount of ice but in a long skinny rectangle, the air would melt this much faster.
Answered Jan 10, 2010
im with you :)
Answered Sep 08, 2010
No, becuase the shape is different, but it will always weight the some size and just becuase its a different shape it measures up to the same weight meaning it will weight the same size.
Answered Oct 13, 2010
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Answered Nov 09, 2010
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Answered Nov 15, 2010
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yes, yes it does.
Answered Oct 30, 2011
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taysha Mar 13, 2012
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no the surface area would have to be bigger and then it would be less thick and the air would go around it faster and melt faster duh
Answered Jan 07, 2012
Answered Jan 30, 2012
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Answered Mar 13, 2012
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Answered Apr 02, 2012
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Answered Jul 02, 2012
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Answered Mar 01, 2013

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