Why is my stepson (17 yrs old) stealing my dirty underwear??

hi, is being more than a year that i saw my underwear missing even dirty underwear!!! not so long ago i had a bad feeling about my stepson he is 17 yrs no girlfriend, very lazy, he does not like to shower, he is always smelling very bad.... well one day i checked his book back and found my dirty underwear in one of his pockets... but that was not the only thing i found... it was even his sister`s my daughter`s underwear.. i do not know what to do please help!!!
Asked Jan 07, 2010

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Well he clearly finds you both attractive. I suggest you and his father sit down with him and talk this out like mature adults. Don't get hostile, don't call him names, don't say things like "sick" or "disgusting" and just have a discussion about why this is a problem to you and that you need it to stop. Don't punish him, don't try to hide your panties, and don't threaten him. Just be mature and confront him calmly about it. He just doesn't see a problem with it because he's not related to either of you by blood and he's attracted towards both of you. Really there isn't much wrong with it, he's just being a typical teenage boy.
Answered Jan 07, 2010
Hi Mariposa 12, Yes the answer above thinks the boy is in love with you or find you attractive. He is in a phase of blooming hormones and great deal of hunger for release. I too passed this stage too and did some weird things other straight people would find abnormal. I was lucky to have girls older than me who also want to experiment on their sexuality to learn and tamed my sexual educations dilemma.
I once read in an article of Larry Henarez about a tribe in the Amazon or somewhere that the community elders make sex with the younger gender as part of a normal sex education. Young boys are guided by older women since they can teach the young bulls to slow down and savor the act to its fullest since they get their arousal much slower and longer and the boy can last longer from the encounter with their unlimited staying power. For the young girls, they are slowly, softly romance by the older man since he is much experience and patient to assure the girl that sex is good and relaxing to the point of experiencing orgasm for the first time and loving and understanding the beauty of sexual relationship therafter. In their tribe, sex is sacred and crime and scandal on sex does not exist. Pray that the boy soon learn his sex education on the right platform and may he be a well balance person when it comes to sex.
Answered Feb 19, 2010
Lots and lots of men have a "pantie fetish" of one sort or another. The smell of dirty panties can be intoxicating to a man or boy and can help make masturbation that much more enjoyable. Just because he is using your panties does not mean that he is sexually attracted to you. He most likely is sexually fantasizing about someone else and imagining your or your daughters female scent to be the girl that he is fantasizing about.
Answered Mar 17, 2010
It's alright. What you need to do is, hand him your dirty panties every day and tell him to enjoy them. Just act like it's not a problem, and in courage his fetish to your dirty panties. Are your panties musky?
Answered Oct 17, 2010
Sorry, I'm going to have to disagree with all of you. If you think this is normal then our society has definitely lost all sense of moral cleanliness.

I still believe in absolutes; and this is absolutely wrong. Instead of encouraging kids to explore their sexuality, why don't we encourage them to learn self-control and to tame their thought lives---which are character traits which come in handy in life much more than being in touch with one's sexuality.

Answered Nov 07, 2010
I think I need to get a sample before I can answer this question. Can you send one?
Answered Feb 17, 2011
fk Vic_Secret that was a great answer and made me laugh no end.. :-)

Answered May 05, 2011
Edited May 05, 2011
he is clearly a normal teen like I am who loves pussy ,,, if he is smelling your panties and his sisters he is just checking to see if there is any differences in how age may play a part in smell,,, you can be sure it's You his mother that he really has the hots for,,,, so take it from there,,, be very sure he wants to see and taste you ,,, but for now he is trying to figure out how ,,, he probably has already seen you naked such as coming ut of the shower or dressing, ect.,,, and masturbates thruought the night,,,
Answered Jun 03, 2017

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