Where is my EDD check?

hi my name is nargis . I called EDD a lot of time ,and have not get a chance to talk to any one. I need to find out that i send my form from 8/27/09 through 10/24/09 and have not received any check yet. Edd send me a letter stating that call 1800-300-5616. i tried so many time but their is no answer. so if you get this message please call me @209-996-9287. Thank you.
Asked Dec 28, 2009
Edited Dec 28, 2009

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Whos edds? why are you posting this here? Lol
Answered Dec 28, 2009
He means the Employment Development Department (Canada).
Ryan Dec 28, 2009
I mailed you my forms after waiting so long finally talked to someone you owe me amonth of pay keep on doing what u tell me to do Im expecting my checks this week coming up
Answered Mar 04, 2010
carfer, I do believe you are mistaken. This is an international public help site, not the EDD. There are no forms for you to fill out (except for user registration), and there's nowhere for you to send a check to (except to Ryan I guess, but he hasn't posted his address). If you are trying to contact the EDD, try here: http://www.edd.ca.gov/payroll_Taxes/contact_Us_About_Payroll_taxes.htm
did they get my claimed check paper in the mail
bernadette rosas
Answered Sep 12, 2011
Today is October 27,2013 and have not received my E.D.D. claim form in over 20 days! Is the goverment amazing ? I am only guilty of losing my job and my place of domain and therefore had to move in with a friend. The E.D.D. still can't get my address correct. Now the E.D.D. states that I have to re-apply for my lousy payment of 112.00 a week. the last time I got any money whatsoever, was on October 7th, and, they are behind for part of September and all of October. Now what? What can I do? HELP!!!!

Christina Carter
email: Christinacarter1951@gmail.com
Answered Oct 28, 2013

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