Why do I hate women?

for as long as i could remember i f**king hate women yet i am extremley attracted to them wtf??? i never had a good relationship with my mother or sister could this have anything to do with it? how do i change this is killing my sex life. girls pick up on this hostility instantly!
Asked Dec 16, 2009
maybe u gay
laneka May 08, 2010
It is a shame that you feel that way but the answer is quite simple. The issues you have with women have everything to do with the relationship you have with your mother and your sister. I have a terrible relationship with my father. My husband and I dated for six years before I could finally trust that he wouldn't hurt me the way my dad did. The best advice I can give you is to remember that the women you meet are not your mother or your sister. You will get hurt again but unless you are willing to take a risk, you will never be happy in any relationship.
I have a fine relationship with my mom and yet I still hate women. The women at work are ok too. It's the whole dating nonsense that is retarded. Why all the seeking of cocaine? Why all the admiration of those involved with cameras and such - actors and whatever? Why the expectation that I have to be a comedian on every date that I go on?
GL Sep 14, 2010
So your hatred of women is ruining your chances of having sex with them.
Wow, that's just bad luck that women can actually pick up on your hostility. Who would have thought they had brains too?
I know how you feel my friend except i'm really close with my mom, aunts, and cousins. I don't trust women in any relationship setting which gives me a lowest expectations attitude towards them as a whole.

The trick is taking that distrust and channeling it towards treating them like crap. Yes women like to be treated like crap. They think it means confidence (seriously and they expect me not to trust them doing crap like that).

Why feel bad when you can make some random girl at a party think they're crap? If they laugh in your face, call them a stupid *itch right back and move on. In the end you're the one who has to live with himself. Good luck bro
We live in an emotionally difficult world. We're all separated from each other and it's unnatural and it makes us feel lonely and miserable. We ask our romantic relationships to take on more than they really can. It's tough. It stresses them.

On these pages you see the results of that, a lot of hurt feelings.

My therapist told me I hate women, and she's right. I find reasons to resent women I go out with. I think the previous writer is right: it's about acceptance. I don't accept myself.

Another writer wrote that God can help. I am not religious, but I have found help in the various Twelve Step groups that deal with sex and love addiction. That's what this is: my compulsive desire for the closeness and warmth that my mom, who is a wonderful woman, kind of hasn't really been capable of providing, relating probably to her own childhood where her dad died young and that my dad was domineering of her and didn't really get her. So, there's lots of pain to go around.

In Sex Addicts Anonymous, I have found a group of people I can open up to, opportunities to serve others which seems to be a big relief, and, as weird as this sounds from an "atheist", a way to get back to the sense I had of "God" or a unified force of nature in our world that I had as a child. I haven't gotten all the way to the other side but I am hopeful I will. It has made changes in my life in a good way. I still need to do a lot of work accepting women I date.

I wish you good luck in your journey and I can use all the positive wishes you have for me.

