is it for real??

Asked Dec 17, 2009
Edited Dec 17, 2009
well I won on it. hahahahahahahahahaha .
mac boook
eggy Sep 19, 2010
did u actually win it
Ella2 May 08, 2011
how does it work ???? xx
becky1 Jul 31, 2011
Won an iPhone 30th July 2011 still not recieved it.

Sent email and automated email reply told me they would reply in 48 hours, yeah right!!!

Phoned and was on hold on for 43 minutes as No. 1 on the queue and then went into an engaged tone.

Emailed again and still nothing. I will be reporting to authorities as well as watchdog and any other official party.

Greed got better of me don't let it get the better of you.

If you see people refuting me saying they got in contact customer services, don't believe them, simply ring Customer Services and see if they answer. Btw, suprise surprise you will get charged for phone call.
kazza Sep 09, 2011

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mad bid is it for real wot do you think i dont think so,i mean ipod 32gb for instance bid tome of 45 seconds i guarentee that clock doesnt go below 5 seconds before another fake bidder bids and then before you know it its sitting at its rrp and you have been ripped
Answered Dec 27, 2009
if someone gets outbid the timer restarts
It's a MASSIVE scam. The company gets you to start bidding on things, the only difference to things like ebay is that they keep your money whether you win or not, but then in the very last second, an auto-bid from the company itself is placed, so they not only keep the item, but they keep your money too.
Answered Dec 27, 2009
As to Oni_Kami's comment to mad bid being a scam , CAN HE/SHE PROVE WHAT HE JUST SAID ? yours
theduke_12 .
Has anyone else noticed that MADBID's auctions seem to start at hourly intervals, but at no time do they have a period when all autions have been won and there is nothing to bid on, it usually has six auctions, "live" at all times and a good percentage of those is only auctioning BIDS to be used on their site, so there basically selling nothing as you could bid on bids and still lose, what a scam!
watching tonight 6/2/09
Last Bidders:
6:52pm – millny
6:51pm – myattkov
6:51pm – millny
6:49pm – keithymyatt
6:49pm – millny

Anything strange about MYATTKOV and KEITHYMYATT.
Two very similar named bidders bidding on the same item, or is MYATT a more common name then i think!
Answered Dec 27, 2009
Hi figment, could you please add the source url at the bottom of your answers?
Like this one, the source is
Ryan Dec 27, 2009
ohh yea... sorry...
figment Dec 27, 2009
thanks for all the posts helped me save a lot of money I was going to sign up . PHEW !!
haha, ok heres somthing to settle your minds.. 500 bigs cost £394.50.. I ford fiesta just cold for £691.50.. do the math.. thats 69150 bids for a car.. times that by £1.50 per bid, and walla!! You have a car worth £14,000 sold for £103,750.oo!! thats right, One hundered and three thousand, seven hundred and fifty quid!! haha.. still seem like a bargain :) why shold bidding cost you anything?
Use e-bay and save yourself ALOT of money
Answered Jan 18, 2010
That's all fine and dandy, but the fact is, with, no one ever actually wins what's on it. Only the staff wins the auctions, and all the testimonials are fake. Yes, auctions are great, eBay works wonderfully, but is a scam, which is what this question is all about.
Madbid is more like a raffle or a lottery than an auction. I don't know if they systematically restart the bidding or allocate different winners after a genuine punter has won - this would be fraud of course. As it is the site should be closed down or forced to change their advertising. How many (genuine) auctions have you attended where there is fee charged on every bid. It's actually much worse than a raffle because every time someone bids after you your raffle ticket is thrown away. As suggested above you will be much better off using legitimate auction sites like eBay - if you have some left over funds for gambling take a punt on the lottery - at least part of your losings will go to charity
Answered Mar 20, 2010
it all crap man I bided 3000 times and did not win anything and cost me alot of money real money!
Answered Jul 15, 2010
eBay is the awnser thats the place I get all my things ita great, :)
Answered Sep 19, 2010
Edited Sep 19, 2010
yeh, id go with that one to, who knoqw's what madbids up to!:D.
Ella2 May 08, 2011
I won on madbid a 8gb memory stick, however I paid for my item 4 weeks ago and still not recieved it. I can no longer accsess my MYMADBID on the site but I can on my other account and on my partners account!
Seems like one big fat scam to me!
Answered Nov 05, 2010
how much were it?
Ella2 May 08, 2011
you should ring them and claim it back. its your right =)
no its a fake, I went on live auctions and the time never goes lower than 3 seconds. Also think about this, I saw an auction for £1000 of cash and the highest bid was £4, very unreal!
Answered Dec 21, 2010
watch out for mebuyin and moil they both out bidded me then when I stopped bidding they both stopped

then it all stops and I find on my bank statement
madbid xbox 360 ************ |59.99
How the hell can these poeple advertize on TV its discusting why arnt traiding standards doing anything.
Answered Jan 10, 2011
Now I am sick of bully bidders winning all the Auctions. After months of research, study and bidding, I have come to the conclusion that there is no chance for newbie’s to win the big gadgets which they joined Madbid for. For weeks I saw same people bidding for a car from 9:00am to 2:30am every single day. As the bid timer is only 20 sec, this means they don’t and can’t get off their pc’s for weeks non stop, unbelievable. Furthermore no point even trying to bid on anything like that or any other amazing gadgets.

