How do i transfer my lime wire tunes to my i pod

how do i transfer my lime wire library to my i tunes library so i can download them onto my i pod
Asked Dec 11, 2009
Although it is quite a simple procedure, I will not be informing you of it because you should not illegally download music. Limewire is a crime, and is destroying the music industry. You should pay for music, not steal it. Not to mention, of all the ways for you to steal music, Limewire is the worst, so shame on you from both ends of the stick.
Answered Dec 11, 2009
When I downloaded Limewire, I downloaded itunes on first and When I downloaded songs off Limewire it automatically sent it to my itunes. And ONI_KAMI they're looking for an answer not a lecture :)
Answered Dec 15, 2009
I find your story HIGHLY unlikely. In other words, I think you're full of bull, I doubt you buy CDs.
Ok I really don't care what you think. I mean obviosly you have no life since all you do is answer questions. Why don't you ask some for a change?
I do have a life, I just answer all the questions I've missed when I get the chance. As for asking questions, I'm a member of another site similar to this where I post my questions. My questions always get answered almost instantly, so there'd be no reason for me to post my questions on two sites, now would there be?
Music is music .artists want u 2 listen 2 their music and that's exactly wut we're doing!!!You're not my parents so you don't tell me wut 2 do!!!!If u don't like what I said you can add a comment on!!!!!
Answered Dec 28, 2009
Guys just answer the question..


When you download a song from limewire at the bottom it will say done download Right click on that and press Locate On disk. After you have done that it should bring up every song that you downloaded from limewire once your at there Open Itunes and Drag all your songs Over to your itunes. Once there on your itunes Sync to your ipod
Answered Dec 28, 2009
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