I am depressed because i have no job!!! :( Please help me!!!

Hello!!! i am 27 years old. i am from Brazil. i am depressed because i have no job, but i believe god will use someone to help me. i have good resumé and talents. i know speak English almost fluently. i am looking for job in Brazil or USA. may you help me??? Jesus bless you. merry Christmas and happy new year!!!! see you soon. : )
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Asked Dec 23, 2009
Edited Jan 29, 2010
lkj, two things... 1) Post answers as answers, not as comments. 2) How is some Christian bible thumper website supposed to help Anonymous User find a job?
I don't mean any harm but for Anonymous, God says if you obey him then he with bless you now and in the afterlife. I have a Q for you an agnosis about christ Oni?
CGB123 Jun 02, 2010
yo oni_kami 1)shut up 2)if you not tryna help him then dont comment....ok
I am in the united states of america and I also have no job and feel the same way.. Very stressed out and feeling hopeless. I pray that the merciful lord with help us.
Answered Dec 23, 2009
I just graduated from school, and I still can't find job. I am also stressed over it. I really hope that God has a better plan for us, so we can find job soon and honor Him in this situation.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
I don't know it all, but I would like to say, please ask God to send some powerful angels down to help you all...I am divorced and not getting anything so what I did was learn something I love to do.
I love to sing and write music.
so I learned to record on the computer and now I have a small recording studio in my home ...I don't make loads but only what I need to get me on with life..I also have a few songs out on the radio because I push them to get play time .
no I am not someone famous but one of the songs my partner and I wrote is getting some great play time on the radio ..
also I love to bake and cook, so sometimes ppl want cookies and baked goods so I sell them..and I use my God given talent..

I know all you out there has a God Given tallent ,please go to where it is, where it's needed .
God Bless you all and hope someone finds help in this.
Happy New Year
Answered Dec 26, 2009
can some one help me for chrismas please 914 297 2589 I have no money help thank you
Get a job at mcdonalds
Answered Dec 26, 2009
hi my name is latrice sorrells n i stay n chicago n i need a job my boss stop me from working for him because i would not sleep with him so if u could wold u please help me get another job please
Answered Jan 04, 2010
have faith in yourself and the lord and you shall surpass all these
ssable Feb 16, 2010
For the person who said get a job at Mcdonalds they are not even hireing. I had a job for fourteen years at a major bank and they are takeing all our job to India.The US needs to put a stop to this. I can't find any work and by bills are strating to pile up.Please pray for me and all that are out looking for work.
Answered Jan 21, 2010
There are thousands of McDonalds all over the world, just because they're not hiring near you doesn't mean they're not hiring anywhere.
I'll pray for you Codydylan. Cast your anxieties onto the Lord... (in the bible, don't remember which verse, but it works.
Answered Feb 20, 2010
Edited Feb 20, 2010
I have had a 30 yr. career. Now unemployed with no prospects. Have been looking for 3 months and am about to lose what little I own. Lost everything once in Hurricane Katrina...picked myself up and started again. Now laid off in Nov.
There is no hope. I am old. I can't go on anymore.
The elite have destroyed everything that was great about this country.
Answered Feb 22, 2010
Who are the 'elite' are you talking about? I hope it's not that Faux News nonsense. Corporations shipped out the 'free market' jobs and the politicians let them. I've travelled the world, most countries restrict who can own/sell there. If you're going to sell here, you should have to hire here.
TomALT May 19, 2010
There are always ways to make money with out actually getting a job. I completely agree with the other person who recommends following your talents. Take this time when you are not required to do what someone else wants you to do, and do some soul searching and figure out what will make you happy. Don't worry about the money right now. The money will come if you are doing what you are meant to do, especially if in doing so you are helping other people. I wrote a blog post a couple weeks ago that I think could help you to find your path. http://melissawrightjourney.com/youve-been-laid-off-now-what/