Answered Jan 11, 2012
Well, I agree with your therapist; Dizzle said it best: "You might want to forget about women's bodies and just focus more on their personalities instead". Oh, and I'm sorry about your mom's marriage, too. If you want to be able to find a woman, any woman, who will love you, then you might want to at least love, accept and respect yourself first. Anyway, I wish you luck for working on finding women who will love you.
I am not sure when I first started hating women. Tonight while in bed alone with my cat sleeping by my feet, I had a sudden insight into this issue for that reason: I have more and more identified myself as a misogynist, but I didn't realize that perhaps my hate for women developed much earlier, before I even realized it was in my mind, from wicked stepmother to mean public school teacher, being picked on by girls, having a weak mother figure, I began to at least disrespect before I knew what I was doing, thus building an invisible wall to them without even realizing it. What occurred to me is this: its all too easy to hate women and women know it. But if you ever want to have sex, then you have to remove the root of the hate! ;)
Answered Jan 24, 2012
Unfortunately, your hatred for women is well-founded. Women suck!
Answered Feb 07, 2012
Well, you're only saying that because I bet you just want sex! Don't you have anything better to do than hate somebody, let alone, for being women?
I discovered I hate women too, pretty much all women. I studied a lot and discovered I am not willing to change. I am extremely attracted to women too and have had sex with several differen't women. I think this all goes back to my family life and the way my father treated women. He was a pimp , a REAL pimp back in the 1960's 70's 80's now he is passed but I still have a natural hate that I might of got from my family. anytime I have sex I always slap them and pull there hair n treat them like shyt. I try to target the ones with low self asteem so I can easily put them down. the bottom line is I think its cool and I dont give a fuck what stupid sluts think lol I guess im sold on the lifestyle and my advice is just try and let them know out the door u hate them , youll be surprised how many of them will bow down to you
Answered Mar 05, 2012
The women that would bow down to you, as you say, are women with no confidence, agency, and probably have no self esteem and have experienced traumatic things in life, like yourself, and feel they deserve to be treated that way. Those women aren't the women you want to stick around. You need to step your game up if you want a great woman. All women aren't stupid sluts. That dismissive attitude is never going to help you keep a quality woman.
Dizzle Jun 10, 2012
@royhateswomen: I agree with Dizzle; not all women are dumb; in fact, I'm sure that there are plenty of strong, beautiful, smart, independent, successful women out there...AND YOU BEAT UP THE POOR WOMEN?!? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? Are you sick in the head, you sadistic jerkface?! You should be ashamed of yourself! I wish you'd start walking in their female shoes, at least for a month, so at least you'll know how wrong it is to hate women! I bet that you just want sex! Seriously, just forget about their bodies and focus more on their personalities instead if you want women to respect you! Now grow up, get a life, get a job and get a girlfriend!
women suck
Answered Mar 29, 2012
Says the misogynistic reject who probably still lives with his mom
u are so gay lmao
fuckOFF Jul 01, 2012
the problem today is that there are so many LOW LIFE PIECE OF SHIT WOMEN out there now than ever before. rotten attitude problem that they have now, and they are so damn nasty to talk too. why did god create GARBAGE like them in the first place? see, even god makes very bad mistakes.
Answered Apr 02, 2012
There are so many men these days that don't work, quit school, and want to live off of other women or with their mom til theyre 35. They dont want responsibility! They dont want to pay bills! They dont want to help with the kids! They just want a cookie and their dick sucked. So many men think they are the hottest, most appealing, and incredible person when in actuality they are lame and unattractive. Thats GARBAGE.
Dizzle Jun 10, 2012
damn... well my birth mother and father sucked balls... so all ppl can be whack as fuck alike nah mean
Answered Apr 03, 2012
Wow! Look at these posts! The humanity! Maybe it is not about hatred of women, or even about anger. Maybe it is about some guys (like me?) who have not done well at the "game" and found other things to do with their time where
they get treated so much better.
God gave me a great life and I am very grateful for it, as it just happens that women never had any use for me and I believe that I could have been a great husband and father. I walk among you as a good person, well respected and
nice guy, community minded, but in a life that has no women in it. I blame no
one, I just call it life and I consider myself very fortunate. Women were just
never impressed.
Answered May 24, 2012
If you really want a healthy relationship with women, then you might want to forget about their bodies and just focus more on their personalities instead. Oh, and if you really want to find a woman, any woman, who will love you, then you'll need to love, accept and respect yourself first, and when you're at it, just make sure you'll find one who is your equal, not some "dumb whore" that you can sleep with for at least one night
Because women are hateable. Being the physically weaker sex they have evolved to be manipulative, malicious, vile, hypocritical, fear-driven, money-driven, accusational and much more as ways of coping. Now that women have attained power they have formed powerful lobby groups inside Academia and the Legal Field and they are trying to redefine society. They have formed strong alliances with Gay/Lesbian groups and are the chief proponents of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. Their goal is to dethrone the White Heterosexual Jewish/Christian Male from his positions of power in Science, Religion, Finance, Politics, Military. Beware of Leftist groups and movements. Women are almost always behind them. A large percentage of women naturally hate men. They view men as wallets and as a necessary inconvenience for reaching their aim in life which is to raise a child. Yet if a man is brave enough to admit that he hates women they are quick to give him "psychological advice". On the dating scene women are purposely irrational as a means of taking power away from men. A new industry has even emerged out of this - approaching women. The reason why you hate women is likely because you are a perceptive and intelligent guy who clearly sees that women are the scum of society. Women are badly misusing the power that has been given to them and for this reason they should return to traditional roles.
Answered Jun 01, 2012
Women are more successful than ever for one reason:

