How are the little plastic disc golf ball markers made?

Asked Jan 06, 2010
I don't really know what you mean by plastic disc golf ball markers, can you provide a picture from the internet somewhere so I can get a better idea of what you're talking about?
We import them from one of the many top secret off-worlds the Illuminati have colonised and franchised. In the Nylon Belt. Past the Sasparilla Way.

Golf ball markers come from an otherwise wholly insignificant barren rock of a planet approx 4 million light years from earth. This planet, Plasticarryon has an odd sort of magnetic field which only attracts to it specific, low quality plastics. Primarily the ones used to make Bic Biros and clothes pegs.

If you have ever left either of these items unsecured in your home or office you will obviously have noted that the buggers seem to simply...Pooof.... disappear into the ether. Well in fact they DO disappear. Disappear from our universe in fact .And reappear in the one from which they originated.

Inexorably drawn back to their spiritual home, they are continuously sucked up from bench and desk tops, school room floors and utility rooms the planet over. They travel at light-speed through black holes and worm holes, asteroid belts and at one point make a short stopover in a rather seedy intergalactic red light district, generally frequented only by space pirates, deserters from The Starship Enterprise (They say The Picard is a right Tartar) and that useless, drunken bald bloke from Blake's 7.

The pegs and pens finally come to the end of their long travail, gently flittering down through Plasticarryon's sticky greengrey atmosphere, ultimately using an inexplicable homing instinct to come to rest atop the conveyor belt of the great Plasticarryon Carousel of Continuance.

The Carousel is a sacred place in Plasticarryon. is the only sacred place in Plasticarryon (quite a lot of Plasticarryon is in fact covered in nasty types of malls, selling a wide range of junk end electronic gizmos, lurex deep space flight suits and various mixes for home brewed gins, wines and ales. In other words the crass commercialised [email protected] that so attract the riff raffy and style challenged cretins who make up the bulk of the population of Plasticarryon.) the rest of it is densely packed with medium density condominium style housing...and a few illicit drug dens on the outskirts of most settlements.

The Carousel, sensing the disorder and chaos within the decaying chemical compounds of its lost children, screeches with the effort to gather them all into her sacred realms, and unseen by any life form, she therein puts thenm through a process which ends in them being homogenised, liquidized, cooled and finally extruded in a variety of primary and secondary colours. Thus she has fulfilled her threefold role of destroyer/mother/creator.... returning the pegs and pens to their natural state. Destroying them that they might rise again.

This time as the small flat plastic disk golf ball markers, so prized by the discerning linksman.

NB: The golfers arrive on the same novelty shaped Cargo Ships that bring the marker disks in. They dock secretly at night (Usually in spring/summer. Plasticarryons cannot abide the cold) Landing in cornfields in Wiltshire, the traces they leave on the landing strips have created mush amusing consternation and confusion among the locals. as well as having given birth to manys the great tourist fleecing Alternate Adventure Holiday type scam.

In confusion, there is profit (The secret Illuminati motto)

The disks are distributed throughout the world from a variety of warehouses in Wiltshire in the more usual manner of an earthly commodity. (Trucks, rail freight, ships, shoplifters etc)

But you mustn't tell too many people. They get all funny about aliens popping in unexpectedly, innit?.

@@Interestingly enough, lost golf disks don't return to their planet of origin at all. They gather together in their millions when they feel their natural lifespan approaching its end, rolling through the night to reach certain pre ordained burrowing sites and then, as if of one mind, they all begin to twist and shimmy into the ground, burrowing at breakneck speed deep into the earth's core and ...and.....

..well to tell you the truth no one is quite sure WHAT the disks do when they reach the core (well "melt" obviously is a given, but you know, in terms of affecting anything important)

Dissident seismologists have from time to time tried to relate their burrowing locales to the increase in the incidence and severity of earthquakes and tsunamis. But the Illuminati know this rabble for the troublemakers they are and roundly ignore all calls for a moratorium on golf markers.

That little incident in 2005 with that oh so hyped tsunami that the South East Asians made such a fuss about..and the little shudders felt in Mexico City, Haiti, New Zealand and Osaka...merely coincidental that mass burrowings had taken place at precisely the sites atop the epicentres of all of them....fate is a funny thing, innit?

All claims to the contrary were thoroughly investigated when it first came up. And any scientist who refused to recant was summarily (and rather secretly) executed. I believe that the short notice involved ion preparing for the executions found them embarrassed for an instrument of doom and they had to resort to re-employing some of the nastier specimens from the Inquisition.

And no one has said anything silly about plastics disturbing the earth's natural internal balance since.

Answered Oct 20, 2011
Steady on Earthaly, you'll be giving away our secret handshake too at this rate. (That we certainly haven't got in the first place) Next thing you know, we'll have to admit that we don't exist, except in the fevered imaginations of the more cognitively dissonant Conspiracy Nutjobs. (True)
Slerp Oct 22, 2011
Don't mention Lizards either. Doh! I mean, what Lizards?

Answered Oct 22, 2011
Edited Oct 22, 2011
Or David's the fatwa on him coming btw?
Who's "David Icke"?
Slerp Oct 22, 2011
Yes, that's the right answer! You're a sly old covert operative, innchya??
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