The girl i love more than anything left me and i don't know what to do. help?

I want her back more than I've ever wanted anything before. I don't know what to do with myself. I love her so much.. she's the only comfort i had.. she doesn't even realize how much i care for her. She says go find a new gf. I can't. I don't want any other girls. I was after her for 2 years then we finally dated for a year.. and now she's gone. I haven't slept or ate in 2 days. My head is killing me and my stomach hurts but I can't do it. My chest literally aches so bad I feel sick and can't eat, and when I try to sleep I just lie awake all night.
But there's nothing i can do.. she got this attitude of 'I'll do what makes me happy' a few months ago and I was scared this would happen..
I don't really have any friends I can turn to because I live in VA and they are all back in WA. I don't have a job because I quit the last one and no one's hiring anymore.
I literally have nothing to live for anymore. Nothing at all. Stuff I used to care about I really don't. All I want to do is put a bullet in my head. But I promised her I wouldn't. She's locked me in a painful bind and I can't get out.
I've tried to be mad at her but I can't. I just love her so much but she doesn't seem to care about me. Please help me
Asked Jan 05, 2010
Oni_Kami how dare you tell mogley to not encourage such use. there is nothing wrong with a little pot, esp to help calm a person down. you are wrong in what you said and really owe mogley an apologize.
nexivdr Feb 22, 2010
First of all, I was nothing but courteous, so I have nothing to apologize for. Second of all, it's simply site policy to not promote illegal/illicit activities. Furthermore, it's not like I reported mogley. And lastly, I feel as though you owe me an apology for being so curt with me.
Trust me, things will get better, I promise. But whatever you do, do not commit suicide, there are still people out there that love you and they would be heart broken if you did.
I am gng through this as we speak... I been dating this girl for over 5 years.. we have almost 3 year old daughter that I feel will hurt from this break up... it's hard because I love this girl to death.. I told her my feeling but, she said she wants to do things her way... I wish she told me this in the begining not like I was a control freak.. I just recently spent the weekend with her and she enjoyed the company.. Even more she got spunky with me and we did it together... IDK what she is up to... I am confused... I am lost... I am hurt...
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Your not alone, this happens everyday. The more you call her the worse it gets. I know that this is going to be hard to do because I have been there. Don't call her, don't call her friends, don't text etc. If she thinks you are moving on & she cares she'll come back to you. If she doesn't the pain will ease with time only if you get off your pity pot & move on. Start living again. Hurt when you want cry if you want just don't call when that urge hits.Start doing what you did before you met. Getting yourself back is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to get her back.....Then eat.
Answered Jan 08, 2010
I agree great answer. I have recently experienced the same thing (g/f leaving for like the tenth time). its always better to keep an open mind and see things from a different perspective. Maybe your life will only get better if you, think it can. She will realize the mistake one day...possibly? but then you may have the resistance built up from a well learned lesson. Love should just happen, and trust should be given until a reason to take it away ..although nurturing and caring of is recommended. As for me, I really loved this girl very much, and all she ever did was insinuate that I was cheating all the time, which I never have. She has trust issues, and I tried for many years to gain her trust, to no avail. .good luck, and for god sake Live already...the possibilities of a million attractive and available women just opened up to you! My advice-Party like a naked Rockstar!
I fell in deep love with this girl. We've been talking for 3 in a half years and I fell deep in love with her. I have her my body and soul and I haven't stopped thinking about her for the past 2 years. She cheated on me and left me for another guy and you know what? You get over it.. It's just a phase that you go through. There are plenty of women out there. Beautiful ones and you'll find the right one I promise.
i knowthis girl was my life god I loved her and I get what u say she would come seem to have fun tell me she loved me we had great sex cant lie but then bam next day I dont mean shit agian I just wish I knew why I got on drugs did her wrong for years I admit that but now ive been clean almost 2 mounths and trying to get my house back dl stuff I lst but she uses that as a reason to blow me off even tells me she will talk to guys and has had more with one even and says if she wantts shhe will agian hurts like hell why do they say they love us and hurt us like that I mean I hurt her with drugs but drugs and another man see my point I dont know if she loves me r only wants to see me hurt but she wins im hurt bad
tells me if I get back all I lost she may be with me so that puts this presure on me that really makes my chest hurt cause if I cant get all this money fast before she likes one of the pepoele she runs with more ill lose her and have no son no woman that I really would die gladly for and when thats gone why go on really I belive in love belive u put here to find one not many only one and she was her so now what cause im not him for her god its so hard to say even
i dont know how to do this if I work hard get myself back togather by then she will be in a situion with some guy that I know I cant get over agian I would have never looked at another woman she knows I love her she is even mean to me now knowing I want care and take it cause I love her she should be proud she has a man thaat loves her like that but she is ashamed of me so much I cant touch her if friends or around cause she tells them its over and im sitting here being told she loves me and wants me and lke I say when we make love its crazy u can feel she loves me and I love her but she wants me nowhere around her friends or out when shes out or to come see her at her place but im a dick and stupid if I say I feel like there is another man involved well I never got pushed away r hidden before so would anyone else think this idk its like im sopose to be ok with it even if she is untill
Real story
A boy proposed a girl.
But the girl rejected.
But he was still happy
u knw why
bcz he lost the one who never loved him,
But she lost the one who ever loved jst & jst her..........