men feel entitled to everything. As women, we know we are entitled to nothing, so we are graduating college thirty percent more than men now and are making more money because we know we have to work to get what we want. We will never bow down to men again, because we don't have to.
Dizzle Jun 10, 2012
i just hate all the FILTHY LESBIAN LOW LIFE PIGS that are out there because, they are certainly making it VERY DIFFICULT FOR US STRAIGHT GUYS that are looking to meet a good woman today. yes, they are to BLAME. with the ROTTEN ATTITUDE that many women seem to have now, and are so VERY NASTY to talk too, I do believe that many of these GARBAGE WOMEN hate men and are without a doubt LESBIANS AND OR BI TODAY. certainly not our FAULT.
Answered Jun 10, 2012
Just because someone isnt attracted to you doe not make them evil. You sound ignorant. No wonder you cant get a lady.
Dizzle Jun 10, 2012
@ABSOLUTELYWRONG: Well, I have news for you; you, my friend, are the one who really hates women! Not all women are like that! No wonder what a misogynistic, homophobic tool you really are! I bet you just want sex! If you really want to have a healthy relationship with them, then ditch their bodies and just focus more on their personalities instead; if you really want to find a woman; any woman, who will really love you; then you must love, accept and respect yourself first! Oh, and grow up, get a life, get a job and get a girlfriend after learning to respect and love yourself!
! Wow, these posts are wild. I can't believe men hate women so much.
I think the answer to the original question, "Why do I hate women?" is because of built up resentment from rejection and/or traumatic experiences at the hands of women. Some women are really mean and spiteful, but there are great one out there. They are not all a size 2 or incredibly sexy, but they are there. Get to know a woman as a person before looking at her as a sex object.

We have feelings! You'll never have a woman for long if you don't care about her. She will find someone who does. That's what we really, really want. For men to care. And mostly, men just want sex. Some women respond to that- but ones like me, who are sexy, young, educated and successful- we don't have to put up with someone treating us bad. Women born after 1980 usually know that if we have a college degree, we can pretty much live and do as we please, and not be at the whim of a man financially or sexually if we can pay our own bills. Education has given us freedom and agency, and I think men really hate that too.

Women don't see men as "wallets"- men think they do because sometimes cash is their only asset, and they love to flash it around. Most women would rather have a kind, hard working poor guy who is faithful than a sexy guy with tons of money. We can make our own money now. We don't need yours. It's not about money at all.

Many of you men who say you hate women sound like you have a personality disorder, anti social, bi-polar, whatever. To get a girl you have to NOT BE a fucking creep. If you have game, learn your strengths and weaknesses. If you're not funny, be kind. If you're awkward, show off your creative side. If you're not creative, let women in on how smart you are, begin a cool conversation about something that matters.
Also, if you look like a slob, no hot woman will want to fuck you. Hygiene and dressing nice matters. Hire a stylist if you aren't the best dresser. Ask some friends for help. But put your best foot forward! Hot women aren't going to be falling all over you in dirty ass sneakers, wrinkled shirts, and greasy hair. Sorry guys.

HOT women are mostly impressed by a man with a good personality-someone who is fun to be around and who CARES about us. Guys that say "i treat women like shit" may get laid but their women don't come back for more.

If you're not attracting the women you want, you need to look in the mirror and really ask yourself why. Or lower your standards. The love of your life may be as homely as the day is long. That doesn't make you less of a man. If you want a real, loving relationship, look at a woman's personality, not just her body.

It is a good feeling to know you are desired and attractive, but men, heres the thing: it's hard as fuck to be a woman. Especially a successful one. Women do have much less power than men. Its changing for the better, but we are still not on an even playing field. Many men do not even want us to have the oppurtunity. They would rather have us as being subservient. BUT- misogynistic guys aren't equal to women. They can't take the competition. They are self righteous and egotistical. They have no place with a strong, beautiful, successful woman, because they don't know how to treat her and feel like they are less than her.

