How Do I Change My Dentist ?

Hi Ive been with My Dental Practice For Over 12 yrs now

Bur recently have had a new Dentist and she as well as the new receptionist isn't very nice and ive just had poor treatment recently
and now i want to change my dentist altogether i'm on NHS

Ive already had cheek from the receptionist from a fone call after a filling of mine came out as after i foned to ask for an emergency appointment
and told her that a cavity was now left on the back of my tooth
her answer was "Ha ha ha" i told her i never found that funny
and i may take this further, she then changed her tune

I had been at the dentist just for my 6mthly appointment as routine
and all was fine with my teeth as i both brush and floss them regularly
(I didn't smoke) only slight thing Dentist quickly looked at my teeth
sais your gums are healthy i replied only thing slight is i wouldve liked whitened slightly inbetween my front upper teeth as just i thought a slight bit decay
So she sais ok make another appointment say for nxt wk or 2 wks
for a 30 mins appointment and ill get u back in and numb your gum
and i'll drill 2 cavity's behind both front top side of teeth and put a dye (like a bleach she sais) into the cavities i've drilled then temporary fill them in then have you make another appointment again for a 3rd time and check it out and possibly another dye through the back of both teeth

Anyhow i left after making that 30 mins appointment for 2 wks time it was
i went back on my appointment and dentist had me on chair for the 30 mins approx there never was any tissue on the tray also water was just clear and yet she had a young girl helper beside her though this is not so important
Anyhow dentist drilled away at back of both my teeth a round cavity
almost the size of the whole tooth was now left behind my 2 front teeth

She then put a dye through back of teeth and then filled in with temporary fillings then i was asked to make 2nd appointment which i did
she sais make a 15 min appointment
Anyhow that 1st night in house i went to brush my teeth then went to floss and one of the filling's came out
so i had go to bed with a rather large cavity in back of one of the front teeth
I foned make an emergency appointment and explained i am left with a cavity behind one of my front teeth and receptionest replied with
Ha ha ha i told her sorry but i dont find that funny and that i may take this further (she changed a bit after i sais such ) but no doubt she told the dentist/s (There's 2 dentists in seperate rooms work in practice)
Anyhow i was given a time and told you may have to wait until near closing time as my own dentist (My new dentist whom done job) was off and id see the other dentist in other room (Fair enough) anyhow
i was asked into room and then mentioned about the dentist not being to professional like (I shouldve mentioned about receptionist) she had been in room when i first arrived she was speaking to both other dentist
and his helper as i arrived and i heard that dentist say "We shall just put it he was a bad patient ?

Ive never had one bad word to say about any dentist ive ever previously had and inc in this practice
in fact this dentist's daughter was the best and most pleasant dentist i ever had just few yrs back anyhow i kept all this to myself

He filled in the temporary filling and sais before i left all shall be fine

I went back for my 2nd appointment this time a 15 min appointment
with own dentist and she took temporary fillings out then i sais about that receptionist and her answer to me on the fone HU hu hu
dentist sais back " It's probably you saying you are left with a hole" just twisting thing's really as i sais left with a cavity and she dentist sais ive got it written down here what you said to me ?

dentist sais i had said my teeth were Dirty no way did i say such, i said a slight decay, the dentist had taken notes down and this obviously because i said to that receptionest i may take this further which i still have not though thinking

Anyhow about my treatment you think being a dentist in your experience what do u think about what i should get done ?

She replied i think there's a difference the now and up to you there's
2 ways to go either 1/ you get dye (bleach) through back teeth) and i then give you temporary fillings and u come back and we check them out or 2/ we just put permanent fillings in now and no dye through back of teeth and you dont need to come back ? I sais ill take your advice and just permanently fill them in and i wont come back

She filled them in then started pulling harshly with a sharp hook like object (prob's trying check the filling was secure ) sais we shall keep an eye on them and with a smile on their faces dentist and helper at her side as i walked towards door all i heard was merry christmas
i thought they were just at it being awkward although i sais same back to them
Anyhow because she left myself to think on that 2nd appointment as to get dye put through again or not i thought the dentist shouldve known and shouldve advised me on such matters also she really didnt seem as though she cared one iota
I blame the receptionist for such the way she answered my call and the way she couldnt look me in the face was (guilt)

As for sure when i went back after the fone call to other dentist
for emergency filling she couldnt look me once in the face and was in that dentist's room as i arrived and when she seen myself standing in hallway
she went into her reception room for 5/10 secs then came out didnt look at me and sais so and so has just arrived in a rather nice (pretence)voice
If i change dental practice for instance how do i go about it ?
make a simple fone call ? Would new Practice ask for my details where i was beforehand ? possibly want my past dental work in their hands ?

Thanks for reading and thanking you for any info thanks again.

Asked Dec 30, 2009
Dear god, this is the longest post I've ever seen on this site.
you can say to your old dentist that i am going to move and i can't come to you . so i have to get a new dentist , but you were a very good. you can ly that you are going to move. if he ask's you where are you moving you can tell your friends address.
Answered Dec 30, 2009
You don't need to do some special procedure to see a different dentist, just find a reliable dentist in the area, and when you give the receptionist your information, they will have your previous records mailed over automatically.
Answered Dec 30, 2009
Is your area have only one dentist???? Obviously no right???

As per my opinion you need go for some other dentist in your area or can go online for that..!!
You can take a visit at the shelton dental for getting good treatment...!!!
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Answered Nov 13, 2017
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