Is there anyway someone could fix my grandmothers house

i am only 18 years old but my grandma's house is really bad her floors are falling in and her bathroom is really bad she doesnt have the money to fix it and she is really sick, she had a heart attack and she is on oxygen, plus she has a tumor in her head and she just can't do anything to help herself. i cant find a reliable job where i live. my grandmother lives in vinton county ohio it is hamden is the city. so is there anyway she could get help with her house with no or little money to invest in it. someone please help she needs it.
Asked Dec 17, 2009
Edited Dec 19, 2009
It would help if you, say, I don't know... TELL US WHERE YOUR GRANDMOTHER LIVES! I mean come on, do you expect someone from America to go to Thailand or something? Jeez.
we live in hamden ohio thats in vinton county.
Well that's too far for me, but now if someone visits this post that lives in Ohio you actually stand a chance of getting their help. Good luck.
Agreed, but Michael, instead of putting your location info here, you'd better edit your question and add it your to question. Just a suggestion.
Ryan Dec 18, 2009
thank you i will do that next time

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Do you have any relatives? You can ask them for help.

BTW, please do not post duplicate questions, you have posted a similar one a couple of hours ago.
Answered Dec 17, 2009
Call some one likes friends or something. Or hire someone( didnt read that so idk if anything with money)
Answered Dec 29, 2009
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Answered Dec 07, 2015

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