so move on budddy make her realise that she lost a true love not u & be happy.

might possible she will look after for u or uwill get a true lover in this nasty world...........
Answered Sep 24, 2010
i have been married for 6 years and I have a break up with my husband 2 months ago and I was worried and so confuse because I love him so much. I was really going too depressed and a friend directed me to this spell caster Dr. Shiva and I made all my problems known to him and he told me not to worry that he was going to make my husband to come back to me and in just 48hours I receive a call from my husband and he was appealing that I should come back to the house. I have never in my life believe in spell and but now it have just helped me and I am now so happy. All Thanks to him and if you also want to have your Husband back to yourself here !! his email Address I am so happy to testify of your work and kindness
blenda Sep 27, 2013
make ur self happy while making her jelous she needs to know what she is missing or she will leave u.Move on and show her other peole do want me and then you might be happy agian
Answered Jan 05, 2010
why should I do that?
mogley Feb 16, 2010
Because it's abusive and offensive, and you can lose rep for it (and if your rep falls below -59 you lose the ability to post questions, answers, and comments).
its over fosho
Answered Feb 03, 2010
We've been through this. I appreciate that you're trying to help, but abusing other people who answer, regardless of whether you agree, is not going to help.
that wasnt nice chloe. I understand you are trying to get a point across but say it nicer.
loveya Jun 05, 2010
Im in the same boat dog , we where going on two years I lost my my job and she was holding down , but after vigorously looking for a job and searching she started changing towards me she began to push me away the person I was so close to and thought I knew and could trust was just a different person there where signs , she started using the fact that I cant find work as and excuse and started judging and being condasending , plus her slut best friend was throwing her two cents about me and dont even know me , we had a heart to heart and she starts all this criying witch is bullshit Im immune to that shit but after that talk I thought we solved the problem but half of me knew better and that it was just a temparary fix , a few days went by and I called one morning and she told me she miss but she has to stay away from me till I can prove I can get myself together I looking at her like bitch do you not watch the news is it not a ressecion , so I asked when things are good and everythings okay thats the only thing that can keep you around ? I got silence so you know what that means , I said I understand , so you love me so much and want to be with me that when things get bad you jump ship and when I get back on my feet I supposed to welcome you with open arms ? She said if you dont want to talk to me when things are better she says she understands . Now thats says alot thats sends a message saying that Im willing to throw away a good thing I just said I gotta go , and we didnt talk for like two days she text me she loved and I responded with thats good to know , later that night an old fling hit me up outa the blue and said she wanted to see me and get some drinks my first thought was perfect timing , Id thought rather then being sad and down Im gonna go have some fun so me and shorty when out to the bar way across the water from where we live and what do you know I see one of here friends no need to speak I just acted as if I didnt see her and carryied on , so after we left the bar and went to my place my ex text me and said I saw you out there , my response was I know and left it at that , so today I txt her happy vd I got no reply it is what it is my advice to you dog is to get out there and start meeting new girls just surround your self with beautiful woman trust me there are other woman out there that are way better then her take her off the pedastool she does'nt desevere it . Now dont just jump into another reletionship but just have freinds and meet people . give your self time to grieve maybe thirty mins a day to reflect but get right back to living , lifes to short dude dont call dont text show her that you are okay and can live with out her and you can live happy and content with out her when she relizes this she will stop at notihng to get you back and thats when you make her sweat and hard as hell trust me you'll be fine just like I know I will .
Answered Feb 14, 2010
am in that same boat with u darlin I was married to a man that treatrs me bad this woman came along and offer every ting to me after a years she left me for another woman only to find out that woman use up al her money and started cheatinon her she left that woman and came back to me but tings never get back to what is was am the onealways sayin I love u and callin I have my own business she is not helpin me that I brought a car she is the one drivin it but I have come to realize that this woman is nto the one for me and I know that if I start makin new friend I wil meet someone that is going to love me back one day,
doouche Nov 12, 2010
life is shit the best thing I can say is b her frend I and b there 4 her and if she has a brane in her head she will give u a 2 chance I live in hope
Answered Feb 19, 2010
Its really like that saying uhemm " it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all." Thrive on the happy times and kno how good it will be one day when you find that really special someone. If it was love then at least you didn't spend your entire life without knowing love like some do. Hold her in a special place in your heart and move on. Nursing the heart is a hard thing and maybe you should talk to a professional to give you guidance through this major life change such as a pastor or councelor.. Hope that helps
Answered May 13, 2010
oni_kami, your right. swearing is abusive and dirty. it does not get you the respect from the right people in this world.swearing is dirty and lowclass
Answered May 13, 2010
I appreciate the support libutt. For future reference though, if you're not posting an answer, please post as a comment. Thank you.
This situation seriously hurts. I hope things have improved, even if only slightly. Learning to breathe into the pain, letting it reside with you for a time (I physically have to say "Budge up, make room for me to feel this" to myself before I can allow it, but whatever works). Mostly allowing the feeling to be, and knowing that however you feel is ok helps to take the edge off it.

