How was everybodies holiday?

tell me about ur holiday i really wanna now hahaha im bored and an interesting story would be nice :)
Asked Jan 04, 2010
Why do you care? Its non of your buisness XD
Beach holiday is the best for anyone in summer vacation. Now the summer appearing if you want such holiday place then you can come to our site and book packages here.
Answered Feb 17, 2016
Vanuatu is rich in culture and traditions far different from those of the western world. On your Vanuatu holiday you can see and experience local traditions like kava drinking, Rom dancing, no tipping and not haggling in the marketplace. Land dive on Pentecost island is one the best known Vanuatu traditions, which happens only during April, May and June. Most islands in Vanuatu are strong in terms of traditions and practices, some of which you will innevitably experience on your holiday in Vanuatu. This is a great place to let go and enjoy your time away.
Answered Sep 06, 2016
I spend my enjoyable holiday in USA (Folsom). Amazing fact about escape room. Hope most of the parents will definitely follow this. Well visiting the real escape room with nice puzzle games for kids is so good experience. Actually I have already experienced one of my favorite “ESCAPE FOLSOM” in the USA which was so interesting for me so I always searching like this type of escape room with puzzle game.
Answered Nov 29, 2021

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