Which country has the code of 97?

I received a call this morning, the number was +97 XXX XXXXXX
Can anyone tell me which country has the international dialing code of 97?
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Asked Dec 22, 2009
Edited Dec 22, 2009
What's the next digit after 97? However, there are 8 countries' dialing code start with 97, here is the list:

+970 : reserved for the Palestinian Authority
+971 : United Arab Emirates
+972 : Israel
+973 : Bahrain
+974 : Qatar
+975 : Bhutan
+976 : Mongolia
+977 : Nepal
Answered Dec 22, 2009
I got a message by +971553475031 this morning.....Is it a way hacking someone's cell through messages????......please help i'm worried
Answered Aug 22, 2013
don't be panic about that, this kinda of msg and miss call I m getting frequently, and if you want to know this is from where and who is this stranger, just install a True Caller application in your smart phone.

Answered Aug 29, 2013
Edited Aug 29, 2013
how do we install this true call application pleae ?
Answered Nov 03, 2013
Evn im getting frequent calls n blank msgs frm utd arab emirates I hv added it to my reject list though... but wat does it mean anyway???
Answered Dec 21, 2013
I am a Norwegian, and I had to establish a cellfone-acount in GranCanaria. I waitet for a spesial Call , the phonecompany should install some WI_FI systems. But they did not do this due to the agreement, and I went home to Norway for Christmas. This cellphone rang several times, and i, beeing a fool, rang back for chekking the Call. I got a woman from Norway, sitting in Jerusalem, and very eeger to talk to mee. I had 15 Eur on my account, and waitet for 1 singel Call. Suddenly I had an emty account . Never Call back, the Money on Your account is beeing stolen!! Is someone in the system selling the numbers??
Answered Jan 03, 2014
It Is Scammers Calling You. Add Them To Blacklist.

Read This Article:-

Answered Feb 07, 2014

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