Hope it helps!
Answered Feb 22, 2010
Here I am, a 28 years old women, graduated last year from university(engineering), and still looking for my FIRST job. I have never worked before. I am now desperate(bcos this time could have been my perfect time to think n plan beyond getting a job) and can't see any hope in finding hope in this crazy time. My friend is right- macdonalds are not even hiring. I applied to some jobs at retailers and like that, but no one is calling me, let alone for my professional job interview. Imagine the urgency to have ur own life.....What shall I do? I am praying for guidance.Pls comment :)
Answered Mar 04, 2010
Edited Mar 04, 2010
Hello!, I am not happy and pure deaf woman from the "Gathering Island" who have no job for 4 years now but, I have the certificate for the medical coding from the Kapiolani Community College for 6 months so, they have no hire me because it is not enough credit for the certificate but, not sure if they can able or not as I hopefully so.. I wanna to look for a work immediately because, I am alway worried about the money to support my sons for buy some clothes, plenty of the foods... Pleasse email me over sooner as you can!! HELP ME OUT!!
Answered Apr 04, 2010
I have been jobless for almost 2 months and on the verge of living in my truck. I have applied everywhere including MCDONALDS, burger king, gas stations, dept stores, and any where else you can think of, yet I still have no job! So to all the people out there you think its easy and "oh just work at mcdonald's" Its not that easy dumbass. To all of you who are looking, you are in my prayers and please keep me in yours.
Answered May 04, 2010
all people plz do not show ur problem solve the problem of above person
keep trying for new job
andbelieve in god
but remember god will not come to this world to help you
u have to help uself
money is important but not everthing..
keep smiling
Answered May 05, 2010
Ugh, I'm so sick of all these god comments. Yes, I'm Atheist, but that's not even why I'm sick of them. Think about it, even if there was a "god" what would he/she/it care if you have a job or not? "God" won't help you get a job, it's bad enough that he/she/it isn't helping the kids you see from the Make A Wish foundation, what makes you think that your little economic problems would be of any concern?
huh shut up once again..... no one cares
haha yea well christians are the most gullible people in the world. However they do seem to be successful. Perhaps because it is so easy to control their minds? true words... I was once a christian then I developed a personality...
oni khami you are juss seeking attention, why do u bother abt christianity wen christians dont even bother abt yo atheisim. let thoz who beliv in God place their faith in him. no one has crushed u abt being atheist so get ova yoself, dnt b desperate to critisize other people I wldnt b suprised if I heard u beliv in santa claus and yet mak fun of people who belive in sumthang mighty...u deserv to burn in hell
I don't know if they are hiring or not, but Luby's Cafateria is extremely easy to get hired at. Also, you can sub for day cares until you get a job. They always need people, and it would be something fast.
Answered May 17, 2010
I am a lead teacher in a child care setting and no one gets hired anymore in a day care without a degree/experience even subs. It is not just a quick "job", these children are in a "school" and have curriculum plans to follow that require a lot of time to plan and coordinate. I am so tired of people thinking it is a babysitting job and not a career. I know you are just trying to help others find work, but it it's not Mc Donalds, it's an important learning enviornment for children and teachers work hard to be qualified to teach.
tristan Jun 26, 2010
i m 24 years old and I have passed I.CS and Graduation is in process
Answered May 30, 2010
Just pray to God.
Answered Jun 17, 2010
Edited Jul 18, 2010
im very depressed oh dear..no job
Answered Jun 21, 2010
I to have been unemployed for the past 3 months, and I am getting concerned since the job market continues to be in the toilet. I have a master's degree, and is eligible to take the licensure exam for counseling and therapy opportunties, but things continue to look soooooo bleak
Answered Jun 24, 2010
Brazil has one of the highest growth rates in the world right now, 48 positions higher than the United States according to the CIA World Factbook (Link Below). Brazil's ability to use biofuels within the country and sell their oil abroad has pushed them far up the ladder. That, coupled with the enormous amount of construction planned for the coming Olympics makes Brazil the hottest economy in the world.

Maybe you're, "Looking for love in all the wrong places."


Answered Jun 24, 2010
I am a guy from Hong Kong. I read those messages and I found that I am not alone. We are all depressing and we might think that "I am a loser in this cruel world". However someone those me that you are a winner while you are surviving. Then right now, at this moment, I am telling you all read this message ~ "you are a winner, coz you are still survivng in this brutal world".

God bless to you all !
Answered Jul 06, 2010
Get a job in brazil in brazil I tell you
Answered Jul 15, 2010
all I can say is as long as you believe in god, he will come through for you
Answered Jul 18, 2010
No one can Help all people just make others fool.
Answered Jul 22, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Credit Crunch = phailed (failed)
Answered Sep 15, 2010
hello , I am Indian 24 years old ... right now I 've none of that and my house is completely bare of food .. Literally there's nothing to eat at all , i've been looking for job for almost 1& half years now with no luck ... It's very rural town , with very high prices on all foods .and I can't travel anywhere due to not having any transportation money almost finish everything ... I am refugee in Hong Kong .. I feel like ....////// . It's getting harder and harder to survive in daily life without work and support ... I 've no enough financial support from government ...
Answered Oct 22, 2011
helo sir,
i am from india
i am stuing is mba please help me any job
Answered Sep 08, 2012
n I thought I was the only unemployed
Answered Dec 13, 2012
Im depressed too. My job muve out state .now life is bad I was making 21 $ hour . I may kill my self soon I start thinking about it !!!!!!
Answered Mar 16, 2013
me too I need job. grrr
Answered Jul 06, 2013
though I hav a degree from top universities of india still I dont hav a job, I want to kill myself, I am very depressed, wat I must do?
Answered Jul 22, 2013

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