How do I trim an exterior door that is steel with wood core?

I have an exterior door that is a thin steel sheet on both sides with a a 1" core of wood. I need to trim 1/4" to allow for clearance over new tile floor just installed
Asked Dec 11, 2009

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you need to put the door on a flat surface, ie sawhorses or a table & you must cut it with a circular saw with a metal cutting blade. use a cutting guide to insure you cut it straight. after cutting you will need to install a new door bottom w/ a rubber sweep to insure no drafts. you will have to cut more than a 1/4 inch to allow for new bottom but this is accomodated by the new bottom available in any hardware store.
Answered Dec 12, 2009
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Answered Oct 19, 2013
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Answered Nov 22, 2013
Doors can be made from wood, fiberglass or metal and are available in many styles. A metal door usually has a thin sheet-steel skin that may be smooth or stamped to make it resemble a wood door. Hollow metal doors usually have a core of insulation to help keep drafts down. Cutting a metal door to add a window or pet door takes different tools and techniques than cutting a wood door.If you are interested to find the information about this topic you must have a look at this website you will find all the answers of your question here.
Answered Dec 19, 2013
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Answered Nov 14, 2014
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Answered Nov 24, 2015
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