If she's decided to go there's often nothing that can stop her. Sometimes you can win them back temporarily, but their heart is no longer with yours. So as you watch them walk, remember. Remember all the good times of movies and holding hands and kissing and laughter, and remember all the annoying little things too. But each breath is a step forward. Each sleepless night brings you closer to a dawn where it doesn't hurt as badly, and eventually the day comes when you smile again, and you feel there's a reason to get out of bed.

Don't deny the pain. It's a part of life, and it is bringing you one step closer to finding the girl who will never walk away.

There is nothing that will stop the pain. There is only the knowledge that it isn't forever.

"Whatever will be, will be transformative."
Answered May 13, 2010
Grow a pair. There are more where she came from. The more that you act like you cannot live without her, the more she will ignore you and disrespect you. Move on. She has.

If you had a car that quit running, it is understandable that you might lament this situation for a short while. But, if you are still sitting in the middle of the street six months later, lamenting the breakdown of your car, you need professional help.

When you find another girlfriend and treat her like that, she will leave you too. Watch closely and you will see that I am right.
Answered May 19, 2010
there r many out there yes but brother if u think u can just get another woman and go on hhappy u never really loved one and I feel for u
i have been married for 6 years and I have a break up with my husband 2 months ago and I was worried and so confuse because I love him so much. I was really going too depressed and a friend directed me to this spell caster Dr. Shiva and I made all my problems known to him and he told me not to worry that he was going to make my husband to come back to me and in just 48hours I receive a call from my husband and he was appealing that I should come back to the house. I have never in my life believe in spell and but now it have just helped me and I am now so happy. All Thanks to him and if you also want to have your Husband back to yourself here !! his email Address I am so happy to testify of your work and kindness
blenda Sep 27, 2013
When people get hurt, they learn to hate... when people hurt others,
they become hated and racked with guilt. but knowing that pain allows
people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow... and how you grow is up
to you.

