Why do I hate women?

for as long as i could remember i f**king hate women yet i am extremley attracted to them wtf??? i never had a good relationship with my mother or sister could this have anything to do with it? how do i change this is killing my sex life. girls pick up on this hostility instantly!
Asked Dec 16, 2009
maybe u gay
laneka May 08, 2010
It is a shame that you feel that way but the answer is quite simple. The issues you have with women have everything to do with the relationship you have with your mother and your sister. I have a terrible relationship with my father. My husband and I dated for six years before I could finally trust that he wouldn't hurt me the way my dad did. The best advice I can give you is to remember that the women you meet are not your mother or your sister. You will get hurt again but unless you are willing to take a risk, you will never be happy in any relationship.
I have a fine relationship with my mom and yet I still hate women. The women at work are ok too. It's the whole dating nonsense that is retarded. Why all the seeking of cocaine? Why all the admiration of those involved with cameras and such - actors and whatever? Why the expectation that I have to be a comedian on every date that I go on?
GL Sep 14, 2010
So your hatred of women is ruining your chances of having sex with them.
Wow, that's just bad luck that women can actually pick up on your hostility. Who would have thought they had brains too?
I know how you feel my friend except i'm really close with my mom, aunts, and cousins. I don't trust women in any relationship setting which gives me a lowest expectations attitude towards them as a whole.

The trick is taking that distrust and channeling it towards treating them like crap. Yes women like to be treated like crap. They think it means confidence (seriously and they expect me not to trust them doing crap like that).

Why feel bad when you can make some random girl at a party think they're crap? If they laugh in your face, call them a stupid *itch right back and move on. In the end you're the one who has to live with himself. Good luck bro
I'm sure some of your problems are the female's fault but have you ever considered how much of it is yours? Good mental health can be wrapped onto one word: Accept.

If you accept yourself as you are and those around you (including females) as they are, life works just fine. It's unreasonable expectations that create the problems. It's a simple fact that females are different than males in a lot more ways than how their thongs are made. ACCEPT that fact without any expectations and life is good.
Answered Jul 05, 2010
Edited Jul 05, 2010
@GL Wow be nice.
KC13 Mar 19, 2011
wats rong with u people
Well I have the same problem, I have had bad relationships with all women in my life. My birth mother left me when I was an infant, but that was Her fault. Women are meaner than men sometimes. I try to hit on women and they all laughf at me. Women are hard to figure out. Im working on my problem to Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
Answered Mar 03, 2010
that mean you kinda hate God for creating woman and I am a woman
Alexa Jul 15, 2010
Why the fuck would anyone like men yous are fucking gay I love women some of you are alright because im bi but I hate yous so freaking much just go & be yourself though okay :)..
there IS a God and only one God why does noone treat women like human beings
No adult deserves to be abused ! Thanks
i think that maybe you havent found the right one yet n instead of you goin after a good one u find a bad one......... or maybe u already got it set in ur head that woman r bad because of what your mother n sister did
all woman r not bad u just gotta find a nice sweet woman for u cause god made a woman for every man
i'm not that old and I knw that everyone keep sayn that we r the problems in the relationship. I also knw that men bring the problems to sometimes we women/girls get feed up with the wrong a man is doing and step out the relationship w.....
Answered Jul 16, 2010
I agree with you here, if your a guy going after looks your better off on your own. flowers can bloom, I learned that the hard way.
This is just sad. What are you people thinking. People need each other and you should remember your mothers or your sisters. And if they didn't help raise you or raise you well then stop complaining because family life differs for all people and you should stop using childhood excuses. Just stop, it really is horrible to hate the people, person, women who gave birth to you. If you have no respect for that gift then commit suicide and forget having children, a son or daughter of your own. I hope you can just realize that both genders depend on each othe but for different things and with that type of relationship should come respect. Im still young and it makes me feel terrible that one day my kids might read things like this. People an family matter, the relationships with your friends matter, and society matters as well as contributing to it and protecting it. I can't respecte men who don't respect me, but I can't say anything because I'm a women? I think that good people deserve respect and you should be able to differentiate between faile relationships with two different people. Problems happen, you just can't understand the other persons perspective and once you are at peace with the fact that you both did wrong things and made bad choices, problems can be solved by using answers that dot just put blame on the opposite sex.
Answered Nov 06, 2010
finally an answer that makes sense
that makes sense
Yea we can blame women you r all untrustworthy vain extemely vain look at all the fashon shows and makeup comercials and your insane need to over populate the world
hnicpee Apr 18, 2012
The first man was not born of woman, but the first woman was formed from man. An inconvenient truth for all the women out there who love to tell men to 'respect women for giving birth to you!' -- as if they are the authors of life. God gives life -- not women. Lots and lots of innocent lives are destroyed by women though.... in the name of 'choice.'
That doesn't work. I hate my sister and resent my mother for bringing me into the world.
Smackup Sep 23, 2014
You need to lighten up. Let the attraction do it's thing.
Answered Dec 18, 2009
Women are very cunning and sneeky creatures. I have a great relationship with my mother and sisters but all the relationships I've had with women have been bad. I'm an attractive guy, educated, and not considered the nice guy type. I'm the alpha male firm but sensitive when I need to be. I'm to the point where I don't want anything to do with women. I'm know I'm not gay because I have NO sexual or physical attraction to men. I'm just so fed up with women and their very presence makes me sick to my stomach. Here's another good black man who's putting himself on the sidelines because he refuses to deal with this type of behavior. You know the women behavior that I'm talking about.
Way to go brother!! We men just have to stop entertaining womens dramas.
Women are a no win situation.
Back in the "day", women respected men, and got protection, hunters, builders, and sustenance for their lousy social lives.
Now we do not concern ourselves with survival, and men have tried to make "amends" for all the patriarchal "oppression" we have caused women over the years. Which no such gender based oppression exists. All races and genders have been subject to abuse and tyranny throughout time. Not "just" women.
We all know that no women ever, anywhere did anything manipulative or abusive or abused their station, privilege or a mans affections.
(yeah right) just in case my sarcasm didn't come through.
We have to control women.
And do not marry or reproduce until women "get it".
They need us, period.
Ya. Just suck it up till World War 3 or the collapse of modern civilization. Being gang raped by a squad of Chinese guys will probably change their attitude on feminism and survival.
The first answer to your question (which I applaud you for asking, as it takes courage to admit this and want to change it, good for you!) is absolutely laughable, "ligthening up and letting attraction do it's own thing" is another way of saying "allow yourself to remain ignorant to what's really going on". I don't know why you hate women, but I would HIGHLY recommend seeing a psychologist to discuss how you may have developed this hatred towards women from a young age. I assure you it has to do with how your mother regards herself, how she treated you, and if you have a father, that would be KEY. Also, your social environment may have something to do with it. Don't stop searching, you will find the answer...and when you find it, your feelings against women may change.

