Why do I hate women?

for as long as i could remember i f**king hate women yet i am extremley attracted to them wtf??? i never had a good relationship with my mother or sister could this have anything to do with it? how do i change this is killing my sex life. girls pick up on this hostility instantly!
Asked Dec 16, 2009
maybe u gay
laneka May 08, 2010
It is a shame that you feel that way but the answer is quite simple. The issues you have with women have everything to do with the relationship you have with your mother and your sister. I have a terrible relationship with my father. My husband and I dated for six years before I could finally trust that he wouldn't hurt me the way my dad did. The best advice I can give you is to remember that the women you meet are not your mother or your sister. You will get hurt again but unless you are willing to take a risk, you will never be happy in any relationship.
I have a fine relationship with my mom and yet I still hate women. The women at work are ok too. It's the whole dating nonsense that is retarded. Why all the seeking of cocaine? Why all the admiration of those involved with cameras and such - actors and whatever? Why the expectation that I have to be a comedian on every date that I go on?
GL Sep 14, 2010
So your hatred of women is ruining your chances of having sex with them.
Wow, that's just bad luck that women can actually pick up on your hostility. Who would have thought they had brains too?
I know how you feel my friend except i'm really close with my mom, aunts, and cousins. I don't trust women in any relationship setting which gives me a lowest expectations attitude towards them as a whole.

The trick is taking that distrust and channeling it towards treating them like crap. Yes women like to be treated like crap. They think it means confidence (seriously and they expect me not to trust them doing crap like that).

Why feel bad when you can make some random girl at a party think they're crap? If they laugh in your face, call them a stupid *itch right back and move on. In the end you're the one who has to live with himself. Good luck bro
Wow. People that think the same as me. Live in the UK, have an ex from hell, Have a minimum wage system (which can be read as 'unlivable wage'). " Daughters mean I have to have 20% cut from that. They are desperate to come and live with me. Uk system makes that an impossibilty. Trust me you americans have got it easy, we in the uk are unbelievably screwed. Yes women are pretty much in charge, the legal system is skewed to their permanent advantage, the social wealthfare system positively advocates their social network lifestyle choices and as a 'male' you have to suffer. Look at our social systems, all prioritised to women.I like women, just don't like being a 'mud-class' person on account of them having a 'feminine nobility' status.
Answered May 28, 2014
Well most women nowadays are Gay And Bi which certainly explains it.
Answered Oct 25, 2014
It's all crap. The person who is giving the answers is a lady and obviously she is supporting her gender. I respect my mom and every girl is just bullshit. They are on earth just to torture men. Don't love. Don't marry and be happy. If ur greedy to get the happiness of Sex for few minutes..ur gone for life. Don't look at them. Girls think tat they are important in this world. They never care men and sees men like slaves. Boys are as important as girls. What happens to the world if no boy cares a woman. That's the end. The last and not the least is NEVER EVER TRUST WOMAN
Answered Jan 04, 2015
Edited Jan 04, 2015
With so many Gay And Bi women these days, how could I Not?
Answered Mar 08, 2015
hello am luis m Deleon am having the seam problem w women to da not give me the atencen dat I derseve becoss day sed day have a boy feand or day sa dere are marred so I ben single fore 30 yers now am46 I never ben a grilfeand or ben marred so can your tell me pless helpe me ok what am I doing rong ok
Answered Mar 25, 2015
It's normal, even better, to hate women.

But the replies from women on here are, hear this, UTTER BULLSHIT.

NOT ONLY are they trying to turn him around back to them, one, named Bettifree, OPENLY INSULTS them.

Women are the epitome of bullcrap.

And the feminists and feminazis on here- wait, no, women, feminists, and feminazis are pretty much the same word now on this thread.

Their "equality?" Bullshit.

Their rights? Bullshit.

Their reason to live? Bull-freaking-shit.

Feminists are basically some sort of race that has equality bull as a argument. This equality means to burn us to the ground, and it won't happen as long as I live.

To all the women reading this thus far: go die, because I don't want to see your posts about equality bullshit and your rights bullshit.

We can kill feminists.

We are the rebellion.

We are the justice.

We are Anonymous.
Answered Sep 17, 2015
i am a single man that just cant seem to find any females that would even want me its almost as all of them hate me or something and its getting to the point were I look at a girl and then I get a burning anger inside and then my stomach gets upset and then I get were I start feeling like I am unwanted or feel like im a ghost. its not that I dont like women its they dont like me and this has been going on for 18 years and counting.
Answered Dec 08, 2015

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Answered Dec 08, 2017
that mean you kinda hate God because God created women
Answered Jul 15, 2010
God doesn't exist. And you're an idiot for making that analogy.
If you have any factual information to prove either that God does or doesn't exist you could do the world a great favor if you would share that information with us. Otherwise it's opinion and she has as much right to hers as you do to yours.
Rob Aug 28, 2010
God is a fairy tale, and no one cares if he is " hated".
Rigggghhht...So I guess hating deer ticks, hurricanes and malaria means you hate God too, since he created these things, too.

Alexa, that's the stupidest logic ever.
Do you eat your shit because you love yourself?
PPijor Jul 08, 2012

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