I know how it feels as I am going through the same right now as we speak....and I can only hope from here on that things get better for you and me. I really pray Man , I really do ...
Answered May 21, 2010
well I hope things have improved. you got it bad. but being mad at her will get you nowhere. try go out and move on. try to remove ALL thoughts of that girl. you deserve better and you need to let her know that. you were there the entire time, and she wasnt. dont let her get to you. EAT! SLEEP! WORK-OUT!
if you dont (^^^) then you will be depressed your entire life. and you dont want that now do you. I promise you, you will find someone better then her and you guys will get married and then have a child and all will be well.
good luck darling (:
Answered Jun 05, 2010
I love jesus and he loves me too!!!
P.s. I need fin
P.s.s stupid bus driver!
im in same situation now.. I love a girl for 5 years from my college days... we have plan to get marriage this year end.. but this year she joined n new company and she change her character.... she partially avoided me I found it.... then I asked her finally she said want to free give 6 month gap??? my heart broken... then finally she decided to broke with me so she find to get new way i.e., she saw astrology. my veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryy BAD time its was partially not good so she fix in that finaly.... for past 3 month no contact from her. I know she changed her mobile number... Waiting for her with looooottss of tear in my heart... im loving her so much...
Answered Jun 14, 2010
I used to live, love with her for 2.5 year, I did not pay enough attention to her, She loved me so much. I didnt realize the END. She LEFT. But I started LOVE her so much. But she says too late. F...... bad PAIN. Now I am not paying attention to my normal LIFE at all, just need HER back!!! But I am strong, Dont be MAD!!! The time will fix everything. No call, No massaging, Delete everything on everysites, Trow away or put somewhere far all presents, gifts, even notes "I LOVE YOU MORE!!!" etc, change location of your furnuture in your apt. Dont even listen kind of music which remembers HER!!! BE STRONG!!!
move on man
Answered Jun 22, 2010
You think you got problems mate.I live right next door to my ex and she left me for another guy,so here I am seeing this dude coming around everynite and spending the nyt there,iv gotta watch it all.To make things more complicated we have a kid together.So no matter how bad you think you have it just know that there is someone out there that is doing worse than you,hope everything turns out ok for you.
Answered Aug 29, 2010
just move on be strong and 1day she will be back but thn u wont need her...
Answered Sep 04, 2010
atleast u got lucky and dated her,the girl I loved never dated me,she didnt evevn know that I love her. And each time I try to tell her that iam in love her, iget scared that she'll be mad at me and never talk to me again. Know she moved to Canda. And each song in my cell reminds of her ,sometimes I cry. So if any of u loves s girl u must tell her. Or u be like me
blaming ur self for not telling her that. But u must move on. U cant let ur hole life go. Because I did only for that girl. And I wouldnt last for 6 hrs without eating
Answered Sep 09, 2010
Edited Sep 09, 2010
go tell her man I hurt worse than I knew ucan for loveing jennifer but I would go thru hell to do it all overr man love is wonderful but painful so make it last if u get her
i have been married for 6 years and I have a break up with my husband 2 months ago and I was worried and so confuse because I love him so much. I was really going too depressed and a friend directed me to this spell caster Dr. Shiva and I made all my problems known to him and he told me not to worry that he was going to make my husband to come back to me and in just 48hours I receive a call from my husband and he was appealing that I should come back to the house. I have never in my life believe in spell and but now it have just helped me and I am now so happy. All Thanks to him and if you also want to have your Husband back to yourself here !! his email Address I am so happy to testify of your work and kindness
blenda Sep 27, 2013
m8 im in ur shoes I dont eat (mum pritty much has to feed me) I cant sleep I cry all the time I want her so much but I dont have the guts to ask her out so ur m8 we r on the same boat
Answered Sep 14, 2010
I have been there over 30 years ago, I thought I could never love again, got heavy into drugs to stop the pain. I felt like pulling barb wire threw my stomach to fell better... as if. It was the worst days of my life. Losing your first love is something that can never be forgotten. But here is what happen, I decide to kill my shelve driving my 1975 Thunderbird into a semi. I changed my mind threw fear itself. I found a great place to meet new people and fell important, living at a message parlor and dealing speed.... like that's fixes anything. True learned how to make woman extremely happen when having sex even when I come fast, I am not sharing porn here. Just that I was on a path, everyone is on a path, and should nothing go wrong in yours, all the power too you. The closes guy to perfection I knew was nailed to a cross. Okay on with the story, to this day I will never find a girl like the one I fell in love with then, until I discovered that's OK, because every loving relationship is different. I loved her to the point that I wanted to DIE!, these days I have falling in love with many people to where I would want to die if they were lost. My children. grandchildren and the lady of my life today. This does not mean that the first girl I meant was not the most important relationship in my life, she was. She forged every felling I have towards love today. I need to forgive if I am to live happy, and you tell me who on this earth cannot say that is the ultimate agenda. There is one fact that I have learned, as long as I hate or carry any contempt for anyone, I cannot life happy and LOVE like life wills us too. Let me end with this, there will always be souls, people. friends to leave our lives, and there is only on constant. Your believe in what is true, because true never changes. Love, Spirit, and the willingness to change, will guide anyone threw anything unless they get selfish and think they can do it without help. Friends, a loving god and family. Pain is a motivator, lessen to your heart and body. If your hungry feed it, if our lonely find a friend, male or female but if you are total confused its likely because you are filled will crap and need to fly, I would say you are a walking eagle.... just to full of shit to fly ... please keep it simple and remember this, I will be your friend anytime, anyone, as long as you follow these simple rules. Take care and remember you are no more or less important than anyone in this world. PROMISE.

