Is my cartilage piercing infected or irritated?

i got my cartilage pierced about a week and half ago, i did it by myself, everything was going fine i clean it once a day everyday. today my ear started throbbing and hurting really bad and i couldn't touch it at all because it would just hurt too much.
i waited for the pain and the throbbing to go away so tat i could clean it but it didn't so
i took some ibuprofen to make it go away and then when it did go away my sister cleaned it for me. while cleaning it she told me i shouldn't clean it for more than a week (it's already been a week) and tat now i should just leave it alone to let it heal. then i told my mum and she said it might be irritated and i might have allergies to the earring. (i am allergic to gold and silver earrings, the one i have in right now is none of those two..)
what should i do if it is infected??
Asked Dec 24, 2009
Yeup, it's infected. See a doctor immediately. If you don't, you could get Gangrene and might have to get it amputated... Enjoy! :)
Answered Dec 24, 2009

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