Why do I hate women?

for as long as i could remember i f**king hate women yet i am extremley attracted to them wtf??? i never had a good relationship with my mother or sister could this have anything to do with it? how do i change this is killing my sex life. girls pick up on this hostility instantly!
Asked Dec 16, 2009
maybe u gay
laneka May 08, 2010
It is a shame that you feel that way but the answer is quite simple. The issues you have with women have everything to do with the relationship you have with your mother and your sister. I have a terrible relationship with my father. My husband and I dated for six years before I could finally trust that he wouldn't hurt me the way my dad did. The best advice I can give you is to remember that the women you meet are not your mother or your sister. You will get hurt again but unless you are willing to take a risk, you will never be happy in any relationship.
I have a fine relationship with my mom and yet I still hate women. The women at work are ok too. It's the whole dating nonsense that is retarded. Why all the seeking of cocaine? Why all the admiration of those involved with cameras and such - actors and whatever? Why the expectation that I have to be a comedian on every date that I go on?
GL Sep 14, 2010
So your hatred of women is ruining your chances of having sex with them.
Wow, that's just bad luck that women can actually pick up on your hostility. Who would have thought they had brains too?
I know how you feel my friend except i'm really close with my mom, aunts, and cousins. I don't trust women in any relationship setting which gives me a lowest expectations attitude towards them as a whole.

The trick is taking that distrust and channeling it towards treating them like crap. Yes women like to be treated like crap. They think it means confidence (seriously and they expect me not to trust them doing crap like that).

Why feel bad when you can make some random girl at a party think they're crap? If they laugh in your face, call them a stupid *itch right back and move on. In the end you're the one who has to live with himself. Good luck bro
Latin Shemales are much better than women in more ways than one!

99% of women are evil.... FACT!

Shemales > Females
Answered Nov 11, 2010
I also 'hate women' sometimes. My trouble is that I feel that my adoration of women is not returned. That they are indeed from Venus while men are from a different planet entirely.

Men are sometimes seen as 'shallow' because they can see the female form as sexually desirable, despite the character of the being that inhabits it. But then the female form IS desirable, or at least far more so that the male form in general. I think many women would agree on this point, though they find male models and the like very attractive too, whatever the character ... just as shallow?

Getting back to the point; what I hate about women is that they don't find ME as attractive as I find THEM. Sad, but true. I try to stay in shape. I look in the mirror and think I look OK, but obviously not. I guess it's just sour grapes on my part.

I'm a 45 year old man with a bald head, who's only had sex with 2 women in his entire life. My fiancee left me for a USAF serviceman. My wife is still with me (thank God) but doesn't find me attractive anymore. Maybe it's time I had some sort of operation to stop all these urges. Is that available on the NHS? Probably.
Answered Dec 05, 2010
I don't hate women, I hate what women do. You don't hate the dog because it is a dog, you hate it because it barks all day and shits on the pavement. I hate women because they are only interested in my occupation. I hate the way they find a man who is on television attractive, but not the 50 million other men. Men want sex women want money. That's how it is. Well I've got all the money and all the porn I want, I don't need a nag in my life. It would be nice to pass on my genes but it just looks to me like women are holding out for the highest bidder. They might as well all stand on street corners. I spent my twenties trying to see the personalities in women but they proved me wrong and now even I am resigned to the fact all they are good for is f***ing. Single parenthood is man's punishment for the materialism of women. It is how we have adapted to materialism - we get our way without being leeched.
Answered Dec 17, 2010
Edited Dec 17, 2010
Don’t worry it is normal these days. I hate women as well, but that's more to do with the way modern women treat men and the reverse discrimination.
Answered Dec 22, 2010
I've just read through all of this, (taken a while lol).
Started off thinking along the lines of yer the bitches should die, etc.

Then after reading some really fucked up minds, i've decided that they cant really help how they are.
Society, parents, schooling, etc. is all a product of how we are at this moment in time. In the future humans will look back on this era as very oppressive to the male.
I'm sure women cant carry on, in this forward feminist march for too much longer, because they are loosing there very identity as a women (ie the fairer sex).
Is that patronising to call a women "the fair sex", yes nowadays it is. But 50yrs ago that would be normal or even a compliment, who wants a butch, hard, feminist woman/bitch for a wife/girlfriend anyway.

Is it any wonder there are many lonely western women out there living on there own.
Lets look at numbers (no actually we wont because I don't have the figures). But this list below will give you a basic idea why feminism hasn't been successful at all for women, especially women of a certain age. Maybe some population analyst out there can help fill in the numbers !
1. Homosexual men (growing trend !)
2. Men who have decided to live alone (one night stands/prostitutes/etc.)
3. Men who have gone abroad to live(Thailand/Philippine/Ukraine/etc.)
4. Men who decide to get a Filipino bride.
5. Men who have just given up on talking to or chatting up the opposite sex.