Excuse spelling and grammar errors, I was just typing how I felt.


Answered Sep 26, 2010
Edited Sep 26, 2010
i have been married for 6 years and I have a break up with my husband 2 months ago and I was worried and so confuse because I love him so much. I was really going too depressed and a friend directed me to this spell caster Dr. Shiva and I made all my problems known to him and he told me not to worry that he was going to make my husband to come back to me and in just 48hours I receive a call from my husband and he was appealing that I should come back to the house. I have never in my life believe in spell and but now it have just helped me and I am now so happy. All Thanks to him and if you also want to have your Husband back to yourself here !! his email Address I am so happy to testify of your work and kindness
blenda Sep 27, 2013
shell come back 2 you one day
Answered Sep 28, 2010
i am sure if you follow what iam going to say you will get her back
because I was in the same case before
steps are:
don't call her again
don't send her any message
never listen to music which remember you her
be strong anything you do,delete feelings, use mind
try to start new life having fun eating enough using smile
if you show the love to any girls in the world and and you move on them after the comin back will coming be sure
i hope you be bettre. karim from agadir
Answered Oct 02, 2010
I agree
Delete her phone number
Do not call, do not text.
If you do she will just have a laugh at you with her new man.
Remove things that remind you of her.
Stop thinking about her.
Take care of yourself, go to the gym, exercise.
Talk to friends.
I was in a horrible emotional state two months ago when she left.
I am much better now, no pain, no lump in throat, stomach any more.
It took two months. She is gone, there is nothing you can do. Move on.
If you do not not get better seek professional help. Happyness will retrun to your life. Time will heal your emotional wound.
Answered Jan 14, 2012
Can someone tell me why should I leave her? she becomes happy? I will try my best to make her realise what pain means.. 5 years I was running to take care of each and everything and now when I need her she is going away? what the hell? why do you act to love someone whom you actually dont? Why should the loyal people always suffer and the wicked get all the fun?
Answered May 08, 2012
I Am currently in the same position. I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years and didn't really mess around with women as much as the other guys because I came out of a 7 year realtionship in bootcamp...dear john letter. Shit sucked, so I had a guard up the whole time. After I came back from Afghan I met this girl MaryKate. Greatest thing that had ever happened to me...or so I thought. The relationship was great for almost a year..she was my dream girl and she had the idea that she wanted to move in together. Which was great with me because I loved her more than anything and she never gave me any reason to not trust her. Everything was well and good. I supported her for 6 months by myself so that she could save money. We combined our money in cash from our jobs to save up for rent. When it came close to the moving date I had already invested close to 3000$ supporting her on top of the rent money that I gave to her which was about 420$. I had already been accepted to the school where we were moving and paid some of the bills down there to get started. The night before the move...exactly 8 hours before the move, I had already packed everything and she was fine. She actually sent me a text saying I love you and I hope you had a great lunch!xoxoxo I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a great guy. 1 hour later I get a phone call at the house requesting that I come over. I said sure, because I had to bring some boxes over anyway. When I got there her mother and sister and her were sitting inthe kitchen. they then accused me of being obsessive, and financially unstable. WTF?!!! I have been giving your daughter all my money for 6 months and I AM financially unstable. The GI Bill was going to cover rent and then I had already call about jobs where we were moving. Doesn't make since to me. I asked her and she literally had no crying, anger, smiling, nothing. All she said was she couldn't do it. I explained to her that I quit my job, already accepted to college, and gave her all my money, and that she was leaving me with no reason, no closure, nowhere to go, and no money. She didn't care and continued to repeat the quote " I can't do it". I fucking lost it.....Now Im a bartender in my home town with questions and no answers...i feel like im going crazy. and everything reminds me of her because hell the only thing I remember coming back from Afghanistan is her. She then later calls me crazy, obsessive, and that our relationship went South fast, I didn't let her have a life?????? WTH I have no idea where this came from...its so crazy its hard to explain. No idea what to do..because as much as I hate her...I do still love her because I can remember how great she made me feel.
Answered Jun 07, 2012