Alot of it comes down to confidence and being able to accept people for who they are. If you want to find a great woman to love you, accept and understand yourself. Highlight your good features. And look for women that are your equal, not just a dumb girl to sleep with for one night.
Answered Jun 10, 2012
"I can't believe men hate women so much."

Well, you are earning it sweetie.
PPijor Jul 08, 2012
@Kaladarr, Monian, Fuxyoutrick and all the other evil misogynistic haters in here: Why are you full of hate? What have the women done to deserve this? TELL ME THAT!!! You must've really had anger issues...and I'm sorry to say that I'm sure that you evil haters must've come from an ignorant family who never ever bothered to teach you any manners growing up! Not all women are "selfish, stuck-up, conceited bitches"; I'm sure there might be plenty of nice women out there! Shame on you for perpetuating female stereotypes! Women are humans too; they have feelings too; they are equal citizens who deserve the same equal rights as everyone else; they can do pretty much anything men can do and then some! Oh, and I'm a woman too, and all of your evil comments really hurt me too! Oh, and I bet that you probably watch too much Fox News and (I guess) belong to either Ku Klux Klan, or Tea Party, or even Westboro Baptist Cult (or some other Taliban-like cult)...AND YOU IMPLIED THAT YOU WANT TO RAPE WOMEN AND KILL THE GAYS AND MINORITIES?!? SERIOUSLY, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Well, what if, one day, you would become women...and I would be a man and rape you, beat you up, force you to give birth to unwanted babies, then just force you to stay in the kitchen, call you misogynistic names (and racist, homophobic ones, too), wish death and rape upon you, and even scream "I HATE YOU" to your faces every single day? Well, how would you like that?! I'm sure you wouldn't want that! Oh, and don't ever say words like "dyke, faggot, queer, etc." either, you homophobic teahadists, because those words are really offensive to gays, lesbians and even bisexuals (gays are people too, and so are minorities)! Oh, and if you think it's free speech, think again, it's NOT free speech; it's just HATE SPEECH Never confuse hate speech with free speech because hate speech kills! Oh, and I would never wish rape nor death upon anyone, unlike you, you evil misogynistic rats! Seriously, who are you to judge! If I ever met you, I'm sorry, but I'm going to punch you in the faces and then rescue all the poor ladies in your sad, unproductive, miserable lives and I mean rescue them from your misogynistic torture! Do you really hate all the women? You need help if so! You think their lives are a goddamn dream? Well, I highly doubt it. You should at least sit down, think, work and figure out appropriate ways to deal with women and communicate with them (yes, the nice, mature way) instead of simply screaming about raping and murdering women, gays and minorities, you psychopaths! Nobody deserves to be raped nor murdered just because of who they are! Now grow up, get a life, get a job and get a girlfriend, you misinformed rejects! I have a life, unlike you! Don't hate; appreciate!