I do actually feel sorry for women, because they thought they where being clever, but in reality they have made the lives of there daughters more hard and miserable, they have really brought it upon themselves.
Answered Dec 29, 2010
Edited Dec 29, 2010
Ohhh my god I tought I wuz the only men thank you guys you fukin rule fuk em an leave em brainless hoes slow at everything no good whores I agree wit the guy buy a whore if u can find an easy fuk power to the men..ooohhh what would you whore be with out us who will fix your car who will connect your internet thanks for this fukin good as conversation thanx thanx smuts

Answered Jan 25, 2011
This is a tough one hey. I mean we can spend years analyzing this. I guess maybe you too focused on why you hate them and not focusing enough on how you can better your relations with them. How you can do that, well firstly just be yourself but remember this; always think along the lines of a gentlemen i.e. be courteous, be polite, be respectable but do all of that and expect nothing in return and at the same time expect to feel happy that you expecting nothing in return. Also and this might sound weird, try eating good food like fruit, not sure why but eat fruit and veggies always gets me to feel happy to everyone:)
Answered Feb 01, 2011
The original question.....Why do I hate women?
We blame them for our pain. It may be legitimate.
We put upon them our guilt.
You cannot swim in porn and not feel violent and abusive to women.
You must forgive the offending woman/women.
Then you must forgive yourself.
How do you let go of deep decisions and feelings?
Ask God to move in your heart.
Do it....I dare you....ask Him right now...He's there with you now.
Just believe me. Why should I lie? I'm telling the truth.
If you're spittiing blood, then your perception of God is according to some bad examples of people who said they represented Him. Believe me, I know all about that.
God came to earth as a man.
He healed the physically sick.
He healed the emotionally sick.
He raised the dead.
He told people that He forgave all their sins.
He then allowed Himself to be tortured and crucified to the neccesary degree, to take punishment for the sin of all mankind.
That includes you.
He then rose from the dead and told his followers this:
"Go to every person in the world and tell them their sins are forgiven.
They can have a direct relationship with Me, instantly. And I will heal them all."
That's what God is really like!
Ask Jesus into your heart now. I dare you.
He will meet with you right now.
Welcome to peace, sanity, love,ultimate power and protection forever.

This is not bull......do it.
Bye from me.
He will never leave you.
Answered Feb 17, 2011
Or you can go buy one of those sex dolls. It won't talk or anything but it simplifies life doesn't it and cheaper in the long run.

Any woman you marry will leave you eventually. My proof is in the pudding; take a look at divorce rates.

Or You can take on the mind of a player. Date, have sex (use condoms always). When she starts to push commitment dump her. Don't let her guilt trip you because when she leaves you homeless and without money, or pride, or sanity she will not feel any guilt or remorse.

You could just masturbate but I guess that gets old. So just be a player. Women like abusive men anyway.
Answered Feb 25, 2011
I'm a girl and I hate women. Most of them are extremely shallow and would rather to talk about "the shoes she wore in the interview were horrible" instead of "what she said in the interview". They talk so cruelly about each other and gossip. I just can't stand it. I admit that macho men have created part of it, but they are worse that them because they are the affected and they don't fight against it. I couldn't love men more and, yes, I am femenine, but not the way stupid women believe it's necessary. LONG LIVE MEN that don't want shallow women!
Answered Feb 26, 2011
oh this is an easy question to answer. i've not gotten along with my mother or sister either. you obviously hate women because they're useless and play far too many games. also the way they lie. mann they lie soo much to the point they dont even know what they truthfully want. i've never fallen in love with one woman because they're nothing but whores "all of them". it's a shame and then they spend most of their lives going after some guy that doesnt give a damn about them. honestly I have more respect for a prostitute then todays american woman that's been masked in nothing more but hypocrosy...
Answered Mar 01, 2011
My ex wife would suck my cock.swallow my cum,lick my ass, and drink my urine,I enjoyed degrading and defiling her,she enjoyed pleasing me, I didn't love her and I never put my lips near her nasty ass. I am sadistic and I like to see women worthless asses suffer. They are here to serve and please men sexually. other than that they are useless to me,and I hate them. I spent a night in jail trying to gouge my daughter's mom eyes out,what a euphoria, You ask did I hated my mom, Me and my mom had a good relationship,didn't have a sister. But any woman other than my mom, I hated. Their pussies are made to fuck, Menstrual periods and child birth just gets in the way, but to bang and pound a mindless piece of flesh and releasing my scum inside is to me what a woman is for. Sadistic Pleasure.
Answered Apr 03, 2011
women are liars.... the only thing they care about is themselves.... they don't respect men but women are eager to use up the resourses a man could offer.
Answered Apr 07, 2011
Look, the simple answer is that all women dont give a flying f**ck about the man that they are with: they are only concerned with what they can get from that man e.g. money/jewlery/property/stuff. Period. It does not matter how much a man gives/wants to give to his lovely woman, in her eyes its never enough.
Unfortunatly this is a standard that is propagated by society towards little girls from a young age: that a prince charming will come and sweep her off her feet and they will live happily ever after.
That notion is complete bullshit.
F**k women and all the bullshit that they bring to us men.
Women are only good for two things and one of them is cooking, you know what the other is.
Answered Jun 21, 2011
i can relate, women are manipulative creatures that only think of themselves. feminism is a luxury, and once all the economies are falling they are going go be manipulating to try and get "life" relationships with the alpha males again. its pathetic, they are that which they oppose.
Answered Jul 20, 2011
Edited Jul 20, 2011
Why American men should boycott American women