I am a women, and have personally never understood why we are so hated by men...throughout history, we have let men have their way with us, been their servants, raised their children, wore horrifically uncomfortable high heels and make up to please them, and then died without ever having really fought for our right to our own life, until women's movements began, which REALLY pissed men off.

I feel many women today are caught between trying to exercise their being a PERSON rather than being a "women", and being a sex object for men (since all us girls know that's how men value us...it's hard to value yourself as anything else when your society reinforces to you all the time that all you are IS a sex object. It's like expecting someone who has been beaten down their whole lives, to all of a sudden have confidence and power. It's not that easy. Whoever beat them down has convinced them they're worthless. And then, we are hated for it.

I don't hate men...I love men....but I am a lucky girl who has been surrounded by very respectful men and women my whole life...this is not the case with MOST of my female friends. I sort of hate society because of that.

Best of luck figuring yourself out...trust me, there is a reason to the way you are. Same as there is a reason to the way many women are. And it's not simple. You're way more complex than you know. And you're probably a fantastic person, in spite of this, just don't give up on yourself.
Answered Mar 03, 2010
Stop playing the victim. The womens trump card .
Women did not "let" men have their way with them. It was a trade off, that still exists today .
High heels? Are you kidding me.
Women are the ultimate in visual deceivers as well as deception in general.
Women use makeup, bra's , underwear, girdles, perfumes , and all manner of other devices to look like something they aren't. Then men go into the bed with them, and ask what the hell just fell out from under all that falseness and bravado.
Women "made" themselves sex objects for the trade off. It was an easy way to get survival without "working" for it.
You don't hate men? Who cares. You still buy the feminist lies and do not recognize that women owe men an apology for bullying us into believing that the gender of men "did" something to women in particular that every other gender and race has not been exposed to.
You, Kaladarr, appear to be playing the victim yourself.

This fine woman has taken her time to express her opinion in an effort to help the person above. Your opinion is for nothing but beating her down.

You're probably a bitter man because all you've ever encountered were poorly raised women and with that attitude I hope you encounter more and more. I hope you never lay a finger on a good woman because I am so sure that you would destroy her.

People like you make women into what they are today. Man up.
Wyna Oct 08, 2010
WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THIS. The problem with women is that they are 1. young attractive nice to talk to and like men.This type of women men like or 2. ugly women who have a problem with men and want to get back at them for putting them down in the past. This type of women give them a bad name and men hate this type of woman
beston Oct 03, 2011
I think kaladarr's right too. Except for not believing God, oh well, The problem here with girls and women in general is they are mean, you just can't trust girls. Well they can't even be real friends. What can you expect from people like this. when you "wear make up and high heels to please men and etc." I pity you and I can only tell you're trying to fool people get something.
Like most girls you're probably just being egoistic,they just try to look like they're nice people so they can get whatever they can and want, wether it be goods, company, sex, filling their ego, etc. They do everything to get more stuff from us, and in such a way some people still believe they're nice, c'mon just pay some attention. Girls act like this most of the time especially with us guys who have a strong sense of protecting and helping people.
Ocasek Oct 18, 2011
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a nice guy type even though I really like to help people. Just beware and don't let girls see it if you care for people or even for her specifically, maybe they'll say this is atractive because you're a good person or whatever. Actually they see it as a weakness to exploit and will try to suck what they can from you and move on to exploit more people, or cut-off ties when you're no use.

Yeah, okay, maybe this sounds a little paranoid. What I mean is watch out. It happens a lot. Of course it happenned to me sometime too
Ocasek Oct 18, 2011
Do you hate a rattlesnake because it is what is? I mean, it does what it is supposed to do. How about a crocodile? Boa Constrictor? Puma? "Cougar"?

On any given day, it may allow you to hold it, or even caress it.

The next, day..you are eaten alive.

They are what they are, and they cannot overcome what they are. And they never will.

Men, after the age of 18, who do not understand this are fools indeed. Because you CAN overcome. That is why a woman hates you..they know you have that power, they do not, and that is why they can disrespect you so intensely..you choose not to use it, and let something inferior.."her"..dictate your future.