@Bettifree (and all the other ladies in this post): Never mind those misogynistic rats because I'm sure that people like kaladarr must've been laughing their asses off and basking in the glow of their computer screens in the same time while living in their parents' basement. Anyway, you ladies really hit the nail on the head! *high-fives Bettifree and the other ladies*
Answered Jun 24, 2012
Edited Jun 24, 2012
i fucking hate every man in this planet and i'll do everything to stay away from them .
u are not the only human on earth
im here
and i'll do everything to make u
sad and lonely
fuck u all
Answered Jul 01, 2012
Edited Jul 01, 2012
All women with a no-car-no-date policy need to be boycotted because they are materialistic ho's who judge men based on what we have as opposed to who we are. Isn't if funny how women now use technology that *we* innovate to play God! If you don't know what I am talking about, try not having a car or the latest iphone and getting a date. I am wondering why this social phenomenon has not gotten more attention and why there has been no outrage. How can these female cretins pretend to be champions at just about every social justice issue while at the same time be so monstrously unjust to their male counterparts. A big Fuck You to the failure gender of women! You make misogyny common sense. PS. Before posting this I did a casual search in Google for "no car no date" and found a lot of disgruntled posts by others who consistently experience rejection as a result of not having a car. So, yes, this is a social and not an individual phenomenon and if you think it happens in America only, you are wrong. I am from Europe.
Answered Jul 08, 2012
Penis envy, all bitches have it, but American cunts have made it their religion.
1. Be a fag. It must be so fucking AWESOME. Sadl just imagine, no hormonal bullshit, no fucking brats popping out, no monogamy, no lies (except to your parents, maybe)).y, it's just not in me. I always bust a skanks brown hole, but I don't even enjoy it a female. I just like to degrade the ho.
2. Whores are dirt cheap these days. Drop your goo in her eye and throw her from the (parked?) Car. It has been the feminazis who've tried to shame up into not using our national treasure, the great american crack ho. There outta be a stamp.
Treat them like the pigs they are, they'll fight over you. Then, if you're one of idiots who simply must have a wife, go to a muslm country and buy an 18 year old virgin who could sqeeze your little finger off with vise of a twat. Indonesia is the best. and after years of western tang, that little asian slit will blow your mind. My first one, I hand to hold my unit in my hand and make thses tiny strokes to keep it from falling out.

Best of the best, become a yogi, become celibate. That's what I did. I'm happy every day, man. Everything is better than it has ever been for me. Not everyone can do it, but if you decide you need something real, it's the way to go. I have been off pussy for years. Some skank smiles and tries to act all coy ($$), I just laugh. Sometimes I'm tormented by memories of this slut or that slut, but those times are rare.

Anyway, best of luck to you my brother.
Answered Jul 08, 2012
Real men never kiss wo2men, buy pampers, or ever spend 10.00 on them.