I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


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Answered Aug 08, 2011

read my blog and u will see.

u hate woman, because basically its your alpha male instinct.

alpha males didnt seduce woman, they simply got them easy, or raped them.

alpha males were notting similar to pick up artists, they were more the kind of battle leader with agressive atitudes.
Answered Aug 10, 2011
kaldaar, fckyou666 you guys are awesome made me crack up so much!
Answered Aug 21, 2011
some crazy evil bitch just ran over a baby duck earlier today as she sped off from a gas station. I was feeding the baby ducks and their mother, when this hell whore came out the store she seemed like she was expecting me to stare at her, but I rolled my eyes and turned my back and said so what, so she got in her car looked at all the ducks in front of her and she just hit the gas, as I looked down there was the baby duck struggling for its life, the mother rushed to it and also the other ducklings as if telling it to get up, that was kind of sad, cause I know that I was throwing food all around and they just wanted to eat, but I also know that that bitch did that shit on purpose for me dissing her and not giving her the attention she feels intitled to, so that she can behave as if I'm doing something wrong, theese bitches are nothing without male attention their whole self-esteem is based on mens attention, they are totally self centered and vain, I bet she felt justified in killing that duck, because I should have been drooling over her or throwing gratuitous complements at her. So that poor little duck was a sacrifice for me braking the I got to drool over a chicks cleavage law. I hated that bitch enough to chew her face off, and even though that was an isolated incident I've seen enough of the same attitude to know that that kind of attitude is prevelant in most of them, FUCK All of you Whores
Answered Sep 07, 2011
Personally I hate how women say shit like "all men are pigs". Really? We're the pigs? You whores throw yourselves at the first 6 foot tall dude with a six pack. You whores talk about wanting to find a nice guy even though every guy you sleep with treats you like shit. Also, you create stereotypes for yourselves and then become feminists and act like we're at fault because we think of you the way you portrayed yourselves in the fucking first place! Also, stop saying "OMG" and "Like" in every sentence;its fucking annoying. Fuck these bitches. Oh, and fuck Twilight. Stupid screaming pre-teen whores and their shitty fantasy films.

