Being 14 is it to younge of an age to have pertected sex?

Asked Dec 22, 2009
If you can't spell protected sex, you can't have protected sex.
Answered Dec 22, 2009
What an excellent answer.

As for the real question - there should be no question about having protected sex. There's not an age where you do, and an age when you don't.

The question should be, are you ready to have sex? I can't pass judgement, because everyone is ready at different times, but fourteen is young. Your body might be ready, but not your mind. The fact that you're clueless about basic sexual health is a huge pointer to the fact that you might not be mentally ready for the responsibilities of sex - STDS, pregnancy, relationships.

So basically: Always use protection! Especially when not married, or in a one on one serious, long term relationship at a responsible age. And think over having sex before you go ahead and jump in.
Answered Dec 29, 2009
lol stole my answer
Answered Dec 22, 2009
you should wait
Answered Jan 31, 2010
In some countries (well most countries) It's ilegal to have sex before your the age of 16, 18 OR 21.
Answered Oct 05, 2010
U are to young and u need to wait.
Answered Nov 16, 2013

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