Answered Mar 07, 2010
what idiot would hug a boa, there are what they are, we are not mindless animals and its got nothing to do with that women just think the all that they are greedy bitches who thinks they are the only person who matters with no respect and are jealous of men so they use there pussy to try and control you thats why they all act like sluts because without there pussy there just useless weak and stupid
monian Oct 01, 2010
Monian: "women just think they're all that."
Translation: "I'm a "4" guy who keeps hitting on "8", "9" & "10" girls."
Monian: "They think they are the only person that matters, with no respect..."
Translation: "Don't those dumb bitches understand that I, Monian, am the only person that matters. They should respect the cock - MY cock!"
Monian: " They are jealous of men, so they use their pussy to try and control you..."
Translation: "They don't feel driven to have sex, you know, like I do. This makes me really mad because I want that pussy so bad - and if I want something, I should be able to get it, quickly and easily. How dare women act like they own their own bodies! All that pussy should be mine!"
Monian: "That's why they all act like sluts, because without their pussy, they're just weak, useless and stupid."
Translation: "Women are walking sperm receptacles. Why don't they accept it?
Monian, first off. Use grammar,periods, commas, etc.
Secondly as much as I hear and empathize with your frustration, you must become more educated.
I feel the idea behind your gender biased and I also believe that women are selfish. More now than ever before in history.
Laws , regulations, and social perspectives all have women in a situation of advantage over men.
But men can stop it. We will stop it.
@Bettifree The only comment you made that makes sense , is that women are walking sperm dumpsters, oh I meant "receptacles." My bad. lmfao
Freaking dyke STFU.
kaladarr, monian and fukcyou666 make the impression of extremely frustrated, pitiable men. They're full of hatred and they're not even able to reflect on their sentiments, control their aggressive urges and question their opinions. They instead choose to make fools of themselves, convinced that what they say makes them look manlier, superior, even though degrading the entirety of all women because of past experiences or whatever must come across as utterly childish, ridiculous, weak and pathetic. All those silly firebrand speeches against women- is that your understanding of masculinity? If yes I'm happy not to be a man ;-) but because I'm not as terribly, well, ignorant as you I don't generalise. You will just achieve that women will feel superior over YOU. And in a way they are because you degrade yourself. But that makes you angry, right? Unable to look at own errors. Pitiable indeed.
Eleo Aug 27, 2012
Bettifree -- yawn... go feed your overstuffed ego somewhere else.

"I am WOMAN, watch me WHORE!"
Well, looks like there's only one response from someone who knows what they're talking about. I was sort of excited when I saw that someone was going to talk about feminism in this thread but it quickly became clear that this person knows absolutely nothing about feminism. She has invented an entire fictitious human history based on her few friends who were mistreated by men. If you are interested in feminism, take a course, don't read a 13 year old girl's version of history in a forum.

Go to a psychologist because life is wasting as you put it off.
Answered Apr 30, 2010
I am an open minded guy and I have a good relationship with my mother. Unfortunately all of my downfalls are because of women.
I live in turmoil and they go on there merry way. Sometimes sex isnt even involved, even from a business point of view. So im sorry but women are not equal in my eyes, and never will be. Not that I look down at them, just stay the fuck away from me.
Answered Jul 04, 2010
Edited Jul 04, 2010
Dude , don't apologize. Your a man, it doesn't suit you to grovel to someone who actually is the "oppressor ". Women.
Thats one of womens tools. We are so well trained we start out a statement of our opinion with an apology. That is just not right.
Women are owed nothing anymore.
They want "equality". Men lets start with accountability and take it from there.
I bet they want to go back to 1955 and June Cleaver , when true equality is ever achieved.
I am pleased that you used equality with quotations, because that is exactly what it is, i.e. their version of "equality." They only care about causing as much harm and injury to whatever innocent individuals that they can find. It is obvious that they are a savage bacteria that must be utterly obliterated
Hi thanks for your reply.
I fully understand. How ever...
I am not going to be divorced with X amount of kids. Im not even going to RISK it. I have friends in this situation, and there entire worlds have been crushed. The women go happily on there way. Take the kids take the house take the money and find a new man, while the husband goes and lives in a shoe box and suffers. (I have even had friends commit suicide.)
I will stay away from soul crushing relationships. Of course relationships are brilliant at the start. But in the end (these days) its all a prison for the mind that will crush you. (this is also learning from everyone around me)
I will not RISK being cheated on ever again.
I am not one to expect. And I will not be used anymore.
All I want to do is be positive and happy.
I used to be a quiet NICE guy who would help anyone.
Lets face it. The nicer the guy is the more the female can sense weakness. And they will use that to their advantage sooner or later, whether it be in a relationship or as a business partner.

And the other thing here is. Do you think you can actually trust any other human being? I mean 100% trust them?
No. The answer is no you can not.

Ive tried and tried and tried and I have an amazing mind for troubleshooting. But I refuse to be naive.
Answered Jul 05, 2010
Edited Jul 05, 2010
No question, not all relationships work out and some business ventures fail but Thomas Edison is not remembered for his thousands of failures in finding the right material for a light bulb filament. He's remembered for the one that worked.

Your experience doesn't convince me that trusting other people makes you naive. It tells me you should re-evaluate the criteria you're using to decide who to get involved with.

Rob Jul 06, 2010
Just admit it... Women are people too.
I accept that answer includes the assumption that you are a person, just as I am but I am hopeful about at least one of us.
Dont worry too much about your past. You might just change your opinion of it but you cannot change the facts of it. I have got an opinion - but it is mine, not yours: I think women are cuddlier than men.
Women are hardly people. They live in an entirely opposite mindset than men do, however, unlike a man's mindset, a woman's is self obsessed and entirely abrasive towards men.
A man's mindset is more rational and caring in most cases, unless provoked. I was sweeter than anybody I ever met when I was younger. Then after my first few relationships, and being thrown away, I have become vicious, and even take pleasure in messing with women's minds, which I have come to understand very well.
All that they think when they meet you is how to make you want them weather they want you or not. Should they want you, they'll spend their time sucking the life out of you. Should they not, they'll still try to attract you so they can feed off of your longing desire. Women legitimatly are the most desgusting natured entities in existence.
Fuxyoutrick: "Women are hardly people. Different mindset from men...men are more...caring."
Translation: "Women aren't overwhelmed by their sex drive. Bitches! Why can't they be just like men, but prettier? Why don't they care more about Mr. Happy? He runs my life, and he SHOULD run their lives, too. And that hot little wench next door simply refuses to do me!"
Fuxyoutrick: "all they think...is how to make you want them...whether or not they want you..."
Translation: "If I want a woman, she had better damn well want me! How dare she be so attractive and yet unavailable. It's all an evil feminine plot to keep me frustrated. "
Fuxyoutrick: "Women legitimately are the most disgusting natured entities in existence."
Translation: "Hey, disgusting natured entity, I need some service here! Take those clothes off and get to work! No??? No!? What's wrong? Can't you see I'm a nice, caring man?"
Hey Fux, Yeah sucks to be a man tou there right now. We will win the war though.
Just keep it up, women are about done abusing us. Just took us time to stop believing that women would be good natured about it.
Dude just use them until they pull their head's out of their asses.