If theres any questions, stop being a fag hag, retrive your nuts from her jar, and make her suck your dick, then kick her ass out the door. Stop trying to appease abc 123, easier than street simpelton bitches. Be a man.
Answered Jul 16, 2012
I have a message for these damaged goods cum dumpsters out here. I reside in Colonial Heights, Av. Go ahead keep showing your hatred & disdain of me outside the house I pay for. Keep dismantling me, forcing me to walk 3 miles for milk at food lion. Anybody that fucks with me from Molestor, or Colonial Heights, there's lots of alley's fro me to show my displeasure with you cutie pie. Let your walking dead green mile mickey mouse nigger. that I'm killing at a later date with my millions jump in. We can have a blood soaked frenzied threesome. I know why you fear and show you vulnerablity's with me. If any manwo or her bitch attacks or harrases me, I will fucking kill you later. Stay away.
I'll make you enjoy every moment of the terrible agony I will make you feel.
i am a STRAIGHT MAN, but most of the women out there now are FILTHY WHORES AND LESBIANS. it makes it so much harder meeting a DECENT WOMAN NOW, since many of the women of today, are LOW LIFE GARBAGE.
Answered Jul 30, 2012
I hate females, they can all motherfuckin die!
Answered Sep 30, 2012
You guys must be idiots. The only things that all of you "men" are whining about is "love" and how women "think". You guys contradict yourselves so much that its pathetic. Saying stuff like "why don't you just tell the world that you cannot keep a man because your old and ugly." when before someone just said that Women try to "please" men with makeup ,etc. and men have their "needs" . All that bullshit is retarded. Do NOT think of every typical flirtatious/slutty woman as the whole woman gender. You guys think that every woman always wants either sex, reputation, money, or shitty junk from men. You're wrong, I for one am a female and don't give a horse's shit about ANY of those things so don't start assuming when you don't even know that there are other women out there that think TOTALLY different. Another thing, Whoever said that crap about it being "proven" that Women basically are dumber then men when it comes to finding out lies, etc. needs to shut their mouth because NO one can actually know how a woman thinks(same with how a man thinks). Everyone's personalities and brains are/work differently. Saying that all women are deceiving cunts and can't be "trusted" are idiots because the only thing you guys are bringing up is wearing make up or "lying" about sex/dating whatsoever. The only reason why most women "make" themselves as trophies is simply the men's fault. Ever since the Egyptian Times, The Pharaohs(or kings if in another area) wanted a "good looking" woman and decided to actually pick out the best looking woman out there and make them their "wife" or "queen". Ever since then people constantly taught Females ever since they were infants, to wear make up and make yourself look pretty for the men. It was a cycle that led most females to how they are now(constantly worrying about looks and getting the best looking male). And lmao they don't deceive anyone, you males(who think that their smarter then females) just don't know how to understand women and how they talk/act. Instead most of you males out there are simply dense headed dogs that constantly want to have sex with a female(whether they're pretty or not) because they have their "needs". C'mon don't give me that crap about "needs", most of you males just think that because you guys get horny, you "need" or "deserve" to have a woman to please your horny dicks. You guys can EASILY stop your "needs" but you choose not to and instead decide to put it into their subconscious that men can't stop themselves from getting horny because it's always needed. Just because most of you males out their can't fall in love with the right woman, doesn't mean that all women are selfish, deceiving, whores, that only care about being a man's trophy. Oh and btw if you guys misinterpreted my comment on most of you males thinking that you guys are smarter the females, I did not mean anything from grades to inventing shitty technology, I meant that most of you males think that you guys are not only stronger physically, but also stronger mentally(as in you guys think that you make wiser decisions in situations then women do). You guys think that women need to be controlled SO much and for what? Women already are degraded and aren't given the privilege to lead any part of this country. Women are basically forced to worry about looks and money because that's all that their are basically able to do that's not "controlled" by men so much. Seriously stop criticizing the "pretty" women for being dumb, idiotic, flirtatious, sluts, and just go for someone that doesn't have much looks at all. They are much sweeter then you would suspect as long as you keep your dicks in you pants.
Answered Oct 22, 2012
@fukcyou666 and Kaladarr STFU faggots. I'll kill you bitches first. Fukc you and the male gender. PUSSY ASS HOE.
Why should a woman respect a man that doesnt have qualities that she finds attractive? I bet a million dollars you wouldn't give an ugly woman the time of day. Wanna bet?
@beston And y should ugly women like men if men don't like ugly women? Doesn'take any sense. And if they wanna get "revenge", something that men do ALL the time, then they have every right to. And since men don't like ugly women, y the fuck would you care if they like men or not? Men hate ugly women, No? So u would hate them regardless if they like the male gender.
Answered Nov 12, 2012
@fukcyou666 and Kaladarr STFU faggots. I'll kill you bitches first. Fukc you and the male gender. PUSSY ASS HOE.
Why should a woman respect a man that doesnt have qualities that she finds attractive? I bet a million dollars you wouldn't give an ugly woman the time of day. Wanna bet?
@beston And y should ugly women like men if men don't like ugly women? Doesn'take any sense. And if they wanna get "revenge", something that men do ALL the time, then they have every right to. And since men don't like ugly women, y the fuck would you care if they like men or not? Men hate ugly women, No? So u would hate them regardless if they like the male gender.
Answered Nov 12, 2012
@fedupwithit STFU BITCH. Her logic is not stupid. If you're an atheist that's your problem
Answered Nov 15, 2012
I've been reading all of this, especially the posts from fukcyou666 and kaladarr, and I just have to say, I'm laughing my vile, degenerate female ass off! And no, I'm not a dyke nor am I a feminist. I Don't get me wrong, I genuinely feel sorry for the men who have written into this site trying to get help. As for the rest of you, I'm just amazed that we women have so much power over you! We have the power to make you hate, and that's pretty impressive. I've had a few men who have screwed me over in the past, and I hated them at first. But then I realized that they weren't even worth the time I wasted hating them. So I have to say, I'm really feeling pretty empowered right now, knowing that we women have that much control over you guys. So thank you for that. Let me see if I got this straight--if a woman sleeps with you, she's a slut. And if she doesn't, she's a dyke or a feminist. Does that about sum it up? Please--It's obvious that none of you have a snowball's chance in hell of getting laid, and that's why you're whining and bitching on here like impotent idiots. You're just pissed than women have educations now and make their own money, so they don't have to find a man and deal with all your bullshit anymore. Stop whining and GET THE FUCK OVER IT you pussies! And kaladarr, if you're reading this, please strain your brain a little and come up with something more creative than STFU, dyke. It's getting really boring.
Answered Nov 21, 2012
Really, really sad! Maybe it is not "hate" at all, but just the fact that so many guys have learned to do without women in their lives, involving themselves in useful, but totally "non-sexual" activities. As you ca see from these posts, it
is very, very easy to live that way.
Answered Dec 26, 2012
I hope you are not still struggling with this, because fear, hate and mistrust are bitter feelings that are hard to deal with. I want to reject any notion that women or men in general are sneaky and untrustworthy. All human beings are different: even though all of us can be really cool and still have some hideous qualities, those express very differently for each. If you and I were talking, I'd be curious to know when and why you began to hate women. I wonder if someone has really hurt you or broken your trust. To feel wary afterwards is normal, but to carry hatred forever toward all women is going overboard. Are there exceptions to your rule? Are there some women who you like, admire and trust? If so, start noticing the qualities that help you to feel safe and connected with some women, and the qualities that make you feel anxious and mistrustful around others. Also, do some introspection. If you don't always hate women, check in and find out what is going on inside yourself when you feel wary and hateful, and what is different inside when you feel open and okay toward women.
Answered Feb 03, 2013
Edited Feb 03, 2013
lol bro a vast majority of women are bitches plain and simple, just be a dick and treat them like crap to a certain degree then theyll be on ur nuts
Answered Mar 23, 2013
I haven't always hated my mom or sister but I started to dislike them when I grew older. They are both neurotic women, and my sister is also over-opinionated and cocksure in a way that f-ng drives me up the wall. Actually the difference between their neuroticism is that mom always *suspects* that something is wrong but my sister is always 100% sure of it.

