Does skinny girls give sex better then fat girls?

who gives better sex a fat girl or a skinny girl?
Asked Dec 16, 2009
I give the best sex! lol...
will you give me sex
fuck Feb 09, 2011
sex nt big thing .....main thing is satisfaction....
sarunod Oct 29, 2011

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Neither. It's not size that depends on how good they are at sex, it's if they know what they're doing, and if they're experienced at all. Also, some people are just naturally good at it, and some are naturally bad (it's quite sad really). Something that will play a factor though is fetishism. If you have a fat girl fetish, you will prefer having sex with fat girls. Or vice versa.
Answered Dec 16, 2009
will maybe both can do good but the fat one a little bit bad
Answered Dec 17, 2009
This is truly the worst answer to any question I've ever seen.
I agree with Oni_Kami
Me too. This answer is legendary in its awfulness. Somewhere, your name is being chalked up in a hall of fame.
I am laughing hysterically right now.
that was terrible
same as koolchik
not having experienced every women in the world although I've had more than average-I'd say most fat girls try harder. This doesn't mean they are better. The best you'll have is when you are both comfortable with yourselves and each other.
Answered Dec 18, 2009
fat chicks are kinky as. skinny girls just lie there. girls in between that are skinny with just a little meat, their just right. hahahah. thats my theory but really it all depends on the person! some ppl like sex, some ppl dont. some ppl are good at sex, some ppl arnt!
Answered Feb 04, 2010
This isn't true with everyone, this is very inaccurate information. Not all fat women are kinky, not all skinny women just lay there, and not all medium sized women are good at it either.
i really agree with that one, some people are good at it, some people definately cant perform at all.
tase Feb 21, 2010
Skinny girls do just kind of lay there. They lay there and moan. fat girls can be really kinky. But skinny girls can make cum just by laying there. Whereas, fat girls have to try harder.
steveo Jul 29, 2010
i like dat statment cause im a in between gurl n des dudes b gone wild

of course I think a skinny girl can give sex than a fat girl, a skinny girl is eaier to mange and I think a sexy slim girl is more sexually attractive than a big fat girls but then again it all depends on what people like in there bedroom.
Answered Feb 21, 2010
skinny girls are better im skinny/ petite and I being only with one guy for three years and he thinks I rock and that I have a banging g=hot body fat girls are just full of grease yuck lmao:)
Answered Apr 22, 2010
Well that's a pretty bad attitude to have... "I'm hot, and I'm skinny, so fat girls are gross." That's just stupid. Everyone is different and unique. People of all different shapes and sizes are attractive in different ways. I'm not saying EVERYONE'S attractive, but just because a girl's not skinny doesn't make her not attractive.
That really is the worst answer ever! Its mean! You should not say that! Plus, noone is interested what your bf thinks about you anyway!
How the heck do you know TWIG?...Go say that to a fat girls face and get snapped into lol...Fat girls know how to love , they know how to laugh and they know how to put a man's penis between her huge luscous breasts untill he gets OFF...Bet you can't do that can you little twig?...Sooo now how does it feel to be belittled?
Your fat
ulu Mar 07, 2011
i agree with oni kami
The fat girl probably has a far better sense of humour and no it is not true that they are no good in bed. My son always said that he liked something to grab hold of in bed, especially on a cold winters night.x
Answered May 01, 2010
your son? wtf
lolz Jun 22, 2010
LOL lolz !
wtf man ur son?
to be honest,men love a extra meat to grab on and bounce on during just feels right and makes him drive harder and longer.instead of grabing and bouncing on just bones.ouch!
Answered May 23, 2010
right! that stopped me from being annorexic. my friend told me that no one wants to thrust against a bony pelvis lmfao
i personally love my fat,well I dont like to say fat but makes it hot.i enjoy making love to my girlfriend we both enjoy eachother an we comfortable together during tinny an that makes it even more exciting.
Answered Jun 24, 2010
my boyfriends ex was a size double zero and im a size 12. so its a pretty big difference. When we met he wasnt much into sex, or oral sex because I guess she was just so bad... so bad he told me not to even bother with oral? which is the weridrest thing ive ever heard of. So I dont think being skinny means your automatically good, because this girl must have sucked.
But I agree, its all about the enthusiasm and the effort you put forth e to want to please your partner. regardless of size
I have had sex with a bigger man though... and I will say that his stomach got in the way in a few postitions.. so that might make a difference
Answered Jul 07, 2010
Edited Jul 07, 2010
My husband, (his dad told him) says that having sex with a skinny girl is like f**king a steering wheel! lol. ALL men want something to hold on to in bed. Bones banging into bones...... OUCH!
Answered Oct 23, 2010
who the fuck cares.
some guys think skinny girls are fucking model material. and would fuck the shit out of them.
ssome think fat girls are amazing and love having their hands sink into something.

