How do you work inequalities and put them on a number line?

How do you work inequality equations and graph them on a number line.
Like X < 2 or -1> x.

Do you know how to do them? Never mind I figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asked Dec 15, 2009
Edited Dec 15, 2009
Ok, first, treat the inequality as a regular equation, for this case, x < 2.

If you treat it like an equation, then it would be x = 2. When you find that point, look at the sign.

If you have <, then you should circle the number point. Since this symbolizes that the number has to be smaller than the point you circled, so make squiggley lines that cover most of the smaller numbers, in this case, 2. Here is a demonstration:

- 5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

The squiggles are the shade and notice that there is an arrow at the end of the shade. That means that the shade goes on forever.

A quick tip would be that which ever way that the sign < or > points is where you should shade.
WARNING: Sometimes, it could be mixed up, like 5 > x. Just switch them around if it helps you like from that to x < 5.
Answered Dec 16, 2009

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