What if i put windshield washer fluid in the engine coolant reservoir?

On a 1300 mile trip. stopped to refill windshield washer fluid. Put it in the engine coolant by mistake. Had to drive 100 miles on a Sunday, nothing open. Will it be ok to continue to drive on it for another 1000 miles until I can get the system flushed?
Asked Jan 04, 2010
You should get it flushed, windshield washer fluid heats up at a much lower temperature than even water, if you keep it up your engine can over heat, and then if you're really lucky, the entire thing will melt into a solid block, becoming completely useless to anybody in existence with the only option to buy a new engine and have it put is, in which case you may as well just buy a whole new car. Enjoy :)
Answered Jan 04, 2010
Edited Feb 12, 2010
What does it mean that windshield washer fluid "HEADS-UP" at a lower temp??? And how can something "MELT into a SOLID BLOCK"??? Things that melt usually go from solid to liquid? Could you explain?
swtiff Feb 12, 2010
I meant heats, not heads, I'm fixing that right now, my bad. As for melting into a solid block, well I mean that the engine has a basic block shape, and all the insides will melt, causing the moving parts to stop moving. It's not that the entire thing will melt, but it will all seize up, resulting in you having a useless block of metal sitting under your hood.

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