Do you think i will be able to get my financial aid back? is there a second chance for me?

Okay, so I am a sophomore transfer student at a public state university. Last year, I was at the same school as my ex boyfriend (and high school sweetheart) and I was in an abusive relationship. We just broke up in august when I came to this school. Partially because of this, I have been unmotivated about life and school in general. I don't want to blame everything on my relationship I could have reacted to the breakup different and been more productive. also, being a transfer student in general is difficult, as the courseload and work expected out of you at my new school is considerably more than my old school. I dropped a class and failed another one, therefore not passing all of the required hours to stay eligible for financial aid. I have been going to the student academic success center to get help with general problems such as procrastination, and a counselor at school to get help with more personal problems. It is difficult, however to provide proof that the relationship was actually abusive, though I don't think I will have to prove this as it would be very absurd. I wrote my appeal letter. I have a letter of support from my academic counselor and a document from the health center psychologist saying i attended personal counseling but it didnt say wat for. I am trying to get everything together before the spring semester, which is about 2 weeks away..or at the latest by the 25th so my parents won't have to find out.. Do you think, I could get my financial aid back? There is no way I could pay for school out of pocket, i can't find a job, all I get are loans, and my parents can barely afford to pay the extra money they still leave us to pay. I am a really good student I have just been having a really difficult time this semester! I'm just praying someone will give me one chance so I don't have to drop out of school and disappoint myself and everyone else. I would hate to waste my potential and I lose sleep over it every night. I have also not told my parents that it is a possibility yet. Do you think there is one more chance for me?-my relationship was extremely verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive. Not so much physical. He did push me, throw things at me, and grab me a few times though. I know that for some reason, people don't seem to take verbal and mental abuse as serious as physical abuse and I plan on telling the truth about my situation, not exxagerating it or downplaying it, as it was a very serious situation that could have very well escalated into something worse. I don't want my parents to find out and there is no way i'm moving back home. SORRY IT WAS SO LONG
Asked Jan 03, 2010

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