"UNKNOWN" calls .... WHO???

My cell number is not listed. I dont get marketing or free-shit-offer calls.

I also know you can do hide your number if you don't want others to know who is calling by adding *67 (depending upon career) before the actual number.

For the last couple of weeks, somebody is calling me with irregular frequency and odd timings. my question is.. can i find out WHO?
Asked Jan 09, 2010
UKNOWN means the person has their number blocked, so people with Caller I.D. won't know who they are. *67 will never work on a blocked number. There are two ways to block your number. 1) Call the phone company and pay an extra 5 dollars a month to have your number blocked. 2) There's something you can dial, I forgot the exact code, but for example, if you're dialing 1-333-555-7676, you would dial *8213335557676 (this is just an example, that is not the correct code).

You can't find out who they are. I suggest just not answering blocked calls, and after a while, one of your friends will say, "Dude, why don't you ever answer your phone." and you'll know it was him/her.
Answered Jan 09, 2010
hmmm thank you Kami, but interestingly and more than that, anxiously every time i pick up, I hear a couple fighting. I don't know who they are but it appears to me, their kids dial me to listen the fight and do something for them. I am totally confused lolz..
xmatch Jan 09, 2010
It sounds to me like butt-dialing. This is when someone has their phone in their pocket, and it hits like redial or or something, so someone's called you and don't even know it. It's called butt-dialing because back before flip phones this used to happen ALL the time, because people would keep their cellphones in their back pockets, and while sitting it would call someone. Now a days though almost everyone either has a flip phone, or keep their phone on a clip, or their side pocket, or in their bag, or lock their phone.
you are right, I thought about that too; but butt-dialing is not a coincident that can happen so frequently. Secondly it mostly happens with "last dialed number", in other worlds, you are saying the person did not talk to anyone else before butt-dialing .. even for days?? naw I don't think so.
xmatch Jan 09, 2010
Well it does MOSTLY happen with redialing, however most cellphones assign your contacts to speed dials. So let's say you were the first contact someone programmed into their new phone. So if that person sits down, and their keys are pressing against the "1" button, as long as that button is held down for more than like two seconds, it will automatically call you. There's almost not a phone on earth that doesn't have this feature.
You can do reverse phone lookup at https://www.foralldirectory.com to find out who is the caller.
Answered Nov 21, 2022

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