If my cat is missing will she come home?

Asked Dec 10, 2009
i dont think she will if your out in the country and you cant find her a fox or wolf might of got her :( I had this happen with my new kitten and she hasnt showed up for ten hours
don't be worry , that is happening now to me , I lost my cat and I miss him , but don't worry , he will come back because this happens to me 4 times, and then he come's back.
if ishe really loves you she will return
Answered Dec 29, 2009
My cat disappeared for 2 months but know shes home so I know how it feels to miss your cat
my cat disappeared about a month ago and I haven't seen it, nor has anyone else. my kids are so sad, they just want to know what happened so there is closure. Sorry about yours. I hope it finds its way home to you.
Answered Dec 10, 2009
Thank you. I hope yours comes back.
Did she come home?
is she on heat or pregnant?
Answered Dec 12, 2009
I hope she comes home!!! If she does, have the microchip put in her. It's inexpensive and really saves you a LOT of worrying. I'll say a prayerfor you, too. It's terrible to lose an animal.
Answered Jan 02, 2010
It's easier for a dog to find his/her home, but maybe not for cat. Anyway, bless your cat. I hope and believe that she will find the way back home eventually.
Answered Jan 03, 2010
I've heard of a story where a cat returned to it's home 10+ years later. I hope yours turns up soon.
Answered Feb 07, 2010
I'm sorry to hear about your cat. My cat ran away for a week but every nite I called him and left food on the porch. Then one day I was calling him and he came running thru the field up into the house. If your cat is in heat she will stay away until its over and when she comes home she will be thirsty and hungry and will probably sleep for days. Don't give up hope, every nite call for her, believe it or not but cats no where their house is, their like a dog. They scents of smell are amazing. I will keep you in my prayers, God will bring her back to you. If your still worried try animal control, local vets and so on, some people are kind enough to keep the pets but leave info with the officials, just so they don't give your cat to someone else.
Answered Mar 07, 2010
i hope your cat comes back soon. My cat has been missing for a week and it is not the first time. Sadly, some well intentioned person has been feeding her and that is why she has been staying away from home. I am going to put up photos of her and an appeal to please not feed her as she has her adopted sisters who miss her very much - Twinkle a rescue cat and Daisy a rescue dog! My missing cat is called Susie and we all miss her so much. She is tagged and has a collar and tag alert on it along with a bell to protect the wild life.

Best wishes for you and yours x
Answered Apr 04, 2010
Its unpredictable to tell the truth.
Im going through the same thing right now, my cat summer went missing and that isnt like her. I knew she was happy she was my baby girl and it has been 16 days that I havent seen her but I still belive she will turn up one day.
Dont give up on your cat.
Good luck
Answered Jun 07, 2010
If she has not been injured, she will probably come home. Cats sometimes get locked in people's garages or garden sheds. There are also pet finding services such as helpfindmypet.ca or .com if you are in the US. They use a database of phone numbers and an automated call service to let your neighbours know to watch for your cat. The microchip idea is a good one, too. Let your local SPCA or animal shelter know she is missing in case someone turns her in. Best wishes
Answered Jun 07, 2010
My cat just recently turned 1 year and is a outdoor/Indoor at night and now has decided not to come home and sleep outside overnight. We live in the country and I figure he loves hunting at night however I am afraid he will get attacked by another animal. I am not likely this recent trend by him but don't want to make him live indoors all the time. I guess I must deal with the fact if something happens to him it happens. Must be a growing stage that hopefully doesn't last to long.
Answered Jul 30, 2010
Our cat has been missing for 5 weeks, not unusual for her to go hunting in the fields for 2/4 days. Likes to live outside in the warm weather. We live France and the local hunters say there are no dangers for a cat in this area.

So I understand how you feel.