I'm in the same situation holy shit......... So I was dating my girlfriend for a good 2.5 years before she had recently ended it this weekend. It was long distance the whole time and I had just went to see her and go to her prom with her half way across the country. This is the 2nd time we've physically met and i've seen her in person. I made a mistake one day a really bad mistake, I broke up with her. It's not what I wanted and I didn't even want it at the time to this day I don't understand how or why it came to that point. So since than she started getting different feelings and I completely lost her trust. She thought me coming might change the way she felt but the problem is the whole time before I came she was already distancing herself from me and preparing for the breakup. She never spoke to me about it and she never mentioned anything, I could always tell when something was wrong and I knew something was prom night but everything was fine and "nothing was wrong". I don't know specifically how long she's been feeling all this but when I did it, it was this past November. Do you think me being busy with a sport all winter than her having a job and playing a spring sport not being able to talk much had anything to do with it? When I came to see her we hung-out she had a smile on her face and everything seemed alright you know? I'm just really confused and feel as though I could have done something. She said she never talked to me about it because well she was the only one that ever knew but I had been suicidal before. She was afraid i'd get the feelings again. But then I asked her didn't you realize i'd get them anyways as in if you broke up with me and said yes. So why not try to involve me? Why not speak up and let me try to help in some way? She said nothing could've been done but I don't believe that. She has also said I can't be with you anymore if it doesn't make me happy but I don't find that true either. I think it was all because of that one day. I gave so much effort the whole relationship making sure she got what she want and that she was happy. I'm not sure what to do right now I had nothing before I met her she was my motivation for everything and reason to care for life. It's really hard for me to move on because there's nothing for me to move on to and I really want to try to get her back at least for right now. What is the best thing I should do? And even though she already decided all this before prom and left me stranded in a hotel by myself halfway across the country with little to no explanation why it was over, is it bad that I still would take her back if she by some miracle asked asked me? Do you think it's possible if we don't talk for a while she'll start to miss me and might be able to have her back? I honestly don't think that can happen she seems perfectly fine without me and I don't get it at all. I'm really confused and i'm sorry if this questions wasn't worded the greatest but I really need help and i'm not sure what to do i'm feeling really depressed and i'm back to how it was before I met her.
Answered May 10, 2013
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All I can tell u is that the pain never goes away . I was left last year by my ex fiancee she hurt me so bad I couldn't eat ,sleep ,think I was a mess I left the NT to get away from her not because I wanted to but because I had to I had no one in my life I needed family if I couldn't have her the one I loved . She all ways try's to contact me and say she misses me and that she never should have left me , but u better off without me ? My life is diffrent now it's lonely I have no friends here in Tas and I don't think I can find another girl that I can feel that spark with . Its been 9 months of being single and I was with her for almost 3 years ,I am 25 and I have no life I feel lost . I have tried everything to move on but nothing has worked . I now having no friends makes it hard to enjoy life but I miss my ex I miss being in love , and I miss how I could be so close to her when I never could be to anyone ells . I would lie and say things will get better , they do get a little better u end up being able to eat and sleep yet that pain that u feel never goes away it stays there deep inside u and it only takes something to trigger it off to make u upset again . Sorry for being so honest but mate I suppose in life some of us are not met to be happy .
Answered May 14, 2013
Edited May 15, 2013
I'll be your friend :)
I know you must be hurting tons right know and what do I know I'm a kid right?
but one thing I definitely know is pain.
You will get over her I promise you.
you have to stay positive even if its hard.
find out why she's hurting you so much then discard those feelings
don't rush in a new relationship it wont make you any happier
don't get back with her even if you want to, if she left not caring how you feel she prbly wont care another time.
try to be yourself before this happened, ya you wont be exactly you but even so just be you and do what makes you happy don't regret your relationship with her just be happy while it lasted and try your best to move on.
everyone in this world has a choice no buts everyones does and so do you
you can sit and feel sorry for yourself or you can live your life again shining like the person you could be proud of. :)
but what do I know im just a kid
Im rooting for you!!
Answered May 14, 2013
Edited May 14, 2013
don't move on mate until you are ready 1 it will hurt you as all you will be able to think about is your ex witch will hurt the girl you move on with who will think why are you with me if you are not ready. and I know it hurts and you think there is nothing to live for but you are wrong mate. things change times change, you will meet some 1 new who will make you feel as happy as you where, I know you think you won't but you will. they say times a healer then u need time to get your head together. you can't move on because you can't let go. it happens to the best of us mate you are not alone.....
Answered Aug 15, 2013
Edited Aug 15, 2013
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Answered Sep 03, 2013
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