How can I get my wife's passwords to her various email accounts?

my wife has several email accounts, i suspected that something is going on. how can i get the passwords for these accounts. i need the truth.
Asked Dec 26, 2009
Lots of people have more than one email account.
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There are easy ways to know/see passwords if you both use the same computer without installing keyloggers or you can just use keyloggers (GOOGLE)

Not gonna tell you though because i don't approve what you are up too.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
trust her or if she really iz cheating on u then trick and embaress her cause it would hurt u if she is cheating on u but if u get her back when u know but she doesnt know u know then u woulnt feel so bad for her being a hoRese
If you have an answer, you should post it as an answer, not as a comment on someone else's answer.
If you don't trust your wife, confront her about it. If you find REAL evidence, then break up with her and find someone who is honest and true.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
What about getting access to my 2year old. I live in an asian country where the mother has total control of my son till he is 7
just ask her
Answered Dec 30, 2009
Just Ask Her To Log-in To all The Accounts In Front Of U If She Has A Problem With That Then U Got A Problem On Ur Hands!!LOL!!!
Answered Dec 31, 2009
I think sneaking around into her stuff behind her back is just as bad if not worse than her POSSIBLY sneaking around with other people on you.

Its obvious you have no trust in your relationship, and you don't have communication skills to approach her about this maturely..

You don't deserve the relationship just as much as her.
Answered Dec 31, 2009
looking at email is nothing compare with laying up with somebody she would do it. 30 years ago u could trust a woman but not now.
sdavis May 08, 2010
hey panda guy u dont know what u are talking about maybe she has private stuff and maybe u should ask her for her password
Answered Jan 01, 2010
Edited Jan 01, 2010
there is nothing private in a marrage asked any woman
sdavis May 08, 2010
Privicy must be respected - if you do not trust her , get rid of her , she is no use to you - but think first - why do you distrust her ? are you doing the same thing and thats why you are being sneaky ?
So join a swop a club and swop her for a new pussy ever nite if that is what you want - just respect her right to privicy
Answered Jan 04, 2010
She might have some private stuff and if you dont have trust for her then confront it to her... say that you think shes sneaking around you and doing stuff that might break you guys relationship. Its ok to be concern but ask the person before you go sneaking around and **** through her accounts and getting ur *** caught and finding out its nothing and you just screwing up the whole thing on your own.
Answered Feb 27, 2010
you could try the Keyloggers just like what figment said. Search the web, there are few tricks on which you could actually lure your wife to type in the password -by using a fake email sending a made up link (e.g. facebook front page) making her type the password and then hoolah! she just sent you her password. phishing is the term I guess.

You could also try and rent someone professional in hacking through emails. usually yahoo is very easy to cracked open.

Of course, the most easiest and less-hassle thing to do is ask her in person... and be sure that you are ready for her answer, just in case.
Answered Apr 14, 2010
sounds like there is a lot of drama in your life, who has time for that? Man up and ask her. Tell her why you are concerned and then ask her to give her password to you. If she loves you she would not want you stressing over nothing, but if she doesn't give it up, I'd be giving her up
Answered Apr 15, 2010
Why you didn t ask yourself if you gave her a reason to do so? better pretend that nothing happen, leave your suspicion, judge yourself what is wrong between you and her, and IF YOU REALLY LOVE HER, fight for your relation, don t destroy it! If you do so, no matter that she s guilty, she will come to the right way!
Good luck!
Answered Aug 19, 2010
Hi Dave,

I am going to assume she uses Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or another one of these hosted email accounts. Does she have an email account on the home computer such as Outlook or Outlook express? If so, chances are she uses the same password. Use a program called behind the asterisk on Outlook or Outlook Express to find out the password and then try the password on her 3rd party hosted email account (Google, Yahoo etc). If that doesn't work then the only real option you have is a keylogger. A keylogger might be your best answer anyways, this way you can see her MSN, Yahoo chat sessions. If she is doing anything behind your back, chances are she uses a chat program. All you need to do is tell her you are going out for a few hours and I guarantee you if she is cheating on you, she will jump on the computer to chat with her boyfriend. Then you will have her chat on record.

To all other negative commenters, it is not our place to judge why he might choose this method, it is our job to answer his question. What he does with the information is up to him, he has to live with the consequences.
Answered Aug 20, 2010
If somebody asks how to make a bomb here do you think we should blindly provide the information without considering what he might do with it?
Rob Aug 20, 2010
He aint asking to make a bomb, he is simply trying to find out if his wife is cheating on him, which he has every right to know. There should be no secrets in a healthy marriage and if he asks her to open the email accounts in front of him and she doesnt, then yes he has every right to know why she doesnt want him seeing whats in her email.
CBoyd May 24, 2011
I had same issue with my spouse. Except instead of Chinese she wrote in Swahili. She was cheating. As soon as I found out she left the house, filed a restraining order claiming abuse, then filed divorce. If your spouse has been in the country less than 2 years she will be told by her attorney that the only way to stay in the country is to get pregnant or claim look out.
Answered Sep 02, 2010
You really shouldn't but get here email address then for Password write something random and it will come up with 'forgot password?' then it will give you a question to answer about her, so fin out that question and then you'll be able to get in there :)
Answered Mar 08, 2013
If you love her enough, you should be able to trust her. I may only be 13, but I'm not as much of an idiot as you. Everyone has multiple email accounts, hell I have about 5 email accounts.
Answered Mar 16, 2013
it is quite easy if only you have a keylogger in computer.
Answered Apr 12, 2013
Think about this for a second! Do you really want to know whats in her email? Are you prepared to find out if she is cheating on you. What if shes NOT and you now feel like a idiot and who has the trust issues then.
Answered May 30, 2013
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Answered Jun 13, 2013
A relationship is based on the truth. So if your partner isn't giving it to you, you just have to take it!

Use Kidlogger. It is very easy and free for 3 days. Install it on the computer she uses the most, and when type her password you just have to open the logfile and wupti. But be careful!!!!
Answered Jun 26, 2013
Edited Jun 26, 2013
Easy, Ask her. Yall!
Answered Aug 06, 2013
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Answered Nov 26, 2015
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wayne Dec 02, 2015
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Answered Jan 06, 2016
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Answered Aug 11, 2016
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