Why does a cat flip over the food and water bowls?

my cat is always flipping over her food and water bowls any reason why?
Asked Dec 19, 2009
gosh I know how annoying that is. As soon as you fill it up, they knock it over and spill it and after many times you get the feeling they're doing it deliberately to mess with your mind!
Get a heavy square bowl, one that is very hard to knock over. if it is on tiles, you can also use glue-tak under the bowl to stop it moving.
Good luck.. and yes they do get enjoyment out of spilling the water and seeing you frustrated, they have nothing better to do lol

Just wait til it gets older and fussier and sticks its nose in the air at every meal you offer it!
Answered Dec 26, 2009
I've never seen a cat do that. Get a heavier bowl.
Answered Feb 07, 2010
Cause its a cat not a dog, they live to give you hell.
Answered Feb 15, 2010
Edited Feb 15, 2010
If you have another cat or dog in your household it is hiding its food, basic case of survival. My cat use to do that until I realised that my dog was trying to get to her food. I switched rooms for my cat and but up a barrier for my dog so he couldn't get in and believe it or not my cat stopped. All along I thought my cat hated me but what she was doing was hiding her food for later. Survial of the fittest.
Answered Mar 07, 2010
I have two cats and they don't flip over there food bowl but they sure do flip over the water bowl. In fact any thing with water in it, vase with flowers in it a water glass it doesn't seem to matter. I think they are just facinated with water.
Answered Mar 08, 2010

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