Hurts when i take a deep breath

every time i take a deep breath it hurts around my ribs on both sides and the back too
Asked Jan 05, 2010
Sounds like you're either obese, having a stroke, or your entire rib cage is fractured all throughout it. Either way, you should really see a doctor about that immediately, assuming you aren't already dead.
Answered Jan 05, 2010
no it is not a stroke or anything like that I have had that pain lots of times it goes away in a few minutes
is a chst pain it will go away
Answered Mar 26, 2010
when I take deep breath, it hurts on my right side in the lower part near my kidneys and also while I am sitting back on the couch my pain will act up and it is like it is having spasms I guess but uncomfortable with pain. Had a CT about a month ago and came back good and kidneys looked ok they said. I also just had blood work and my kidney blood work and liver blood work was all normal. Any suggestions please
Answered May 04, 2012

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