How can i contact EDD in california?

I have tried for ten consecutive days. i have called every number, and sent emails. I want to know if my claim was denied or accepted? how can i contact these people at unemployment?
Asked Dec 21, 2009
call these numbers you will be able to talk to a human being for once
Answered Feb 01, 2010
Awesome! They transferred me to three different departments and eventually I got through, and my issues have been resolved. Thank you, how did you get those numbers?
Thank you for the info I got through in no time my issue was resolved.
maciasf Aug 16, 2012
Thank you so much for those numbers. What a HUGE help!
Thank you...... after 2 hours of going no where. These numbers where a GREAT help.

yolanda Sep 06, 2012
Wow!!! Got through the first time!!! Thanks
Answered Feb 03, 2011
it is very frustrating to call this department, I would suggest take your calming medicine or your blood pressure medicine if you have, before you attempt the call. this is my third day to try to call ,still no success...
Answered Apr 01, 2011
How do I get ahold of the fraud department and actually talk to someone? I'm getting tired of the autmated message and then being hung up on.
Answered Aug 29, 2011
The best advice so far! Got through the first Time! THANK YOU!
Answered Jun 25, 2012
Those numbers work!! Thanks :)
Answered Dec 05, 2012
got through, issue resolved in 5 minutes, thank you
Answered Feb 01, 2013
Thank you! I finally could talk to human!!!!! Thank you so much! that number should everyone know!
Answered Feb 21, 2013
You cant emagine how thankfull I am to find this are the blessing for me today.took away all my worries.Thanks
Answered Jan 08, 2014
Is easier to breaking in cia nertwork than try with to get in contact edd just keep pressing 0 make sure if you are in cell phone is fully charge or plugin .All the people that answer the phone at edd office is 8 hours worth of lunch break starbucks anybody
Answered Mar 21, 2014
The first number is still legit. I just used it this morning and someone answered on the first ring. Couldn't help me directly but gave me the proper info.
Answered Dec 17, 2015

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