What can you do if the house you are renting goes to auction?

We are renting a house and today there was a notice on the door that the house is going to auction.

A) Do we still pay rent?
B) How long do we have to move or do we have to be out by the notice date, which is January 5, 2010?
C) What else can we do? There has got to be some sort of law other than the lease the owner of the house broke.

Obviously since the house is going to auction, the home has been foreclosed on, so therefore the owners that we were paying rent to, are no longer legally the owners so the landlord tenant act would no longer be valid.

I however do not know when we have to leave and how to get our security deposit, we are renting a large home and rent isn't cheap, so the deposit isn't something that can be just thrown out. We need that back to find another home.
Asked Dec 14, 2009
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Thanks for the answer.<3
blahh Dec 14, 2009
Your question was posted a year ago. What was the outcome of the situation?
Jan 5 is not the date you are to vacate the property. That's the date of the auction. If you want to stay in the property for awhile, try to find out from the sheriff's office who the mortgage company is who is foreclosing. Try to work something out with the mortgage company to continue staying in the property. I wouldn't pay anything to the defaulted owner. in some states the lease follows the property. If that's the case, sign up a new lease with the mortgage company who holds the mortgage and pay your monthly rent to them. Otherwise the house will set and run down and could be vandalized. It's worth a try.
Answered Jan 08, 2010
I don't really think there is anything you can do. If the owner of the property you're renting is having a foreclosure then I would say yes you have to be out by the notice date on the paper. Now since the owner is having a foreclosure on the rental property(aka your home) I don't think you'll get your security deposit back. If he can't pay for that place then how is he suppose to pay you? I'm sure your security deposit you paid him is long gone now. If you have a lease agreement or something of that nature stating you get your security deposit back, etc. then you could always take legal action in court against him if he refuses to give you your security deposit. If there is no documents of the security deposit then it's your word against his and that won't hold up in court. ALSO, taking him to court would initially cost money also so depending on the security deposit it probably isn't worth your troubles. Anyways, just contact who you're renting from and ask about the security deposit. An about the do you have to pay rent thing, if there is a lease then yes you pay rent. If you don't want to pay rent in January be out of there before then. Good luck hun!
Answered Dec 14, 2009

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