What are advantages and disavantages of train travel in london?

advantages and disavantages o train travel?
Asked Jan 06, 2010

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Answered Nov 10, 2012
Trains normally take less energy than comparatively travel by car or air lines. Passenger train is not available in every state or main city. Depending on a roads and route distance in km .if you want travel in train and and you cant afford airlines fair so you have really better option you can travel by taxi: http://birmingham-airport-taxis-transfers.co.uk/
Answered Jul 08, 2015
Edited Jul 08, 2015
Its good to select train route for comfortable journey but it has demerits as well as you have to consume more time compared to airline, you can prefer train route for short distances otherwise it is better to travel along with airlines. you can get more information about all such things at https://www.routeperfect.com/italy/lazio/rome/
Answered May 30, 2016
It is all about the cost
Answered Dec 30, 2016
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