Can my Walmart money card hold 7500 dollars?

i'm getting a 7500 dollar bonus from my job will it go on the card if its direct deposited from my employer?
Asked Dec 13, 2009
Edited Dec 13, 2009
why would you need it to hold that much money
Answered Dec 13, 2009
@navywife09 okay.. that's not even irrelevant to the question that was asked... don't post a response to a question if you don't know the answer..

for "jism" I only think the card can hold 1500 max, so even though this question is probably no longer valid, and you probably already hold the answer.. I felt like posting.. just because of the previous response.
Answered Feb 21, 2010
"okay.. that's not even irrelevant to the question that was asked" Correction... It's either not relevant, or irrelevant. You just used a double negative which is not only always incorrect, but you negated the point of your statement.

However, you are right, navywife09: Please post answers as answers, and comments as comments, thank you.
I have been using the walmart loadable debit/credit card for years. You can not use gift cards to load your walmart money card. You can only use cash or by cashing a professional check. ie: payroll, government checks. The most you can load to a card is $1,500. Hope this helps!
Answered Feb 18, 2011
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