When your bone marrow is gone and you have no white blood cells and the red is very low what happens

we have a friend where all her white blood cells are gone and there is very little red cells. they tell us her bone marrow is gone what will happen next
Asked Dec 21, 2009

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She will eventually die because of no white blood cells to fight against diseases, no bone marrow means no support on the body, and if she is low on blood that means her heart or something is not working right. People will not know directly what happens next. I am sorry the person is in critical condition and may pass away soon.

-Some random Guy-
Answered Dec 28, 2009
Check for Sarcodosis and see if it is in the bone marrow. If so steriods can cure this. I have the same thing going on in my marrow and I found out today that it can be cured with steriods if the marrow is attacked by the over sized limp nodes. Consult a cancer doctor! Get a bone marow biopsy! Hope this helped, William Baker - 12-29-2010
Answered Dec 29, 2010
Bone marrow is a malleable textile that is originate within chief bones, such as the hipbone. The stalk cells controlled in the bone marrow are the structure chunks of the blood.
Be familiar with the dissimilarity among donating PBSC & contribute bone marrow: There are two major kinds of bone marrow contribution.

Answered Sep 23, 2015

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