Rick Aug 23, 2010
we live in the mountains in new mexico..my cat has been missing since saturday, and its unlike him. he always comes home by like 1030...there hasd been an owl in our yard which scares me. yesterday morning I walked outside and there were 3 wild boars in the yard. deep in my heart I feel as if hes alive. im gone all day at school and I dont know if he comes home. food has been out and it seems like some was eaten today, so im praying its him. whats weird is we have another cat here, it was my grandmas and I moved in a yr ago. the cat has never warmed up to me, hated me for a long time. even the cat I brought here after a yr they never became friends. very depressed cat. she never came in my room or nothing. now that charlie has been gone, she wants to be near me all the time. sleeps with me, she sits in my lap, I have a feelin she knows charlie is gone and is comforting me. its so weird
Wow Emily.. I moved to the east mountains in New Mexico a few months ago with my girlfriend and our cat named Charles just got out of the house 2 nights ago in cedar crest...
Emilyprell the same has happen to me, my cat that has been an inside cat for 10 years got out on the 4th of Sept. and I haven't seen him since. I have become very depressed because my cat and I were best buddies. Now there is a cat outside that someone dropped off and it has NEVER let me even try to get near it, but hangs around for food and I feed it. Now since my cat left this other cat has been letting me pet it, and has been rubbing around my legs and I to had the feeling it knows something has happen to my other cat and it's either trying to win my affection or comfort me. So far neither has happen, I can't even imagine replaceing my cat.
I am in the same position as you because my cat has been missing for a day now and has not returned. She is 2 years old and 9 months and she is also desexed. She has gone missing before but only for one night but she did go far but that was 2 years ago when she was just a baby and somebody took her to the vet and luckily she is mircochipped and was returned. She has never been gone for this long I have walked around the neighbourhood and even gone into the bush (forest) calling her but still no sign, I am really scared and I hope she comes back.
Answered Aug 26, 2010
my mother taught me this and it works...take everything out of your vaccuum, pretty much whats in the bag, and spread it all around your house, or wherever you live. your cat will smell it and find its way home. we used to live across the street from the woods and our cat came home a day later. Cats have excellent scents and if they smell the house that theyre used to, they will find their way home
I hear spray on your perfume and walk around your home or the block so they smell you, or put out canned food outside because their keen smell is what may bring them back, I rescued a very young cat a week ago in a trap and wanted her to have her litter of kittens either in our home or at our vets, well she scratched her way out of our screened balcony after I let her out of the trap. did not want to have her deliver in the small trap. Now she is gone and I am even putting fresh chicken out, but she may be hunkered down safely I am"praying" with her kittens. I do pray to see her again! I am almost hoping she makes it back to the restaurant a mile away where I rescued her, I feel so very guilty, Should have left well enough alone...
It's scary when it happens -- mine went off yesterday and hasn't been back, which isn't like her. So there is no telling if she's on her way back, if she's been hurt or killed (by car or animal) or if someone picked her up thinking she was a stray (she lost her collar a couple of days before and I hadn't yet replaced it, now I feel guilty about that). I so hope your cat comes back. I've had cats do this and come back after a few days. I hope my cat comes back, too -- I've been wrought with worry. She is such a sweetie and we'll be so sad if something happened to her.
Answered Aug 28, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Umm if you have a good relationship with your cat maybe it might come back (hope it does) :D
Answered Sep 28, 2010
Reality -- I had a cat come up missing, I asked all around in the shelters and Vets offices, they told me that it was reported that people were stilling animals and selling them to laboratories as test animals, I hope this is not the case for mine or yours. But understand the dangers out there of your animals, as you would if you had a young child out there playing and a Registered sex offender lived in your neighbourhood.
After I heard that people did this I had all my animals micro-chipped.
Answered Nov 06, 2010
Your cat might come home, but it depends. It does happen frequently that displaced cats show up late at night asking to be let in. If you hear them at the door, then just let them in. You might want to have a humane trap there just in case you don't hear them. The trap should probably be placed wherever they left your house unless they are very familiar with some other egress in your house.
If you have an indoor cat, you can train them in advance to associate humane traps with food. And, you can put a Cat Flasher on them. It's just like a tag and it will set off a bright, flashing light making it easy to locate them (just change the battery every six months). Get the Cat Flasher at http://catflasher.com/
Good luck to you!
Answered Feb 03, 2011
cookie io miss you so much. momma waiting for you to come back home, please cookie .
Answered Feb 08, 2011
my cat dissapeared bout 2 weaks ago she wasnt that old we live in the country but now are neighbors dog has dissapeared were afraid there might be an animal thats fast quite and eats animals. I hope this is not the case for your pet and I hope you find yours.
Answered Mar 01, 2011
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Answered Jun 01, 2011
One week after moving house, my cat went missing. A few days later, I found a dead cat that looked like her and I thought, in my tears, that it was her and buried her in the garden. Every day after the "burial", I went to her tomb, calling her name.
Then 5 weeks later, I found her body under a tree, just 15 feet from the cat flap!!! Poor Kitty!!!Why didn't she show up? How did she die? from hunger and thirsr? If I had checked carefully the body of the dead cat, then I would have continued to look for you and left out food for you. What tragic coincidence!!!
Answered Aug 22, 2011
I am in this boat right now. At 1 am I am sitting up after my 2 year old kitten went missing 5 days ago. She has gone out at night before, but always under her favorite bush waiting to be let in in the am. I have called all the shelters, put up multiple fliers, and combed the neighboorhood. I just pray for her safety, wherever she is. And I hope she comes home soon. She is microchipped, and I have put out a kitty amber alert...just need her home.
Answered Oct 14, 2011
my cat has been missing since sunday, it is now tuesday.
there is a big dog across the road and I am scared that is has driven her away.
or that a fox has got her.
or maybe someone has taken her in and hasn't seen the posters or just doesn't want to give her back, I have no idea what to do?!
Answered Oct 18, 2011
At this point, all you can do is keep looking, keep checking with the pound, keep posting fliers and talking to neighbors, etc.
Dont give up if your cat is missing, My cat went missing for a week and came home one night. After a few nights missing we posted leaflets close by, then the next day we put leaflet in local shops, then more leaflets and posters on lamp posts. My daughter was always calling her (very loudly) I think she was in some ones house and they let her out becuase we did not give up.
Answered Mar 24, 2012
my cat is indoor
also is fixed
but few days a go run out the house for the first time and
i dont know if he will come back
Answered Apr 12, 2012
My youngest cat - Pebbles shes a tabby, shes been gone for nearly a week. Its breaking my heart, she doesnt have a collar thats why Im wonderin if shes been taken in by another family. Dont get me wrong I do want to find her, but at the same time I dont in case she has got herself another family with children. Would it be wrong to take her back incase they have already grown attached to her?
Answered May 08, 2012
My friend had a cat who was very old and he left their house and went to a peaceful place and never came back. Now my old cat is missing and its very stormy, its been only two days but we are so worried as we have put leaflets everywhere and tried everything to get him home. I am only 12 and I am crying all the time. Tears in my eyes as I type this. He has grown up with me and now he is hone and I am too scared but I have to be brave because my 10 year old brother is very fragile and I cannot let him think the worst... What should I do?
Answered Jun 08, 2012
my cat she is a 2 year old female and fix and she has vanished we live in the country

