How can i get free nx cash is maplestory?

I wan't a free way to get nx cash in maplestory without doing any surveys and stuff like that. Also, is there anyway to get nx cash with your mesos?
Asked Jan 03, 2010
Go to
Its an awesome search engine that rewards you randomly whenever you search something. I made 100$ from it, used 50$ on Amazon points and 50k nx in under 3 can't buy nd but u can buy ultimate. Gamer cards and use them for nx.
Refer under me to help me mke more swagbucks, and revering under me also equals a reward for u, you get a bonus 30 swagbucks. So go and hope this helped. If u don't
Look at my account, wildrecon. Perm DSR AN M4 SUPER
Cool thing is that u DONT have to do surveys
You can't. That's like walking into a bank and going, "I want money." "Well we have several loan options." "No I mean give me money." the world just doesn't work like that. You gotta do something for it. You can't get something for nothing. And no, you can't get NXcash for Mesos.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
Well said sir/madam. well said.
No you can't... Theres no possible way unless some one buys for you.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
Dudes theres a way go to u'll will find many ways to get "freemoney".. u must create a account in that page with that link.. and the money u earn u can use it to get NX cash.. =D just say thx!.. no scam -.-"!
Answered Jan 09, 2010
I use , I have already gotten a 25K card code and 10K card code, and they have a really nice staff that answers emails quickly. Hope this helps!
Answered Mar 28, 2010
25k pliz
roei Aug 01, 2012
You shouldn't waste your money on "NX" its all shitty equipment that only you think is cool. I mean who the hell wants to walk around with a canadian flag on a stick, everyone knows Canada is the worst Country in the world, I would rather have a stick with North Korea on it if I actually wanted to waste money on the crap.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
I resent that! Canada gives us a place to go after nuclear war with Russia turns the U.S.A. into a barren wasteland!
That would probably decimate Canada too, seeing as it's all apart of North America, and the nuclear bombs would probably wipe out the entire continent, if not more.
Sounds like a real life Fallout 3, lol. Whatever, is where its at for NX!
maplestroy has this new thing where you do offers and you get nx so fari got 60k nx =) just go on trust me no lies have a look
Answered Jul 24, 2010
:) Join ^ ^ ^ ^. I've done the surveys and they actually work, I got 20k nx from them.
Answered Sep 24, 2010
well if u really want it
Free maplestory nx? Hey People I found a way to get free nx :D
Want it? If ur really desperate for NX. heres a web for free NX :D
you can get alotof prizes like Xbox,Gamecodes,Wiiaccesorys,And Many Other Thing :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope I helped u this acutally works 9 points equals one card
Answered Oct 13, 2010
well the way on works and is really great, however they rarely give you the actual nx you deserve. Ive done lik 100 surveys on that site and got rewarded lik 10 times...

theres another site call its a really great site and its just like google. except wen you look something up you might get rewarded with something called SB(swag bucks). Once you get lik 550 SB you can buy a ultimate gamer card then use it at

if you want to use this site please register under this referal
it will not affect your earnings, only gives me sb everytime you win some so'll really help me out.

BTW: If you wanna know how much I got from this site, I made nearly 100 dollars of SB and got lik 50k nx....Perm DSR(combat arms) and 90 day recon vest(Still combat arms)
spent the last 50 on like amazon gift cards.
the cool thing about this site is that it has tonns of rewards so if your tired of nexon then you can still buy other things...anyways hope you'll find this site useful
Answered Nov 01, 2010
the best way to get some is by completing offers. I already got 10knx cash in 1hour at by completing few serveys and offers.WORTH A TRY :)
--click my link it's going to get you there in no time--
you know what's the best thing about it? IT'S THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!
Answered Nov 02, 2010
what the fuck give me fucken free nx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!><
Answered Nov 28, 2010 its worth a try. in fact you have to try it, I got 25k nx from answering those surveys
Answered Dec 22, 2010
Yes you can, visit this website and earn free Nexon NX easy and free
Answered Feb 06, 2011 or

This is new website with great admin, and cool contests, they are adding new rewards and prizes daily.
Answered Mar 06, 2011
There are actually several ways in which you can get nx for free, although they're all probably more difficult than directly buying nx:

The easiest way is:
1. Go to the official Maplestory website.
2. Click on "Charge Account"
3. Click on "Earn Free Nx"
4. Complete offers and earn free nx

Another way:
1. Create a level 36 character on one of the older servers (i.e. Scania, Windia, etc.). Or if you already have a level 36+ character on an old server, use that.
*Note: I recommend creating Dawn Warrior
2. Complete the quest called "Subani's Legacy" (in New Leaf City)
Branch #1:
3. Sell the Scroll for Glove for Attack 60% (GFA 60%) on MTS for 1k+ nx (depending on server)
*Price check before you do this
4. Rinse and repeat
Branch #2:
3. Sell the GFA 60% in FM for 6.5mil if possible
4. Hang out by Henesys Gacha, and buy gacha from noobs for a low price
5. Sell them for a higher price (could be 100mil+ profit)
6. Rinse and repeat
7. Once you think you have a decent income, sell the items u have on mts for decent amount of nx.
8. You should be making 10k+ nx per week relatively easily
Answered Apr 02, 2011
Go to
I got alot of free NX that way easy. I got a ton of things because of it :) Just follow my link and, tada!
Answered Apr 15, 2011
Go to
I got 100k of nx only going to that page! I got a lot, but is free you don't need to pay. Have fun with lots of nx ;)
Answered Jul 06, 2011 Try this. It works :) Ill click your referal ^-^ Click mine pl0x <3
Answered Dec 19, 2012 try this website :)
Answered Mar 29, 2014

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