Many men , "see" women for what they are. They are "selfish".
Yes ALL of them.
hate is a very strong word and your still attracted to women so maybe its more like you dislike them..... maybe because you had problems with them in your past or something like that...
Answered Jul 19, 2010
I hate everything.
I hate democracy.
Answered Jul 30, 2010
That post from RRRRRRR

Do you hate a rattlesnake because it is what is? I mean, it does what it is supposed to do. How about a crocodile? Boa Constrictor? Puma? "Cougar"?

On any given day, it may allow you to hold it, or even caress it.

The next, day..you are eaten alive.

They are what they are, and they cannot overcome what they are. And they never will.

Men, after the age of 18, who do not understand this are fools indeed. Because you CAN overcome. That is why a woman hates you..they know you have that power, they do not, and that is why they can disrespect you so intensely..you choose not to use it, and let something inferior.."her"..dictate your future.

...is the best answer to the problem.

I "struggle" with women because honestly, I never even bother to gather the courage to even talk to them. I always go in believing no attractive girl would ever want to talk with me. For the record, I am 6'0, 196lbs, athletically toned, good looking guy. I'm here to say that LOOKS...don't matter as much as a guy's personality, and even if you appear to look like an Adonis, a bad attitude towards women (like mine), will render your attractive physical features useless.

With that said (As I'm working to overcome my fear of approaching women)...the most I can say is that ACCEPTING women for who they are seems to be the one answer most of us who struggle REFUSE to accept. Irony.

Like a snake that eats because it's a snake, women go off and have sex with heartless jerks and manipulate everyone around them because...that's who they are. To expect them to change is useless, but WE can change. YOU can change. "I" Can change. It's not that I myself advocate this answer; there is no answer. We CAN choose how to solve it.

On my side, I still struggle with respecting women, and accepting their shitty behavior (And trying to reframe my own view on them to something more positive), but, either you do or don't. The thing to remember is...we CAN. For a person to say "I can learn to love and accept women"...is ironically the answer in itself. I don't know why, but, as others have stated it, it's not about finding the magic answer...it's HOW you ARRIVED to the BEST POSSIBLE answer that determines success in ANYTHING.

I guess, three things:
-Accept yourself for what you are, and accept women for who they are.
-As a man, you CAN decide to do otherwise. Women cannot do so as easily. A MAN CAN. A woman cannot.
-There is no magic scroll. The "magic" was gained in the process of working towards the scroll.

I can't help you. You CAN go out there and do what needs to be done, or suffer. This goes for me as well. That, sadly...is the "answer" none of us wanted to hear.

So do we hate women...or do we hate ourselves for not being the guy a woman wants?
Answered Aug 23, 2010
why should you be the guy a women wants, why do men have to impress women they should impress men, why do you have to approach women why don't they come talk to you, because they just all selfish stupid ho's looking for cash, I was a guy who could never get a girl because I wasn't cool or rich and got depress almost killed myself but now I have a decent job and women think im cool because I can dance good and have fun by myself and they all love me for it, but I reject them all because im not here to impress women, I have always been nice and respectful to everyone and still is but until I find a real person I will never be with a women. I hated them for all the years I was depressed, years wasted because I wasn't there type like there better then me. anyway dont change yourself for someone because your better then them, they should be trying to impress you those up themselves sluts
monian Oct 01, 2010
A summary of King Diamond and Monian's Magnificent Male Wisdom: Woman, change for me. Your job is to be whatever I find attractive and to offer me pleasure whenever and however I want it. When I suffer, it is your job to heal all my wounds and defects, to comfort and distract, to twist yourself into a sexy-hot pretzel just for me. You exist for my enjoyment. I think of you as "it", an object, a pleasure-and-beauty machine. Or, sometimes, I see you as a dangerous animal. (Why can't you be a fluffy little nympho bunny rabbit or some other adorable-sexy pet?) I cannot and will not relate to you as a human. Once in a while, I realize that my attitude (egocentric, demanding, shallow, childish, whiny & desperate) is repelling every female in a 500 mile radius. But that's OK! All I need is my right hand! Uh-huh!
I'm THE MAN, baby! That's right - I'm perfect as is! Don't ya want me? No? Ho!