Btw me and my mom get along very well. And she agrees that women are whores.
Answered Sep 23, 2011
Edited Sep 23, 2011
SVT Lightning 300 - Many people do not have to call it hate. As you can see from some of the responses, there is a lot of hostility out there. Women are
free to hate on and criticize men and hold on to archaic customs which favor
women. As long as you do not say anything, you can be considered a
"gentleman" .When you speak up, your head is exposed to be bashed.
Some of us lead lives which are totally without women, since we can then be
labelled "socially awkward" (for not being agreeable). My life is happier without them and I have nothing at all to do with them. I am NEVER in such a
conversation, the likes of which you have seen in response to your post, and I
think that men like me need to stay on the sideline.
We were not born this way, but it is better for everybody. So be ready for the
Answered Oct 16, 2011
Forget the women bud, guys have a weakness for falling into two major misconceptions. 1. That the woman finds him attractive, 2. That she is weak.
As for number one, why do guys waste time trying to attract a certain girl, or any girl for that matter? Because even though he knows she doesn't give a shit about him somewhere in the back of his mind is a sliver of hope that she will become his. So all guys need to get out of their head the thought that a girl finds him attractive, when in truth your at the bottom of her list. As for number two, don't fall into your male "protect" mode.
The girl doesn't need you to be there for her, and you are not the best thing to happen in her life. And she knows this. But all women use it. If she can get/keep you thinking she is weak then you will bend over backwards and let her ride you all over town like a fucking mule. If you as a guy can attain a higher level of thinking, then you can be the one to rule the mental games that women play. Turn the tables and make her think that she Needs you, not the other way arounds. Its all about manipulation, and if you are good at it, then being in control of a relationship can be great fun. But don't ever "think" your in control. The moment you do then that is the opposite of what will happen.
To try to help/answer your question. My mom is a bitch, and my sisters are kinda weird too, and I cant stand women because all they do is manipulate/work toward personal gain. Instead of hating the game, try to master is. Its all a battle of wits when it comes to women because lets face it, physically men win even if the girls is taller, guys are just stronger beings. So mental manipulation is all a girl has for her, but men can even win at that. Its not about sex, so stop worrying about that. Sex is over rated, and anyone can get it if you truly want it. What its really about is using your dislike of women to see them for what they are, and beat them at their own game.
As a guy who understands that he doesn't like women/is fed up with all their bull you have reached a higher level of thinking. So use it, and don't be fooled anymore. You know you can beat a girl when you can finally see what she is trying to do without her knowing that you see right through her.
Answered Oct 24, 2011
Edited Oct 24, 2011
This post stopped 11 months ago. People hate when you add something on a topic that is "dead" but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. If the post is actually dead, "close it" however that is done.

I had a few comments about some posts. I keep hearing the women and men saying basically, "you are an angry man because you went after 8's, 9's or 10's, and were rejected". I know what you mean by that, but not all men hate women for rejecting them, unless you mean women rejected the man after they have been going out for a few months, or married, and that's when the men found out they were rejected from the very start?

I hate women because they are my enemies who treat me like shit whenever I go out in public. I am 5'7 , short for a man in America. All my problems in life can be traced back to that fact, according to a psychiatrist(who was a 7'2 man with a red fro, big nose and glasses).

So, women treat me insanely poorly, where ever I go. They frown at the site of me, with my shoulder length blonde hair, and a body that is toned , but lost the will to workout everyday, 1 year ago. My greatest pleasure in life is turning girls down for sex.

I was cheated on my senior year of highschool , when I learned that it is customary for a girl to fuck all her boyfriend's friends. I had sex with a girl 20 years ago in highschool , never since, and not from a lack of trying. All my friends who have wives and girfriends, their mates all try to fuck me behind their boyfriends/husbands backs, but any single girl, well , I'm not 15 ft. tall and am not a star or a millionare.

I don't do cocaine, so I don't get girls to fuck me. Tall men seem to want to kill me or "snuff out my genepool", since I am short. I have turned down beautiful women, as hard as I could, and felt more pleasure doing it, than a quick orgasm, this feeling lasts for years, until I can attract another pretty woman, think about "what could have been in my life", then turn her down viciously.

I absolutely love the feeling I get when I turn girls down. I am actually thinking of telling the next woman, "don't you want a man that's taller?", and walk away. This freaks girls out.

"what?...a man who won't kill to have my pussy, but who is turning it down?" Yeah I know, sounds gay right? Perish the thought, I hate men too, would kill every man if I could.

We are all just chimps, even if you are "a cut above" a chimp , because of your surrounding culture, you are still forced to think like a chimp , just to get through society to you home everyday, without being murdered. I am purchasing a "realdoll" that represents a female toon I made in a popular MMO. Why did I make a girl character in an mmo?

Because I want to see a girls ass shake in front of me all day , not a mans. I love to level her up , and pamper her, buy her things, make her look good, dress her provocatively, etc. I played a man in an mmo before....no man would help me, no woman would help, or talk to me, until I played a female, then all the girls wanted to help me , and guys would buy me things....go figure...

I will buy this "realdoll" which is a very finely made sex maniquin. Feels like real skin, looks just the way I want her to, doesn't talk back, or fuck my friends. Doesn't cost anything to fuck, and doesn't go anywhere unless I take her somewhere.

That will be me fucking a 'perfect woman' I made in a online game. My fantasy coming to, for lack of a better word, "life". Tigers, bears and monkeys in zoos are given similar toys when they have to live a life without a mate.

I am a man who decided in my 20's watching pretty girls fuck everyone around me, shorter, fatter, dumber, uglier, but usually larger, saw this...and became disgusted at what attracted women. I was turned off in my 20's, I am 40 , and I will never allow a girl, or god to get away with the way I have been treated by everyone in this life. God doesn't deserve me getting laid, if there is a god , which I doubt.