I think there should be a limit set for bidding or winning in a month and give others a chance of winning. The more members to the site the more the costs will go up and the less chance for beginners. My advice is only join if you have plenty of money to throw away and got plenty of time to stay on your pc. For most like me who don’t have both of these, its basically impossible to win and you will just waste all your bids and most importantly you‘re money. To avoid the “bidding war” people have started bidding another way known as "snipe" or "sniping".

After loosing money myself I thought I’ll have to somehow make it all back and come up with a system that makes everything easy, which wastes no bids(money) and time. So finally after weeks I have come up with a tool that will bid for you without you being there, similar to eBay Auction Sniper but this one specially for Madbid. Not only that, it will also only bid when the timer has reached below 1 second but before it reaches 0, dramatically increasing your chance of winning. So basically you will loose no unnecessary bids and will only bid when someone is about to win an item. Go ahead watch others compete against each other for hours whiles wasting bids after bids and as soon as one of them is about to win you’re bid becomes active. 100% guarantee you will save on bids and most defiantly raise you’re chances of winning, not only that you don’t even have to be next to your pc for hours.

I wont be reading any replies on here so if you want further advice and want information on how to set it up please email me at As I am receiving plenty of emails at the moment I mite take time to reply but don’t worry I will reply to all. Please no time wasters.

Answered Jan 30, 2011
i think this is a complete con. I registered and bought some bids. Bidded at the last 1 sec on a few items I watched like a hawk. It then says checking and amazing another bidder pops up. How the hell can someone bid closer to 1 sec unless the company itself have set up a program to bid against you. I dont believe that anyone can win on this. Wot do other users think? I for one will not be trying to bid again. Once bitten twice shy.
Answered Mar 20, 2011
If it too good to be true it probably is and this is a massive con job
Answered Apr 03, 2011
Thats true
deeneo Jul 31, 2011
DO NO GO ON MADBID, you will be charged anyway even if you loose. This means the more you bid the more money your will loose at the end of each bid, hence why bids here last for hours on end. The moment you stop bidding, or all the people stop bidding does the auction end because their auto-Bidding systems can detect that no person is bidding on the items any-more - a scam computer program is the winner using fake names. For example, if you bid £10 during the bid war, your will loose money anyway since you did not win the bid. The madbid credits you bought for (£9.99) will also be gone hence more money you lost as this is compulsory to buy to allow you to bid.......

How does madbid make their money then, simple, If 10000 people bid on madbid to the amount of £2 thats £20000 a madbid can afford to give away 5 ipods (costing £1000) for the price of only £2 since they made £20000 - £1000 = £19000 profit. As you can see all those who lost on the bids their money is still kept by madbid....(except for the 5 people, specially selected by madbid, will win the 5 ipods and tell the world about it thus attracting more dump people to bid away their money for thin air.)

ON MADBID, because of our own greed for cheap gadgety things, we easy get CONNED. SERIOUSLY, who would sell you their IPHONE 4 for less than£5....SERIOUSLY MATE, THINK ABOUT IT WHO WILL ACTUALLY DO THAT, WILL YOU?.

Answered Apr 10, 2011
looking at what everyone just said about madbid I think and I agree with what you lot are all saying I was thinking of going on madbid but thanks to all you lots help I didnt thanks alot and if you have lost any money on madbid I thnk you should coplain , get your money back and try to close the company and I belive if we all work together this can happen hence making the internet more safer or us to use kind regards: Ameena khan
Answered Apr 13, 2011
is there a way how you can report them and have madbid shut down???
Answered Apr 19, 2011
only through the chanels ie whatch dog , fair trade but the best way is by newspapers ask them to bid like mad at the last moment to see if they win would be a good investigation for newspapers if they find out the scam
Answered Apr 30, 2011
i just clicked on madbid,and on my laptop it bought up madbid is it a scam as I clicked on that b4 the actual site.i am looking 4 a flat sceen but I did fink madbid was 2 good 2 b true,i mean 150 for every bid bloody ell! watchdog r good and papers but reading ur comments was better.thanks all of you.debbie derby xxx.
Answered Jun 01, 2011
It's not a scam, it doesn't need to be. The chances of you winning are as slim as winning the lottery. Is the lottery a scam? No.

You could spend hundreds bidding and still not win your iPhone, or MINI. Just like you could buy £1000 worth of lottery tickets and win nothing.

Just because they make millions and very few people win, doesn't mean it's a scam.

