In the cell phone world, what does CDMA mean?

Asked Jan 03, 2010

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CDMA means Code Division Multiple Access.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
CDMA means Code Division Multiple Access. It's a type of cellphone signal like 3G for example, there's also now 4G, and GSM. Currently 4G is the fastest signal format. The G simply stands for Generation. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile. Furthermore, you know how some cellphones you can get with different providers? Well if you have (for example) a Boost Mobile phone, they only offer GSM and CDMA, where as Verizon for example no longer offers either of these, so if you bought a GSM or CDMA phone, you could get Boost Mobile service for it, but not Verizon.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
does it work for alltel phones (the CDMA)?
Answered Aug 09, 2010

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