Tips On Buying A Used Car

I am looking for my first car. However, I can not afford a new one. Therefore, I am going to buy a used one. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/suggestions/advice. What types of things should I be looking for? What questions should I be asking? How much mileage is too much? Anything else that you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. By the way, if it matters, I am going to be getting an automatic rather than a manual. Also, are there any good websites for buying a used car? I am open to any and all suggestions/tips/etc. Thank you.
Asked Dec 12, 2009
You can do a google search and find local used car sale lots and go through there inventory then call if a car catches your interest. Mileage is a big deal but really you have no control over that unless you know how well the car has been taken care of. My advice is to bring someone educated in cars such as your dad/brother/cousin/sister/etc. to have them look under the hood. Make sure you test drive the car a good amount and check under the car after driving to make sure there are no leaks. When you do find a car you want you can always get the VIN number and go to and pull a report it costs money($30 I think) but is so worth it in the end because you will know if its ever been wrecked and who owned it and how it was taken care of. Also, make sure you run insurance on the car using the VIN number to make sure it's not costly. Really though if you ask questions dealers will sometimes lie to sale that is why you need to research yourself. Good luck! P.S. Also if you find a car you want make sure to use to look up how much the car is worth so you don't get ripped.
Answered Dec 13, 2009
Also, unless you are very knowledgeable about mechanics, make arrangements to have serious possibilities examined by a mechanic you trust.
Get a car history check to establish if the car has any outstanding finance, has been stolen or written off
Answered May 30, 2013
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Answered Mar 11, 2014
If you are planning to buy used, buy from the professional dealers not from somewhere you don’t know. Also, do used car valuation as it will let you know the information about car like its Service history and your cars value based on Year, Brand, Model, Variant, Kilometers, etc.
Answered Apr 14, 2016
hey if do you want to tips for buying car, you can see the car price at free classified ads website, here you can get easily car as per on expected price.
Answered May 23, 2016
I like to recommend “Nott Autocorp” for those who are really looking for pre-owned cars / used cars
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Now it’s easy to sort out what exactly – “the make and model” or type of vehicle is You can match preferences by filtering the results so that you can get the vehicle to your match.
Answered Jun 26, 2017
First thing first, when you’re looking to buy or sell cars, you don’t look for “interesting and innovative”—you factor quality atop.

Like what is the quality of services offered by the car dealer, how responsive the company is in addressing customers’ queries, what is its past record in making successful deals, what kind of cars does it deals in, and so on.

Now coming to your question…
Honestly, there are many of such online service providers. From my own personal experience, I would endorse Hamrah Mechanic. I have sold my car via them. And some of my friends have made their purchase through them.

One of the biggest USP of Hamrahmechanic is customer support. The team is very responsive in addressing customers’ problems. To that, they deal in many different types of cars that can fit in wide range of budget! Whether you’re buying or selling the car, you can expect fair pricing. Visit for more information.
Answered Jan 05, 2018
You have to check various things before buying a car like:
Do Your Research. ...
Look into Pre-financing Options. ...
Shop Around. ...
Negotiate Terms. ...
Look at Both New and Used Cars. ...
Buy Based on Purchase Price, Not on Monthly Payments. ...
Utilize the Internet. ...
Don't Mention Your Trade-In. helped me in buying a car.
Answered Aug 31, 2018

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