Getting answers from a community college teacher

My daughter is in an OTA program at a community college. It was a 2 yr wait to get into the program, so she had to take other courses for 2 yrs. She got in the fall of 2008. This fall her grade in one of her classes was a 73.4% she needs a 74 to stay in the program. The question she had was the last paper she did several of them got to redo it because of an overall poor performance on the paper. Her second grade was a 25 out of 100. She doesn't understand how after redoing it that it could be that low. Her teacher forwarded her concern to her supervisor, but did not answer her question. Her supervisor did not answer the question either. I am fustrated but I want her to handle it, but if she does not get answers, I will step in. After pumping thousands of dollars into her education to this school, I need answers.
Asked Dec 16, 2009
i have to lizards and they are fast i want to take them out but they might get away so what should i do?
Answered Jan 09, 2010
Please don't ask your question in other peoples posts. Just be patient, someone will answer your post eventually.

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