After giving it some thought, I realized what it is that drives me crazy about women like this. It is called female logic, which is essentially the female tendency to believe that emotions and subjective experiences as an absolute measure of objective reality. If they *feel* that X, they believe that X must be true. This drives me crazy because I am a person who is interested in reality.
Answered May 02, 2013
Why are you yanks so stupid. You can't spell and you can't even put together a sentence without messing the punctuation up. Come on people, its basics. So lets deal with the original comment. You hate women because your either so gay that you hate the females or your insecure in your own masculinity. In the UK most of us play the traditional game of the women being the stay at home mum... Because... You guessed it,
They are amazing at it and it isn't easy by no means, but over here we still live by the old men provide, women care ideal. But don't worry yanks. We had feminism too. In fact we embraced it perfectly. Everyone is equal but women are still women and men are still men. dont get me wrong, I know and believe the western society is feminized. Everything is for women. But that's how it is. If you hate it vote for... Is it the republicans... God knows. Time to play the game. Stop being insecure but lets put this little sentence out there. A bad father doesn't represent all men and a bad mother doesn't represent all hens. Stop being insecure and sour.
Answered Jun 22, 2013
The LAST people you should EVER be trusting are women. No woman has ever once been inconvenienced by either morals or scruples. Oh I know how they protest and yell when this TRUTH is exposed. How they shift the blame onto the men. PROJECTING. That's what 99% of it is. Women project THEIR flaws onto others, that's the core truth behind feminism.

ALL the more charming aspects of female companionship can be rented by the hour.

Use them and discard them, cause that's how they see and treat you. Useful for your purpose, disposable immediately afterwards.

That's the honest to goodness bottom line with the female of the species.
Answered Sep 30, 2013
kesly josephcool kid
Thats the dumdest things ive ever!!!! saying you woman is like saying you want to be gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dumbass fucking gay bitch I love girls and woman dumbass.You mad because they give you no pussy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.fukin bitch.
If there was no women in the world AT ALL but only men because I an male boy
that will,be gay.In the 6th grade in 2010 there was an girl I was in love with but
she said don't like me on we cool friends with her.i understand women and girls
p.s Hating bitch it means you want to be gay moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Nov 30, 2013

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