I believe the women only want over 6ft tall , rich , so they can divorce him after they pop out a child (like my tall friends usually have to go through) , and that women have no use for me. Guess what? I'm not wrong, women aren't wrong , physics are not wrong, nature is just a bad place for a small male, plain, simple, and justified, thats the world we live in.

Get a "realdoll" made for you. They are $6k....but a better alternative than actually hooking up with a live one. I'm gonna go watch those tapes. Did I mention I hate women?

Hell, I would kill all of you if I had a chance to and could get away with it. I want to kill the last watress who waited on me in a resturant, only asked what my 6ft tall friend wanted, and ignored me through the whole dinner. Yeah she was hot, but stand in between the 2 customers, not off to the side of the tallest.

This shit is getting out of hand. I hate women because they don't treat me with as much respect as they do everyone else. Getting kind of sick of it, and long for a change, that may never come, but when I hear of a girl getting murdered, I "know" she deserved it, all women do. Gonna watch those tapes now, I hope.

I get off on seeing women suffer. Their high heels or flip-flops, or barefeet, all my fault becaue I'm a man. Almost better than sex. Am I bugging you?...don't mean to bug you.....Okay Bettifree, play the blues........
Answered Oct 29, 2011
I would do anything I could get away with to make a bitch suffer.Their always complaining how hard their done by.Total air heads most of em.No one has the social power they have especially in western culture.An attractive women gets all attention and everything they want.Choose who to fuck and when.Then they complain cause they get 10 bucks less a week.They have always had it over me in this society.walking around with their noses in the air,soaking up all that sexual power.
Watch out for women mate they are trouble and most probably will fuck your life and simply move on to fuck the next mans life.Trouble is what they are.They will till you they love you one minute and try to have you sent to jail the next.I now I have been there.Cant be trusted and total evil that should be enslaved.Give back man the power and wake up to yourselves you worms.
Answered Oct 31, 2011
wow u have to be kidding?? Women were created in the image of God; just as males were --Judgement day is coming and you are being tested to see if the part of God you were created as, can serve the other part of God, she was created as !! God is Father -Son and Holy Spirit --very relational and serving others before self!! Women are created as the beautiful nurturing side of God and men were created as serving provision leaders--U cannot deal with who u are!!
Answered Nov 11, 2011
Where in the Bible does it say that men are women's servants?
women expect guys to be their friggen court jester. You've gotta throw on a song and dance while they sit there and absorb the attention. If you don't perform perfectly? then OFF WITH 'IS HEAD!!!
Answered Nov 17, 2011
I have read with interest the opinions of the minnions, some interesting, some downright stupid and ugly.
I have had issues with women for decades and dont see it stopping now, I have come to the conclusion it is mostly a social/political problem and the respective roles we are suppose to fill in the culture. I hate working with women, all sentiment and syruppy gossip, no intellectual reasoning whatsoever, plus they all derive a strange and perverse pleasure in humilliating men, not even consciously, they just dont even hear men when we speak, that is a female trait, deaf, intellectually blind and unreasonable. Its a sad truth but oh so true anyway.
And all this children stuff, I dont care about your child, its just the end product of your fucking. You love your kids as a backdoor to loving yourself numpty.
Answered Dec 15, 2011
as a straight man, I am looking to meet a decent woman today. they are very nasty and have a very bad attitude today. most of them now are filthy pigs, just by the way they act. then again, there are so many lesbians now that are making it worse.
Answered Dec 27, 2011
I'd like to be honest.
Women of today have lost all the ethical values of the past after the so called feminism movement.
Now, they've got everything.
And how do they use such an extra power for the first time for them to exercise at the entire human history;
They are doing everything they can to prove they are just brainless, idiotic low IQ spoilt individuals instead of the super women they are pretending that they can be;
Myth is busted.
You idiotic brainless low IQ creatures!
Answered Jan 01, 2012
Women think they're shit don't stink.Literally. I especially don't understand women who would put the most disgusting thing in their mouth like feta cheese or tuna salad and then go "Eewwwwwwww gross" when you talk about fellatio.You bitches need to realize you fart, cry,burp,shit, sweat,grow hair on your bodies( but shave everything to hide your ugliness) and then you have the audacity to say " men are pigs" or "slobs".Get real. Women are just as disgusting as men, but like to think they're more sophisticated. And if it wasn't for that slippery hole they have most men wouldn't give two shits about them.We think of your hole all day that's why we can't get you out of our minds most of the time.
Answered Jan 11, 2012

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