What is the standard size to replace windows in bedrooms in Los Angeles?

an inspector told me that a standard size window in bedrooms shall be 4feet by 4 feet at least one in each room as part of new safety. I need to know if this is true. I put 4/3 feet and I have to replace it now.
Asked Dec 14, 2009
Edited Dec 14, 2009
Panchito, I don't know about any building code changes that say that you have to replace a broken window with a larger size, so I recommend that you call the code enforcement office and check on that yourself.

Each town/city has it's own building code but most of them follow a basic
pattern and are usually quite uniform.

If you had to get a building permit so you could legally change the old window, they should have told you if you had to install a larger size to conform to a change it the building code. This would have been unusual but LA and the LA area is a crazy area anyway so why not change the building code and not tell anyone about it...

If your job wasn't a new home or a new addition, the old window size should have been fine, but if it is new construction, and you didn't have to submit a set of plans for approval to get the license, the deal could go either way.

This whole deal hinges on whether you had to submit plans to get a permit and whether the window size was mentioned in the plans you submitted or on the permit that was issued.

Since there are two issues here, for me, new vs. old and whether you had to submit plans and if they included the window size your were replacing, I'm at a loss.

A usual rule of thumb here is to replace what was broken with the like size and style to make it more or less as it was before so no major reconstruction is needed.

I hope this helps.
Answered Jan 29, 2010
Most states in the nation have adopted new building codes, requiring larger windows in each room of a residence. This is called an egress window. The mind-set is, in the event of a fire or other in home emergency, at least one window in each room (bathrooms are excluded), are sufficiently large enough to premit escape from the residence. The general rule of thumb is a window of 50" by 40", and that the window must, of course, be functional for opening. Of course, each jurisdiction is going to be slightly different, and if your building inspector told you a specific size, rest assured, that is what is required in your area. As difficult as it may be to adjust to, it is in the best interest to you and your safety.
Answered Apr 23, 2011

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