who gives a damn.
u insecure assholes
Answered Jan 11, 2011
the best answer was the last one
You need to have personal experience to answer that question. At least 5 skinny girls and 5 fat girls .. LOL. Make personal research and try to answer. If you just know about 2 or 3 girls, you will not get the best answer. Anyway, for me I like the one who will really love me, happy with me will be the one I can get better sex with.
Because different girls can give different feeling. May be many people don't like so much on fat girls ( I mean overweight ) but you will happy and feel good to have sex with her if only you really love with her.
Answered Jan 27, 2011
ok pop quiz hotshot, you got 2 girls walking around all day in the hot sun one fat, one skinny both attractive, which one would you like to have sex with at the end of the day.
Answered Feb 01, 2011
Edited Feb 01, 2011
The fat one of course!
skinny !! mmm she can gimme all that good stink! ahahahahaa lmao!!
i dont think it matter I am very small and I plesase my man.. I love him and he loves me for who I am , loving someone makes a worldly difference too bcuz yhu care for that person and all yhu want to do is show him and having sex is just one of them ways of showing..
now that comes from a size three
Answered Feb 08, 2011
to fuck me
Answered Feb 09, 2011
fat chicks are better because they are not used to having a guy wanting to do them, so they go hard core and do everything, a skinny chick yeah dont get me wrong its nice but they mostly lay there and want you to do all the work. so my answer it fat chicks!!
Answered Feb 11, 2011
doesn't matter
Answered Apr 05, 2011
Guys guys is very simple. If a girl is fat then she must be good in sex or else she looses the deal.
but for a skinny girl even she is bad in sex her nature will hide her because the guy will steal the show and have a great time by turning and twisting her in different positions that will make him have the best of her eventually training the girl how to do it right. QED
Answered Sep 25, 2011
best answer yet
I like the curves of real women.
I've seen better arses on some men than of skinny women.

Meaty girls get a bad rep, because all skinny women need to talk about how good they are and how their man loves banging their bones.

Not many bigger girls need to talk about it because they are just doing it.

Kudos to big women, I love em.
Answered Nov 22, 2011
I've had skinny ex's and chubby ex's. My current girlfriend is chubby.

Why should the size of a girl matter? The same as why should the colour or ethnicity matter? Skinny women wasn't programmed with a better sex drive, neither were chubby and fat women.

It's ridiculous the way the world thinks about women. It's the media, the beauty products, and discriminating heartless individuals that make people assume fat and chubby girls are worthless.

I have great sex with my chubby partner. The same as I've had great sex with my skinny ex. It makes no difference what size they are. My girlfriend is chubby and beautiful. I love her because of who she is regardless of what dress size she is.

The world is a messed up place if when kids are brought up to believe there is a difference between skinny girls and fat girls.
Answered Dec 12, 2011
im probably like Adele's size (the singer) and ive always been insecure about my body and every single guy ive been with didnt understand why because they were into my heavy curves and stuff and for me sex is about participation so, u can still be skinny but if u dont do shit the sex isnt going to be great...basically it all depends on what your partner likes if a guy just isnt attracted then he just isnt and I doubt he will be sleeping with you just cause "you might" be better
Answered Dec 18, 2011
It all depends on what the guy likes most.
Answered Dec 25, 2011
I give the best sex! lol...
Answered Apr 07, 2012
oh u do
jkight Apr 15, 2012
skinny girls are hot and sweet with tight vagina and moderately waterly as to chubby chicks who are waterly even before they are satisfied to realise the vaginal fluids after enjoying sex.
Answered Apr 14, 2012
the first time I had sex it was with a skinny girl the sex sucked she just laid there in missionary position she came like fucking twenty times and I didnt even cum much less was able to keep a hard on her blow job sucked too then my second girlfriend she was chubby I loved the hell out of her she was much more active during sex and was well.... pretty kinky she liked it when I handcuffed her to the bed and called her a bitch, whore/slut etc while I fucked her I guess it really depends on preferences if you want dull sex go with a skinny bitch and if you want to have some fun get with a pretty and CLEAN chubby girl unless you.... you know like a dirty pussy lol (;
Answered Apr 26, 2012
Big women are better for several reasons...I can tell I why any man I have ever been with count get enough of me. They love that I am so pretty, hair always done and dressed to kill. Every one of em love to grab hold of my big botty as they enter paradise. Let me tell you I hear my man moan about how tight, wet and warm I am. I'm every real mans dream and I'm never easy...I can give you a list of jokers who want this!
Answered Apr 29, 2012
the most importing thing is love never mind your wife is fat or skinny.

Answered Jun 01, 2012
bin wiv lots of fat girls nd skinny girls and ild say Fat girls are way better, they re tigther,warmer nd softer on d inside.Fat girls re way better at oral sex, Fat girls can get really,really wet,nd re usually very xpressive on bed which 2me makes sex mre enjoyable!!! I'm african nd we love our women thick,
Answered Jun 01, 2012
Well, i've only ever had sex with one girl. She was overweight, definitely not excessively fat. First glance of seeing her naked, i've seen slimmer girls with more attractive bodies but that's irrelevant at the moment. Her skin colour was very beautiful though. After getting more comfortable with her and not being nervous, the sex was amazing. She got wet very easy and her body felt really good and her vagina was tight and I can't remember one session I didn't enjoy. When I am sitting on a chair and she came on top of me and started to do her action, then is when you really appreciate the great effect of a bit of weight.

With slimmer girls though, you'd have a bit better access with her bending over, especially if you're a guy in my case with an average (6") dick. Nonetheless, there is a slim girl who I am good friends with, am really attracted to her and really would like someday to have a taste of her in the bedroom. Her body rocks! There are times were she leans on me, as we're quite close friends, and her body feels amazing, much better than the girl I mentioned above who i've had sex with.

In conclusion, there's advantages and disadvantages. Once you love the girl and cherish her, it wouldn't matter if she's fat, slim, average etc. The girl above, she hardly did anywork, and we had sessions of intercourse lasting 45 mins where it was excellent for both of us. She don't mind not doing anywork, and neither do I. But damn, I gotta say, its a good thing I played sports, it requires great deal of stamina to go for 45 of intercourse with only breaks being to change positions. Ofcourse, that's with a condom, without condom maybe 25 mins before cuming. With a condom, I did manage 1 hour+, but before the hour, I started to get soft due to fatigue setting in. I stopped for a half hour then continued from there, so that's why I said its important to have stamina. Once you don't cum as yet, and you're getting fatigue and a condom on, I start to get soft. Has happened a few times to me, but that's after going for about 45+ mins.
Answered Jun 05, 2012

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