No sign of her for a week and 3 days now I walk about 2miles on both sides of the road went too all the house around me lookING under every think I could think of gave all my info too every one I walk every morning eve and at nite then I call her name out the window at nite for hours I have her bed food water live traps dirty laundry like a shirt. I HAVE HER POSTED ON FACEBOOK humane society in my area web sit I call all the vets. what else can I do I miss my little girl so bad I cry all the time am all the time praying too the good lord too bring her home safre and sound. I LOVE HERSO MUCH I CAN'T JUST SIT AT HOME AND WAIT FOR HER TOO COME SO THATS WHY I GO OUT LOOKING FOR HER ALL THE TIME CALL HER NAME. pS I HOPE YOUR CAT COMES HOME SOON LET THE GOOD LORD BRING HER TOO U SAFE AND SOUND .GOD BLESS U I KNOW JUST WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH... P.S every one that has a animal missing I pray for all u that the good lord him self will guide them home safe and sound my heart go's out too u all I know just how u feel my little baby is missing also
Answered Jun 21, 2012
Edited Jun 21, 2012
I know exactly how you feel, my beautiful boy Blue has been missing for two weeks today. I am trying really hard to be strong but it breaking my heart, he's only three. He's just disappeared into thin air-I think someone has him. Blue is a Main Coon and so gorgeous-his pedigree means very little to me. I've had him since he was a kitten and I feel so vexed towards whoever is responsible. I just hate to think of him crying and wanting to come home. Angelina Bristol
blueboy Aug 21, 2012
We adopted the kitten when she was 4 weeks old. We kept her inside all the time, never letting her out because our previous k6 months kitten got run over by car.

3 weeks ago she turned exactly 1 year old. One week later, she went missing cos the front door of house was left open. I searched for it every day and every night two blocks in every direction, north, south, east and west. There was no sign of it anywhere. The cat was in heat prior to it being missing so it was understandable why she ran away. She wasn't neutered.

The good news is that today she decided to turn up at home and was screaming outside of house to get herself back in. I had heard the screams last night too but thought it was some other cat as I had almost lost hope of finding ours again.

The cat has lost a lot of weight in the last 2 and a half weeks and looks much slimmer. She has got a flu too since it's been very cold and raining in the past couple of weeks. Looks like she hadn't eaten at all and had been living on crumbs.

She drank like 4 or 5 bowls of water and munched all the food we gave her. Now she has been sleeping for a long time.

So don't lose hope if your cat is missing. If you loved the cat and she loved you, she will return!
Answered Sep 27, 2012
Edited Sep 27, 2012
Our older cat that is neutered went missing 2 weeks ago and I had given up on her. We live in a rural wooded area so it was very hard to look for her. I would call her everyday. She has done this before but usually only for a few days. Last night I heard a noise at the door, I looked outside and low and behold there she was! Needless to say, we are very happy. We sure wish she could talk! So don't give up hope!
Answered Oct 09, 2012
My 9 month old male cat went missing 2 days ago :( We've always let him out in the garden since he's been a kitten, we would leave him out for a couple of hours everyday. But for some reason when we shouted him he didn't come back! I climbed over the wall and saw his collar in a bush, but he was always trying to take it off lol He hasn't been done yet so I'm thinking he's gone to find a female on heat but I keep thinking someone has taken him in, because he has no collar. I've stayed up every night to see if he comes home! We have another cat called blue and he looks down, he's always waiting at the door for smudge to return home. It such a horrible feeling loosing an animal that you truly love and I hope for all the people in this post that they have found their cat!
Answered Oct 19, 2012

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