USB Headset compared to Jack Headset?

I've read that with a USB headset it can be treated as a 2nd soundcard, allowing music to be played through your speakers and say voice chat played through your headset.
Is this only allowed with USB headsets or can I use it with a headset with the 2 jacks?
Asked Dec 25, 2009
In my experience, using a USB audio device doesn't act as a SECOND sound card, but instead, it overrides your own sound card and acts as the sound card in its place. Either way, it would never work with one of those 2 jack form factors. You just can't always get what you want Ezethal, you're just going to have to deal with the fact that you gotta use either the speakers or the headset.
Answered Dec 25, 2009
Well then maybe you should ask them how they did it, hmm?

And there's no reason to be so hostile. I was trying to help you, jerk. Talk about ungrateful.
I just deleted his comment due to the offensive words, I never seen a person like this...
Ryan Dec 25, 2009
:) Thanks Ryan, always appreciated.

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