Simply stay away, you won't win.
Answered Jun 04, 2011
Of course it's a scam, you're being bid against by the company itself for high cost items so you never win and end up spending a lot of money. If it was genuine and you were just bidding against other normal people then of course its not a scam but it not. look at the names of the people that won most of the costly items. They are clearly computer generated and set to auto-bid so you never win. If that's not a scam then I don't know what is.
Foxy123 Jun 24, 2011
its not a scam its just gambaling, its a game. ive won a usb paid £2.00 happy with that. I won £10 for 99p (so I won £9.01) and just won £25 & 100 free bids for £1.50 in total ive spent £19.99 on mad bids and won but ive won £34.50 so im up £4. 49 and ive had fun :-) its hard to win tho ive done alot of research and used tatics win just a little lol
Answered Jun 17, 2011
how did you win £10 for 99p?? that is plain lies bids are not less than 10p for a penny the auction would have been 2* or 3* so each bid would have cost you at least 20p. 99p price would have mean there was 99 bids @ just say the min 20p per bid which would have been £19.80 in bid so to say you won £9.01 is pure fabrication in my eyes. Do you work for them???
paulo Sep 11, 2011
I was about to sign up to but after reading this I definately wont be. I also cant believe they are getting away with advertising a scam on tele. I guess when you see an advertisement you expect it to be some what credible. I'm glad I decided to do research before even signing up, with a money hungry company as this, you definately dont want to be giving out any personal info. Thanks everyone for sharing, it will be appreciated by many who 'were' going to sign up.

Answered Jul 07, 2011
Scam company uses bots and computer programmes also lots of inside bidders just watch and don't ever bid or sign up!!!
Answered Jul 08, 2011
I think madbid is a scam they let you win something when you first join to suck you in after that no chance. several times i've bid with one second to go and the auction has closed,if they don't want you to win you won't
i won a iphone 4 and you woudnt believe what I recieved .. a iphone case...
Answered Jul 31, 2011
Was "Mad" enough to buy credits for £10.00 and "won" by paying £12.50 for a £5.00 value Memory stick I am still awaiting receipt for some time now They have the right name for sure only thing they left the 2 out between the Mad - bid.
Feel like throwing your hard earned cash into the water? Then go for it mate!
Answered Oct 14, 2011
brilliant site , so far i've won a tefal actifry for 4p paid £8 p&p , they are £129 in the high street stores , and I also won 12 months free dining at restruants around my area , won that for 2p no p/p on that , both arrived in said time and both are being used regular . good site if you know what you want and set a limit on things you bid on . rating for site ease , layout and usage 8/10
Answered Oct 23, 2011
i was going to join then I decided to check out what other users thought of it...phewwww, im so glad I didnt join now!! I knew it was to good to be true!!!
Answered Oct 23, 2011
MADBID is genuine !!!! but... for the MAD ones out there as the prices are too mouth watering, it's fully understandable that keeping control to your emotions is difficult.

As this page already explains how MADBID works... the decision is yours.

No one has a gun to your head !!!
Answered Jan 10, 2012
My friend made a video on how madbid scams you! Check it out before you go and join!!

Answered Feb 01, 2012
Madbid is a scam, but not because of shill bids or insiders trading. It's a lottery/raffle. touting itself as an auction site. These penny bid 'auction' sites are well known as some of the biggest scams around, touting their huge (actual) savings to the 'winning bidder' but failing to acknowledge the hundreds of other losers that have paid potentially thousand to bid on (and lose) the same item. on Madbid, credits cost as low as 10p and up to 80p, however only 1p of that goes towards the bid price of the auction (which is then recovered from the winning bidder) the rest covers the cost of the goods and profit, often a huge margin.

eg. a current raffle for a canon camera (rrp £1000). you can bid for 6 credits, that's 60p a bid (if you've purchased few thousand credits in advance). The current price of £110.07 seems amazing given the products retail value, however the current true cost to consumers is over £6000! That's how much has been spent bidding on this one item. It may eventually be won by a lucky buyer who just started, or an addict that spent £500 in credits to obtain it.

The fact is, it's misleading in the extreme. The only winners here are madbid's managers and directors, raking in a fortune in profits at the expense of unwitting gamblers.

IMO madbid should be licensed to operate, either as a lottery or gambling site. IT IS NOT a true auction site by any stretch of the imagination. Avoid it like the plague.

Answered Feb 17, 2012
I've won a Gourmet Club restaurant voucher worth £60 for £15 (including the bid package I bought and p&p). However this is about the only thing of value you can get on MadBid because few people actually bid for this item.

There are three things that have made me want to quit for ever and warn everyone else never to use MadBid. 1) I asked them to delete my account a while back because I was low on money and couldn't afford to play on it. They didn't. I've asked again. 2) They wouldn't let me delete my address from my account information. In fact I'm wondering if it's this that's behind a spam letter I received in the post yesterday (some guy in China saying someone's left a fortune for me, can I split it with him and send my bank details yadda yadda. S-C-A-M). 3) Now they're asking for copies of driving licenses and passports for I.D. proof. NO WAY IN HELL AM I UPLOADING THAT KIND OF STUFF. Oh, and if you refuse, you are contractually obliged to tell them that you refuse, and then they have the right to suspend, remove, or do anything else they want to your account.

I'm actually afraid for my information security now. MADBID IS DANGEROUS. STAY AWAAAAY.
Answered Mar 28, 2012

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