How Do You know when your in love with a girl

Asked Dec 29, 2009
You're not. Trust me.
Slerp Mar 10, 2011
when theirs butterflys in your stomache you have a krazey feeling coming from the heart
Answered Dec 30, 2009
Learn English.
when all you want to do is talk to her all day and when you to are next to each other you want to touch her, hold her, ease her pain ,kiss her. when you feel your pulse go over baord.when you scream in your head that you like them but when you try to tell them its like your tongue has been cut off. when you lose your breath easly
Answered Jan 08, 2010
wow, that is pretty accurate
btu what if its your cousin? my friend has been asking if its right or wrong to fall in love with your cousin. now hes been getting to me, im asking the same thing now...
The first think is that you are in love or not is your situation You know what was the situation before to meet that girl I m sure you'll be feeling freely..but after meet her if you have some special feeling for her like always thinking about her
unable to get sleep well trying to talk with her also wanted to go out with her

means friend you are in love....Now you need to know more about her Do try talking with her by funny ways if she likes you she'll enjoy ....when ever you feel she is caring need to strike the Iron when it is hot
Answered May 14, 2010
When people start waving their hand in front of your eyes and asking, "Anybody home?" :-)
Answered Aug 09, 2010
When a girl your in love with says ''hello'' what do you
think, well I think you should respond and say hello back
to me I wouldnt be afraid to kiss her. But the thing is
if you do she will get pissed off and say like fuck you bitch.
So you got to break it to her easier like holding her hand, or maybe say a sentance
Answered Oct 20, 2010
You are not supposed to date your cousin its only legal if there 3 or 4 cousins anything else is sorta a sin
Answered Sep 20, 2011

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