How to clean white grout on cramic tile

Best way to clean and seal white grout on ceramic floor?
Asked Jan 07, 2010
A thin V-chisel and a hammer for removing the grout, then get some fresh grout to replace it wish, and then get some grout sealer to seal the deal. Most people think grout sealer isn't worth the money, but it really is.
Answered Jan 07, 2010
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Answered Jan 07, 2010
Answered Nov 01, 2010
Floor tiles (ceramic or porcelain) are a great investment in your home. They're attractive, virtually never wear out and they're easily cared for. As an extra bonus, you can install them yourself. Any special tools you might need can be rented. All you need to supply is labor and patience.
Answered Nov 21, 2013
It is difficult to remove it by do it yourself.

As per my opinion you need to call the some cleaning experts and for that you can contact with the acclaim cleaning...!!!
Answered Feb 25, 2014
Why not take a idea form and try, sure I think it will work and you get your result, Have a look this site, how they clean there kitchen and home?
Answered Apr 04, 2014
Sorry dear I have no idea about, Please contact a cleaning service company!
Answered Apr 09, 2014
Using Oxygen Bleach, Using Chlorine Bleach and Baking Soda, Using a Steam Cleaning Machine. For Steam Cleaning, you should hire a best company of your areas like Sweep Cleaning in Sydney.
Answered Sep 20, 2014
Tiles are an important aspect in the beauty of the house and no one should sacrifice on that, so for your problem there are many cleaning companies in London who can get this job done for you.
Answered Oct 01, 2014
I have not an exact idea how to clean white grout on cramic tile but in my suggestion if you want to do, then hire a reputed cleaning company ( which can help you most on this matter.
Answered Sep 15, 2015
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Answered Apr 03, 2019
Method 1: Baking Soda, Ammonia and Vinegar
1. Dip a sponge into the mixture or pour some into a spray bottle. Apply a liberal amount of cleaner to the grout and allow it to sit for several minutes.
2. Scrub the grout with a small brush or old toothbrush.
3. Rinse the treated area and wipe dry with a towel or rag.
Answered Apr 28, 2019

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