Bettifree: I cannot see what it is you hope to accomplish here. Do you not see that by responding so indignantly you actually end up preserving the myth about "selfish stupid ho's" that these guys all complain about? Is there a part of you that secretly enjoys getting this kind of negative attention from men?
@Bettifree STFU dyke.
kaladarr: Rage much?
You have to stay down to come up. Most people in general are not always nice whether it is a man or woman. Look at it this way let's say if even 95% women are worthy of strong dislike or even hatred why waste your time on them or dwelling on prior bad experiences. Work on the other 5% and keep focused and positive. True a female can get sex anytime she wants but most of the time it will be with guys she is not attracted to. A man can have sex anytime he wants if he pays a prostitute or finds a girl who likes drugs and spends hardly any money may-be 5$-$20 so we as men have the power too only it will cost a few bucks. We don't ever have to bleed every month, or bear children and we are not judged nearly as hard as women if we are promiscuous etc. Each gender has it's pros and cons. Also fat women, homely women and ugly women don't have it easy at all so we as men have it way easier than women at times. Like I said it balances out. Hate some of the B.S. but don't hate women. Hate the system that creates all the hostility and the battle of the sexes but don't hate women. Some of them are worthy of disliking and even hating but most are not. Hate the dating ritual and all that if you want but don't hate human beings. Hate the cultural rules and stupid traditions and customs. But like you and you will find a women that likes you it is not easy but stay down and be confidant and very patient.
Answered Aug 28, 2010
i agree but what idiot follows that society b.s everyone there all so involved in trying to be society prefect person and means having the good looking rich outgoing boyfriend because they will be too embarrassed to have an overweight poor quiet guy as there boyfriend
monian Oct 01, 2010
I like your sensible outlook. After a day full of reading the vilest comments about women by hateful men your post is like a refreshing glass of cool water :-) Thanks!
Eleo Aug 27, 2012
Just get a couple of crackheads and spend about $10 and use a condom. You can have sex 5 times a week for $50 without having to date or commit none of that. Some of those crackhead girls are still attractive. You can even have 3somes. Less headaches and plenty of fun. It will cure all the hatred you have of women.
Answered Aug 28, 2010
Edited Aug 28, 2010
TommyD, I hope a few of those crackheads run a little game on you, maybe give you a drink with a little something extra, and you wake up a few hours later with no women to exploit, no drugs, no money and no smug attitude. : )
@Bettifree STFU dyke.
bettifree you just got told.
Bettifree did not just 'get told', she keeps getting some little twerp with the alias "kaladarr", following her around, calling her a dyke everytime she says something that makes sense (I think he finds her a threat). Even IF she was a dyke (which I don't think she is), she makes a LOT of sense in everything she writes.
women hard to live with... impossible to live without. find the reason (the core) the motivation for this hate. and you might want to visit a Psychologist (dont take it offensively) but it is better to deal with it as soon as possible and hey it might be hard but not impossible. I know this because I use to have anger problems ever since I was a toddler and my father left to America to get a job I was physically abuse by my mother and I grew angry and sour at life angry at my father for leaving me and hate towards my mother for the hell she made me live. this was until a couple of years ago after all this hate almost ruined my liver. I finally got the help I needed life is not perfect but I been in a steady relation for 4 years and she allways tells me that im perfect and I have a great relation with my parents. yes its hard some times I almost explode like any other person wounds are hard to heal, but one step at the time my friend. life is a much prettier place when you have your love one next to you. peace be with you.
Answered Aug 29, 2010
Impossible to live without? Why?
Smackup Sep 23, 2014
The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman want?"
Sigmund Freud.
Answered Aug 29, 2010
A women wants what she sees at the moment.
Womens wants and desires continually change.
Not that I give a ratt"s ass.
Women do not focus on creating something or achievement.Instead focus on how do I feel.
This is the problem.
Nothing to do but think about how "I" feel.
One has to think about others to achieve a higher state of mind.
Oh and just for the record, I am not in any "higher" state of mind.
I am an egocentric ass hole.
I do care about others though.
I will just not waste my time on caring about people who cannot or won't help themselves or be helped.

Well... that's a little self-offensive... 'x_x
kaladarr, you're nothing short of an animal. Conducted not by mind, but by feral urges. And you enjoy it to the fullest ;-)
Eleo Aug 27, 2012
why will a woman go to the beach wear a bikini so small her nipples are half exposed then get mad at men because there looking at her? dont women know men are going to look? were not going to change. so if your going to prance around near naked expect men to look at you.
Answered Sep 02, 2010
This is a no brainer.
Yeah she does want you to be looking.
She isn't pissed , she is just being a woman.
You are not an alpha male on her priority list, so until she finds him she will manipulate you for entertainment.
cause u r a fag maybe do u like boys obviousness is sometimes the actual answer u know if ur gay come out no one blames u no one discriminates that ended 50 years ago
Answered Sep 14, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Maybe casue your attracted to boys/men? (not trying to be cheeky or anything) but your mum and sister hmm sorry cant help with that >.< (sad face)
Answered Sep 15, 2010
He isn't gay, stop jumping on that bandwagon.
Get an original thought.
Most men who hate women have the same basic, underlying reason: the men (overgrown boys, really) want plenty of quick, no-strings sex with 18-25 year old "babes" who have classically beautiful faces and perfect hourglass figures. They feel that they need and DESERVE this, even if the males in question are 40, 50, 60 or older, fat, out of shape, plain or downright ugly, boring, stupid, dishonest, self-centered and maybe not even good in bed. When these males hit on the "hotties" and those "pretty young THINGS" turn them down...well, these narcissistic, clueless guys decide that all women are selfish, cold-hearted bitches. How dare the young, beautiful girls refuse to give them "a piece"! The silly skanks don't seem to have read the script to your average porno - don't they realize that their whole reason for living is to attend to the mighty male member? As for the women who might be friendlier and more available, those females should understand that they aren't attractive enough to enjoy male attention. How many middle-aged men despise and look down on their wives for no reason except that she aged or her body isn't the same after bearing HIS children? The worst part is that the "old bag" won't graciously step back into the shadows and let her hubby enjoy himself with some little cutie. Doesn't she realize that a man has needs? The most irritating thing about women is that they actually think they have rights, too, and needs, and sometimes those needs are different from a man's. Women just don't see that a man's wishes are what's most important. It's thought processes like this that have men hating half the human race. Many men have a blind spot when it comes to their own self-centeredness, unrealistic expectations and sense of entitlement. My guess is that you are approaching women who are "out of your league"....physically/sexually more attractive than you. No doubt, the fact that you don't have any interest in women, but just want the use of a nice female body now and then, only adds to the growing pile of rejections. I'm sure you perceive women as cruel and calculating, "humiliating" and frustrating your manhood, etc...why can't they just act like life-size sex dolls or fem-bots or something? Start looking at women as human beings, try to grasp that female needs and desires are different from yours (and just as important as yours!), RELAX, quit scheming about how to get Miss Hotsy-Totsy in bed, be pleasant and friendly to EVERYONE, and consider what I wrote here. Look at some of the nasty, bitter replies from men in this section: "Women aren't really people" and ones like that. It always comes down to a man trying (and failing) to get his knob polished regularly by the best-looking, most popular honeys. Guys, that "honey" isn't your property simply because you want her. She has the right to say no. If you hate her for having that right, you'll be hearing that word on a regular basis!

