I need help with a rabbit if you can help please respond back

i got a rabbit december 4 2009 ive had her since until now she is very weak i dont know if she's sick or not but she wont do anything anymore (she's breathing well an her ears are still up but she wont move for a thing.i need help i dont know whats wrong with her but if anyone doe's know please respond back to me quickly i need your help
Asked Dec 06, 2009
bring her to a vet
hope you pet is OK..if not, I am sorry. I have three healthy kittens
Answered Apr 24, 2012
Take her to a vet!!! And is she pregnant??? Or maybe she is on consuase idk what to tell you or maybe she is tired or hurt her leg! Take her out of the cage and lie her on your bed try touching her legs and body if she is uncomfortable or squals that's is what is bothering her so take her to a vet and lie her on a blanket or pillow anything soft and supportive of her body!

Good luck!
Answered Oct 06, 2012
ok be com she ok make sure u find a vet and qwike dont go crazy but i thhink when the vet tells ya wat the prob is then ul com down! ps(she could be prealized sorry...)
Answered Dec 08, 2009
just take her to a vet and maybe she unconshes so just hurry and bring her to a vet. ( good luck with it)
Answered Apr 30, 2010
broken leg I think did it ever get out?
Answered Oct 14, 2010
my rabbit had that every morning check it over then if u see sometng then take to the vet
Answered Jul 16, 2013
Take her to the vet
Answered Jul 14, 2015
She is pretty old, maybe she is just tired, but I agree, take her for a check up. Does she have any vomiting or diarrhea?
Answered Mar 15, 2017
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