Can I sue my former employer, or union, or both? (ONTARIO, CANADA)

Employees voted in a union last year and I believe I was picked on and eventually fired due to my close ties with the union stewards. As instructed by my Local rep, I made copies of all emails which contain evidence of harrassment by management, and sent copies to my local. They didn't actually SAY it was because of this, but made bogus accusations and set me up on many occasions. I don't believe these emails were ever read by the union lawyers. Instead they were only interested in getting me a cash settlement of 1 month salary for the one year I was employed. I reluctantly agreed, but now the union says the company does not want to pay me anything.

At this point I really don't care about the money. I want to teach my company a lesson for bullying and harrassing its employees. I;m not the only one. However it is obvious the union does not want to help. Someone with the labour board told me that even the labour board would not want to get involved in someone represented by a union. So actually I have noone on my side.

Any suggestions? or advice anyone?I reside in Ontario, Canada
Asked Jan 06, 2010
Edited Jan 06, 2010
I don't think what happened to you is fair.
But if your union does not help, I believe that you have to take legal steps as soon as you can.
Human Rights Commisioner has to be contacted, they are a non profite organization, so you will not pay anything, for the wrongfull dismisal, I urge you to speak to a lawyer, go see the Legal Aid of Ontario, they have many lawyers can assist you with initial consoltation, or even you can go to any FLAK office inside the Court house to speak to a lawyer, this service is free, if your salary is low or you don't have salary at all.
Good Luck
Answered Apr 25, 2010
The legal Aid of Ontario would not take your case even if you are unemployed...Blame the McGunity Government. The best is try to get a lawyer on a pro bono basis; however, if your workplace is an unionized environment, it is very difficult to get a lawyer who wants to do pro bono. This is because you can't sue your employer, all grievances has to be done through Labour Relation Board. So, don't waste your time. The legal Aid Office in the court house to only give advice on legal proceduces, however they are not employment lawyer. What you need is an employment lawyer, who could give you better advice.
Answered Aug 25, 2010

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