Answered Oct 02, 2010
@Bettifree STFU DYke.
Wow , Betii, why don't you just tell the world that you cannot keep a man because your old and ugly.
Your pussy pass expired and you were so selfish that your man went out and got instant gratification.
Nice reaction to a problem that you yourself created.
Lonely much?

This post was made of win. You just summed up all my thoughts on this topic into words. Here, have an ecookie for your efforts! *gives ecookie*
Ally Oct 08, 2010
@Bettifree, I think your an offensive bitch. im 16, not bad looking and ive been rejected before but who the fuck cares. get your head out of your arse and see yourself for what you are.
toolkid Nov 03, 2010
You mad and you cannt seperate fact from emotion that why your so pissed off and you never will be able to seperate the difference so just stay out of the conversation you emotional up tight bitch on her period
I do not like women either, but I also do not like lemon pie, or baseball, so go figure, some things aren't for everyone. My friend's all have girlfriends, but they are clearly all there for only purpose, the pussy, which doesnt really get me going, sex is fine, but it's not worth dealing and lieing to a women and fucking with your head and her head. Now I just stay out of relationships and sexual encounters because I feel healthier mentally this way.

Remember sex is money these days, so obviously sex is being marketed very strongly at us from a young age, in your head growing up you just think that hey when I grow up Im going to have Sex, and a Wife, and Kids, and it'll all be great (for the condom/birth control/sex toy/prostitute/flower shop/ every other sex corporations)! You'll end up arguing, stressing yourself out and shortening your own life, while pissing away time that could have been spent furthering your own conciousness and self.

Then again I was never a fan of sex, the only sexual need I ever had was getting an orgasm, once I'm there I'm satisfied, so why screw some piece of meat (which will cost time, stress (health), and money) Unless you have no backbone and need sex because society wants you to bone some chick so you can locked up in a mortgage, daycare, and a whole world of consumerism that you wont be able to escape from, so you'll spend the rest of your life making money just to give it all away in order to appease what you think you need to be happy.

thats my rant for the night peace out
Answered Oct 10, 2010
M.O.B money over bitches because there animals fuck them and keep it moving because women are natural liars it's been proven that there brain dont react the same to a lie like a man because they cant seperate fact from emotion did you ever try to have a emotional conversation stating facts and then they cannt handle it and begin to degrade you because there feels are hurt thats because there animals that cannot seperate fact from emotion so dont expect for anything to change with and if you let them make important decisions for you your worst off then they because of that emotional attachment to every fact women are natural love thats what makes them good mother when they lose that emotional attachment they become like what you would call a horrible mother but just because she loving doesnt make her a good mother she has to been sound in mind as well but back to the point M.O.B FUCK EM
steezydude, u make more sense than most of these idiots.

the fact of the matter is both women and men are self concious. more and more these days due to the photoshop models and unbelievably symetric gorgeous ladies on movies and huge posters. people have to understand that
women are under a lot of pressure to have certain standards. lets face it, if a guy had the choice between an unkept hair, no makeup, raggy clothed girl and a girl with a push up bra and well lotioned skin which one do you think he'd choose. sme goes for a woman. but mostly because thats what's expected of you. imagine what people would say if they saw you with that ugly chick/guy.
dont you have some standards. eeew.
the problem is sex isnt what it was decades ago. Christianity along with other major religions has succesfully made sex a sin or something to feel guilty about.
and in the case of women in general, they feel more self concious because they have more to live up to (some seem nearly impossibe) great body, childbirth, child rearing, pregnancy, perfect hygeine (certainly more than men) kindness,
cooking (still to this day) elegant walk (yes! even that! imagine a women that walked like a cagefighter or a rapper.) and the list goes on. all a guy has to do basically is wear a suit,be in ok shape, shave, and be confident and nonchalant.

women are nervous creatures but that doesnt mean a lot because women realise just how effective they are. im talking about something that was here before tv and all this sex "sells" business. im talkin about the "humps"...lol.
yes boobies and ass and all the right curves with the main attraction. the body. the body. the body. the only reason for sex is the body and all this love bullshit can be handled later. all men like at first sight is the body (not even the face) and all women like is approval. the problem nowadays is that they get a surplus amount of it everywhere they go yet they still want more than the average girl.

AND ALL OF THIS IS BECAUSE: men are sexually controlled (easily)

women think theyre individually special

people are sheep meant to be controlled

i used to hate women to but loved sex. later I found out that it was because
i was a bit afraid of what they might say about me. I then realised that I felt guilty for nothing and ive been putting women above myself.
treat women like the next door neighbors kid (like you dont even care but not rude) and see what happens.
Answered Oct 14, 2010

No, that is not gay...gay is when you actually LIKE women. I think there is a natural adversarial relationship between men and women, we are in fact very different. The trick is to learn to accept the differences, and focus on the similarities.

