Anyone willing to make a flyer for me?

I am starting a club for school called "club semper fidelis". Its a club that basically consists of PFT's, learning of general marine corps knowledge, and physical training. I need to have a flyer made to have people join. This is going to be at a high school by the way. I sort of have an idea but not too sure. Like the Marine Corps logo in the center. On the top I have Do you have what it takes? Then bottom of logo I dont know what to put. To become a united states marine maybe? HELP!!. It would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Asked Jan 09, 2010
Edited Jan 09, 2010
I made one for you.
I will leave it up for a few days. Download it and good luck with the project.

Semper Fi
jjs Jan 09, 2010
Not to criticize, but looks more like a pamphlet than a flyer.
Also, you can edit your posts (this includes answers) so you could have posted the flyer you made in your answer instead of a comment. Just letting you know.
Do you already have your flyer? I can teach you how to make them for yourself if you would like.
Sunni Jan 09, 2010
Answered Jan 09, 2010
Well, I've been making posters for the last two weeks for a film festival, so without realizing it, I made you a poster instead of a flyer, hahaha. It's over 2.4 megabytes, 8x10 inches, 300 resolution. If you are going to use thish, you may want to consider a high quality printer.

I'll work on a low-rez flyer some other time.
Answered Jan 09, 2010
@Oni_Kami, nice poster, but, uhh, you mispelled Semper Fidelis. Just letting you know. :)
jjs Jan 12, 2010
I just spelled it as the original poster spelled it on the assumption that he spelled it wrong on purpose (for reasons beyond me).

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