Is this cheating or what because i am really confused when i ask men and women

my man and i were perfectly in love or so i thought. i was going through his phone since he downloads music. he asked me to check the message he just recieved, so i did but under that message was a message that begins with " where are you i miss and love you like crazy" and last time i checked i didn't get that message. when i asked him about it he said it is his ex and he was feeling vulnerable the time we fought (which was 2 weeks ago). when i checked the message it was sent yesterday, so i'm confused if he's cheating on his own or am i pushing him toward his weak points (which are women)?
Asked Jan 04, 2010
delete the number....if he starts sayin anything worried aboutit say she was ur ex why do you need her number?
Answered Jan 04, 2010
Edited Jan 05, 2010
Ok i am i guy. and i understand that he is doing the wrong thing in this situation however going into his phone and deleting a number and try to control him is only going to make the situation worse
Cii1190 Jan 26, 2010
The ex never be next! You must trust your man. May be the girl s trying to get gim back. Unless you speak your bf you never know about that and your relationship might come to harm.
Answered Jan 19, 2010
it is cheating
trust me ive been through it
Answered Jan 04, 2010
If she dont want you to know her password, means that there`s something that you cant see. I`d say that she is cheating on you. Do the same thing with your e-mails, make her feel jelous.
Answered Jan 05, 2010
Trust him and your life will go to pieces - trust me when I say he is cheating .
Been there done that so I know what I am speaking about . I was married once , SHE messed about for years - got rid of her , raised the kids myself then carried on with my life - hey its hard - I love my kids - so I know when I say cheating is out !!! build on trust- build on honesty, , when things go wrong , and they will --- talk to your partner , after all what do you have to loose?your marriage ? but thats already on the rocks --so talk to him and find out why he is doing it to you - I wish you all the best !!
Answered Jan 05, 2010
Well i have been there before and he just might be cheating but at the same time u must really find out first because if he's not u will make him so find out
Answered Jan 08, 2010
u cant push him to do anything he doesn't want 2 do (trust) im a man. if he wanted to talk to her that's what he's gonna do 6ut without letting u know. that's just his cover up any time he wants (her) 6ecause thats his ex n he know that u know or think that hell go 6acc to her if anyone if yall dont work so he's just saying that to make u (think) like this so that it will 6e you'r fault if things go work n he gets caught up so chea.

Answered Jan 19, 2010
Edited Jan 19, 2010
doesn't sound good. speak to him and tell him you caught him lying about the date of the text. you need to realise that he should have showed you that text as soon as he got it. he seems to be hiding... leave and save the heartache
Answered Jan 26, 2010
coming from a males point of view i have had a situation where i would have told my g/f that something was up but being a guy trying to smash it be for it progressed while keeping it a secret and having it only blow up in my face. My ex was a bit of a stalker and came to my house one day to "talk" and my girlfriend found out and while nothing happened i simply tried to get rid of my ex for good my g/f over reacted and didnt let me explain and broke up with me
SO please talk to him about it .. every aspect if he resists or tries to turn it on you then he's probably cheating but if he is willing to talk about it he is probably not
Answered Jan 26, 2010
He's cheating... don't risk your health on it. I mean, I trusted my ex. whom is in the NAVY...thinking.. "na, he's not cheating," BS!!! I am faithful and when I went to the doctor for my annual exam...well, she told me something I never thought I would EVER HEAR... " your man, gave you an std"..... it broke me all over inside. So, trust me when I say, he is cheating... vulnerable or not...its cheating. YOU CAN DO BETTER!
Answered Feb 23, 2010
he cheating
Answered Apr 27, 2010
that boy isnt cheating unless hes stupid if he told u to check his phone hes being open to u so the boy not cheating hes hiding nothing
Answered May 06, 2010
Well first trust and honesty are necessary so for now trust him but talk to him about communication is key in all relationships you need to be one not two together but one would not snoop that messes it up but don't dump him just yet cause you never know
Answered Nov 20, 2012
Edited Dec 12, 2012
I wouldn't get to worked up no matter what you will always have that possibility of it being a psycho cousin/family member our really an ex but if it does continue leave him delete his number don't ever look back
Answered Sep 10, 2013
Hell no u were not wrong stand up for itself or he will keep cheating (FYI yes he's cheating or else he wouldn't have lied)
Answered Sep 17, 2015
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