Does the truth only come out when angry enough to admit it?

I believe that whatever is unspoken truth in relastionships comes out only when in a violent and or serious fight with your husband or wife/ girlfriend or boyfriend. Or if one of you is intoxicated. What is everyone's thought on this theory?
Asked Dec 23, 2009
This answer is like two sides of a coin meaning a yes and a no answer however most people could witness unspoken truth about your personality through actions or your habits, beliefs, the way you dress, not including being intoxicated with alchahol, drugs, or anti depressents. You do not have to get into a fight with your husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend in order to tell the truth though it may seem hard at times and often people lie about their personal feelings or are not willing to share them.

For example- Sometimes because people wear something on the outside does not always mean they feel that way on the inside. Think about a wolf in sheep's clothing. To follow another belief or something that you do not believe in makes a person vain but people could think you are following their belief or common appropriate behaviors. As far as boyfriend and girlfriend relationships are, I am usually honest unless it is something that should be kept secret or unspoken. The truth can also be expressed on a person's facial expression.

This is just a brief explination clarifying to you and I that people can tell the unspoken truth without being in a fight or intoxicated during relationships with other people. For more information on relationships though, you may want to ask an expert. I am just a seventeen year old boy.

-Some random Guy-
Answered Dec 27, 2009
i think that when you are angrey with each other you simpley want to hurt each other. Not that its true, But just to say mean things to hurt the other person in the heat of the moment.
Answered Feb 16, 2010

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