I have a tenuous relationship with the female species; so many of their ways are far too different from mine, but...I respect those differences. This is why I'm successfully in a relationship, I know that work is required, and I do the work.

It would be far better for all of us, if we just once and for all admit, men and women are in fact different.

It would be much ea
Answered Oct 16, 2010
if I would have read this when you first posted it I would I have felt the same I am a 28 yr old I have been married, divorced, and had 2 other serious people after that. just cause ur a man dosent mean anything. I felt the same way about men I would get light headed sick to my stomach ect just passing them in stores. and my past " men" 2 were fine and the last one beat me every day no lie for 3 years. but as u can see I finally got out. I moved out of state and o promised myself with everything I had ever had I was not going to put myslef thru nor my kids. so when I came here all knew men, women everything I still had it just worse, and I stayed that way for 1 yr and 8 months. I am not saying I didnt have a guy or to I didnt talk to but with them being lucky enough to even be saying hi to me every day dosnt mean I likeed them, they were my freinds before I promised myself that. so anyway, I went on life normal and after so long it got confussing because I aint going to lie I still " wanted " it just not them, so I was stuck because I was not going to make myself a whoe for something I hated but that I would just have been useing. u see? as time went on and the more I felt I just got used to it I couldnt fight it I couldnt change so I gave up on ALL of it. and now 3 years after that promise yes I am with the greatest man in the world. So after we had really gotten together I sit back and I would think about what it was I really hated cause well u see something happened. I relized one of couse the ones I had been with were wrong plus mean ect but this guy that how he did and he didnt know at that time he was doing it that " I despised his kind" so u will know what to do how to do it everything when and if that one person comes along. but u can't just give in to urself and do it to every last one cause after awhile your going to run out of getting over that " if thats what u want" and yes it is true if you dont get along with your mother, no one else matters but ur mom even if it u giving in or what because when and if "shes" if comes along and u do notice it before she dose then u'll be fine. I know I have talked your ear off I am sorry lol but really its up to you how you deal with it what you want. but good luck with whatever road u do take. and one more thing just think about it if u dont try and u run all of them off then u are going to get older and if this just something right now when or if it gose away and no ones giving a sec of time u cant get mad or blame no one else but u.
Answered Oct 20, 2010
Your story seems to be very difficult to relive, I am thankful that you did though, I can not honestly say any of the other "answers" have made me feel anything but more bitter and cynical about the "question". I really am always shocked at how much thought goes into answering some pretty thoughtless questions like this, but I was moved by your honesty and lack of pretension. Like most of the readers here I am plagued by strong feelings of disgust and meaninglessness centering on this issue. The replies here are evidence, some for internal, others external, as to the source of these feelings. Thank you for writing from the heart and giving encouragement. That may be all we as individuals can do when faced with a question of this magnitude.
WOmen are flaky for the most part and I hate them. They are fucking carbon copies and that's it. I wish I could love women more. I'm actually going out with a girl tomorrow and I have to pretend everything is fine, I don't want to settle down, but I get fake numbers, lies, etc. BECAUSE I DON'T DRESS THE PART OF THE "DISTUINGUISHED MALE" and it's fucking bullshit.

I have nobody that I can talk to about this who can see my side of the equasion because they all dress normal. Me on the other hand are investing all of my money into my business and I have no time to dress "cute".

They say that women are "intuitive" but it's really a bunch of bullshit, because if they were, they'd probably take a greater chance on me.

I have women flirt with me all day, I flirt back and vice versa, but when it comes to the "nut up or shut up" part of the interaction, they are flakes for the most part and I despise a womens personality.

My girl is great... Extremely Smart, University student, couple of degrees, cute.

Women are flakes and it's fucking pathetic. I fucking hate women.

(You want to know how to attract women... You tell them you have a girl.

In 5 minutes, I'm going to show this letter to a random girl at my school... She's going to read that I already have a girl and she's going to "talk me through it".

I know the game, have no problem seducing women, know when to "pull the trigger" etc. but I have no respect for "the game" whatsoever. It's all superficial bullshit.

I don't want to dress nice, just because women like it at the expense of my business.

I don't want to tell them about my personal life, because then, it's not me attracting the women, it's my social status that's attracting women.

I'll probably never get married because of this shit.

The girl that I'm with didn't start emailing me back until my podcast got really successful on itunes. (But I'm not going to fight it because I like the conversation and the sex)

I can attract women, but I don't respect it in the least. It's all way outside of my moral code the way that women are attracted.
Answered Oct 20, 2010
You want to get laid, go to Mystery Method... It works for anyone. But as far as my respect for women, it is slim.
you sound so bitter. You obviously cant attract quality women. Women are working harder than ever now in school, so we dont have to depend on ass holes like you. We can make our own money. We don't have to suck your dick to get yours!
Dizzle Jun 10, 2012
Women are the absolute epitome of the following words:


All women have descended from a succubus. Not one woman on this planet is worthy of mercy. Why is it so hard for them to just accept the free ride through life that so many men offer? All they have to do is give orgasms, cook, and clean. In return? They are given EVERYTHING. Money, a car, a life, clothing, jewelry, children (Despite not being a desire of many men). It's absolutely ludicrious how much power they have, without even realizing it. Women in divorce courts? Automatic victory. No matter how atrocious and vile they are, all they have to fucking do is cry, and they win. They win the kids, they win the child support, they win the house, they win the car.

Rape? Sure, I will not deny that sometimes it is a nasty issue. A body is to be respected. However, did you know that if a woman comes on to you, or even during sex, is allowed to say "no" or "stop" and if you dont do it right that instant, despite having to suffer through blue balls, she can cry rape, bring it to court, and win? There are some cases when the female chops off the genitals of the man in "self defense". With all of this feminism bullshit going around, she fucking wins! The man is no longer a man anymore. He falls into a deep depressions, loses his job, his home, his car. He spends the rest of his life experiencing something worse than death, all because he gave a woman an orgasm when she didnt ask for it.

