How can I learn to stop being so co-dependant?

How can I learn to stop being so co-dependant?
For the sake of time, I can't be detailed why on all accounts my unmarried 22 year old daughter of two babies does need me (my vehichle to run errands, to take care of the babies once or twice a week while she works at her part-time job) but I try to do too much for her and she has become some emotional rotten and rude to me. If she were just another person on the street, I would stay away from her, but I absolutely adore my grandaughters. Anyone out there who has gone through something similar to this who can give me sound advise or lead me to a good resource (other than mental health care) I would appreciate it.
Asked Dec 30, 2009
maybe you should have a talk with your daughter so that you can get some clue why this happened. you know communication can help people to face the problem, while it is not so easy to realize.
Answered Dec 26, 2011

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