How com when i use CamStudio it flashes?

When i use CamStudio in full screen, it flashes a bunch.
Please tell me why, thanks
Asked Jan 03, 2010
I don't know. Try FRAPS or HyperCam.

P.S. Ryan, is the CamStudio filter working? It feels like we're still getting as many CamStudio posts as ever.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
The filter will just prompt a notice to the user, but the user can still choose to continue asking his question here, the reason I did this is because I think here is a universal Q&A site, users should be allowed to ask questions on any topic, as long as the question is legal, not offensive and not an spam.
Ryan Jan 03, 2010
Yeah, I guess I was just hoping that more users would opt to not submit their post, but I guess people just like to ignore warning messages. They probably don't even take the time to read it really.
Exactly, but maybe the style of the warning message could be improved, I'll try later.
BTW, I just sent you an email ;)
Ryan Jan 04, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Fraps is much better but takes a while to download but thats what I use for and it's so much better Quality than HyperCam and Camtasia (CamStudio)

Sony Vegas is the best for editing (in my opinion) :P
Answered Sep 15, 2010
In Cam studio (2.0), under the options link on the top bar, go to "Program Options" and click the "Hide flashing rectangle during recording" box. This will stop the flashing.
Answered Dec 22, 2010
I always create screencast with a web-based software calls Acethinker Online Screen Recorder, free and works fairly well. And here are the steps to record computer screen with it.
Step 1. Run your web browser and visit Acethinker Screen Recorder website, you can google search for it. This app compatibles with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
Step 2. Click 'Start' to open the screen recording app.
Step 3. Select the recording mode you like, Full screen record or Region record.
Step 4. Click on the red button to start the screen recording.
Step 5. Once you stop the recording, you can click on "Show in folder" to find the recorded video.
Answered Sep 18, 2017

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