I hope women suffer and die. Perhaps someday by my hand. Ever seen the poughkeepsie tapes? Then you've seen someone I may someday try to live up to.

To all women reading this: I fucking hate you. I hate your mother. I hate your sister. I hate your aunt. I hate your cousin. I hate your friend. I cannot wait to look into your eyes as your worthless, illogical, contradictory life fades from this world.
Answered Oct 27, 2010
You are my hero
Spot on
mw3 Aug 13, 2011
You are a psychopath and I hope you get help.
Dizzle Jun 10, 2012
I hope you have overcome your depression or whatever it is that made you write this evidence of (possibly) destructive hatred by now. I'm seriously sorry that all these bad things happen to men and if it were in my hands to change these circumstances I surely would. They are no reason though to wish death upon all women who'll perhaps never even come into any of the situations that you've mentioned. It's so short-sighted and insane... But to be capable of as much hatred as you displayed one has to be insane, I guess. I'm just glad that my own little world was never darkened by any kind of gender problems or what to call it.
Eleo Aug 27, 2012
Women actually have to work in todays world, a dual income is usually (unless the guy is super rich) a very very important thing for the family. On top of working just like her husband she also must do unpaid labour at home; cooking, cleaning, rasing kids. No longer does the woman sit around and raise babies while the man earns bread. this is very old fashioned and for many families, not possible because they need the womans income. And the problem if they don't work? they end up with people like you for husbands; worthless hateful people that would keep her as a slave and hold financial power over her.

If you hate women it's probably because you're a loser and girls don't like you and you're resentful of that. Sorry. I hope that you are gay.

so sorry that you have to suffer blue balls. it's on par with being raped, it must be so painful and life destroying for you.

you're a pussy
Look around you...notice something? why are women NEVER with men who are shorter than them?

Whose life revolves around purchasing shiny objects for the wrists, fingers and neck...or to carry cosmetics in...not based on their comfort, functionality or quality, but because some gay, feminine clothing designer decided these things should be in style?

Why is it having a nice body is enough to put a woman in a situation where men drool over her and try to proove themselves in order to get a number and, then try to proove themselves over the phone to maybe a date in order to try to say all the right things at the right time in order to advance to the next step? When has having a nice body ever gotten a man this sort of treatment?

He has to be tall, he has to have a "bad ass"/dangerous feel, he has to be quirky, he has to be wealthy, he has to be...blah blah

The irony about women is that they complain about the man who doesn't care about them, is disloyal and uncompassionate and report what they want men to be...yet they choose the first type over and over again and dismiss the latter over and over again.
Answered Oct 30, 2010
There certainly is a lot of hate here... I understand why these men are all disgusted with women. I think its very simple. Men want certain women and they reject them. If you're rejected enough, you start to get really really bitter. So bitter that you begin hating the very thing you want. I can't speak for everyman but a pretty/hot/gorgeous/slut/women/girl can control your emotions. Its like an obsession thats built into us. When you don't get what you want... its nothing short of maddening.

There really is nothing I can say other than this to the guys who are suffering. The hot bitches are conceited and dumb because all men want them. If you step back and take a look at yourself you'll realize that going after someone who isn't as drop dead gorgeous may be the better option. They have more character and they really appreciate you for you.

Women, don't blame men for being so shallow or angry... its hardwired into them, just as being attracted to confidence is hardwired into you. Less hate for each other... more love. We just need to control our own egos, and the world will change into a much different and better place.
Answered Oct 30, 2010
I may agree with the first paragraph, but the second was just fucking stupid. If you wish to degrade yourself and be second best, then, by all means, do so. Some of us actually don't give a shit and will fucking kill those "hot bitches" rather than let them treat us like shit. Also, stop with that "love" bullshit. That fucking makes me sick. Get the fuck off the forum you stupid idiot hippie douchebag
Shallow? How many attractive women date unattractive men? How many date rich men? Angry? Have you ever talked to a radical feminist? As a guy, I wasn't hardwired this way, I learned to hate women!
im 16, my mother has always been a bitch to me ALWAYS. shes always been crazy in her head, unstable, and when she shouted at me and I didnt understand why when I was younger I just saud sorry because I wanted her to stop. My dad has been around but he is a drug addict and a loser. Eventually, as I got older, I started understanding that she was unstable but I still ended up being the sorry one because you just couldnt win an argument with her. And now I have all this anger in me, I actualy laugh at women and theyre ways. the few relationships ive had have fallen to pieces because I just didnt know how to be loving. I was a zombie. I dunno if youve had a similar experience to me mate but good luck in getting over it and tell me if you do, how you did it.
Answered Nov 02, 2010
This is a very old thread but in the event someone is reading all these rants as I am and desires to find "HOPE". Whether male or female, hate is rampant. Both male and female feel rejected. Also, went through the rather normal "hate" my Dad, hate my Mom thing too, unfortunately they were human and I had to forgive them for not being WHAT I WANTED THEM TO BE SO THAT I WOULD FILL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF. I had to learn to love myself before I could love others, I had to learn to control my 3 year old temper tantrums ie give me what I want which lead to bitterness, anger, unhappiness, depression, etc. You hate yourself, not someone else, even if they don't reject you you are still going to be filled with hate. Go ahead, respond with vile, hate.
nancykh Oct 28, 2012
Tomorrow you will be the same unhappy person versus understand you are the problem not some other person. People deceive each other but when we deceive ourself that is truly sad because there then becomes no hope.
nancykh Oct 28, 2012

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